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happy friday + 35…

Oh Joy / Photo by Jennifer Young

Oh Joy / Photo by Jennifer Young

Happy Friday guys! This weekend, I'm turning 35 and couldn't be happier to be adding another year to the books. I used to be scared of getting older, but now I love it because every year I figure out more about myself, what I want, and what's really important in life. I'm celebrating with a low key weekend of relaxing with my little family.

P.S. Thanks for all your kind words about the new videos that came out this week. It's always a wonderful feeling to see my ideas finally come to life and get to share them with all of you. Oh, and I loved hearing what you wanted to be when you were a kid!

{Photo by Jennifer Young and Geronimo}


  1. Happy 35 Joy! Your words inspire me to be grateful and happy about getting older. I too get very scared about aging…but I need to relax and have fun! Thanks for reminding me and Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Joy!!! I turned 36 the end of last year and sometimes I can get freaked out, but overall I love the confidence and comfortableness I have gained with age. Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!! 35 is a beautiful age (yes I’m also 35!)
    You’re more mature and take the time to appreciate the good things of life… Enjoy 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  4. Oh to be 35 again! Enjoy your birthday since before you know it you’ll be celebrating your 55th birthday….. Have fun!

  5. Hi there, Joy-
    I too, have a b’day this weekend, actually monday. I’m turning 51 – wish it was a 35-year celebration like your’s 😉
    I began my blog in February 2014. I wanted to not only wish you a Happy Birthday, but to thank you for the words of wisdom collected between the pages of your book, Blog Inc.. Only after reading your book, did I feel prepared to begin my personal blog journey 🙂


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