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oh joy for target summer collection / a preview!

Oh Joy for Target / Summer Collection Coming May 25th!

Oh Joy for Target / Summer Collection Coming May 25th!

Oh Joy for Target / Summer Collection Coming May 25th!

I'm excited to give you a peek at the new Oh Joy for Target summer collection coming out in less than two weeks! Here's a little video we put together to get you excited for all the fun picnic party pieces coming soon. The collection will be online in all Target stores in the US and Canada on Sunday, May 25th for six weeks only.

P.S. You can follow along here to see more peeks leading up to launch! And, to make room for the summer collection, the remaining items left in the spring collection are now on sale!

{Video by the amazing paper artist Chloé Fleury}


  1. Everything you do is darling! I went to target when your line was first released and it was practically sold out! I am not ashamed to admit I bought pretty much everything left on the shelf. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity and talented eye for good design with the rest of us!

  2. what a great little animation! i’ve never seen stop motion with paper done in such a 3D way. can’t wait for the new collection to come out. 😀

  3. I’m blown away by that paper artist, and how lucky you are to be her muse for this! Congrats on the collection. I love how colorful it is.

  4. gorgeous! this video made me so happy! it’s so bright and cheerful and it’s made from paper!!! can’t wait to see the items in target.

  5. so cute, Joy! love all the spring stuff you did for Target… had to buy 8 of the plastic goblets to add some pop to my kitchen/entertaining! cannot wait to see the summer stuff!

  6. Is Emily henderson the one on the polka dot blouse.?? I would love to see a clothing line with your name, but for adults. I can not image how fun it would be. Xoxo

  7. Hi Katia!
    Ha, they are supposed to be my friends so I suppose that one could be Emily! ;P
    And thank you…Id love to make some clothes one day 😉

  8. I just love this video so much. I had been looking forward to it since you showed us that little snippet.
    I absolutely love the little feet as they walked. I think I have to watch it again.
    Did Chloe produce the little video as well?


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