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hello from london!

Oh Joy / London

Oh Joy / London

Just popping in for a quick hello from London! Yesterday, I—along with my friends Bonnie and Kelly—went to Notting Hill for some shopping and eating. There were so many good things to see and be inspired by, and we had a surprising amount of sunshine! Today, we're headed to Shoreditch which is where I hear all the cool kids hang out. 😉 I'm definitely missing my family back at home (luckily, I get to carry the newest one around with me), but excited to have a few days to adventure with friends before attending Blogtacular this weekend. Thanks so much for your awesome recommendations—I have a huge list with me!

I'll be sharing some bits on Instagram during my trip and will be sure to post a more detailed recap of my favorites when I get return!

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I used to head to Notting Hill/Portobello regularly when I was a student-best place for bright colour and vintage! Check out Islington if you’ve time, you’ll love it there too! x

  2. I’ll be going to London in 1 week, and these photos are getting me even more excited! Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

  3. this isn’t any of my business i know and i dont mean to be mean but looking at your videos (the most recent one being when you told Ruby about the baby), i always feel like you and your husband force “feelings” on your daughter. you dont let her decide what shes feeling. you “ask” her if shes excited or happy etc and expect her to feel whatever you “ask” her. you dont give her time to soak things in. you spring things on her and then immediately decide for her what YOU want for her to feel or share what YOU are feeling. Ruby prob really cant grasp what it means to have a baby growing in you yet you two are hounding on her to BE EXCITED!!! i am a pre-school teacher so every time i saw your video, this really bothered me that ruby wasnt able to decide or show for herself what she really feels or doesnt feel (feelings arent always so black and white).
    i love your wallpaper and the way you dress ruby tho!! and your voice… wow!!! you should do voice-overs!


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