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an on-the-go giveaway with able made…(now closed)

Able Made Giveaway

Able Made Giveaway

Able Made partners with creative innovators and designers to support causes that are closest to their hearts through beautifully designed products. Today, we've partnered with Able Made to give away this Able Made x WHIT clutch and Able Made x S'well water bottle ($161 retail value) to one lucky reader.

To enter, simply visit Able Made's website, and then leave a comment here telling me what kind of charity or cause is closest to your heart. Entries must be posted by Monday, June 30th at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. 

Also, Oh Joy and Able Made are offering a special 20% off discount for all Oh Joy readers on orders of $100 or more in the shop. Simply enter "GIVEJOY" at checkout. Valid through Monday, July 7th at 11:59 PST.

UPDATE: Congrats to Samantha L. from Renton, WA for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $161 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I choose FEED, close to my heart because my family helps people not as fortunate.

  2. Any initiative that helps children and women break free from human traffiking

  3. Breast cancer–physically and emotionally closest to the heart! Of my grandmother and her 3 sisters, 3 out of 5 had cancerous breast cancer cells. Scary statistic we are facing!

  4. Charities/organizations that provide clean water to those in developing nations is something that is close to my heart. Everyone should have access to clean water! 🙂

  5. I was a music teacher before becoming a lawyer, and Save the Music has always been close to my heart. There are tons of important charities (Charity Water, Red Cross, etc.) but sometimes you just want to bring joy.

  6. I am in NE Ohio and support my local art museums. several in the area have free admission and make available grants for bussing in order to bring public school children in on field trips, many of whom are below the poverty line with little exposure to the arts.
    In checking out Able Made, I was intrigued by the organization Public School.
    What a great idea!

  7. The Cristo Rey Network hits close to home for me. I work at the Cristo Rey school in Cincinnati, OH.

  8. Oh, what a hard question! There are so many good ones. Right now, I’m preparing to run my first marathon to raise money for diabetes research, inspired by a little boy I used to care for who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 5. I’m running on the Diabetes Action Team, so I guess for now that’s my favorite charity!

  9. Of Able Made’s partnership – I love Threadless! My husband has been buying Threadless products for years.

  10. I love that they are providing clean water for people in Nicaragua. That’s where my sister has been going every summer to help build schools! Nice to know everyone is helping out in the ways that they can.

  11. I worked for a summer at a school in rural western Kenya and we still continue to partner with them. It’s a very small grassroots project run by a dedicated team seeking to make change in their community.

  12. I love the concept of Able Made and definitely will be supporting them in the future.
    Some of my favorite charities are KIVA, Heifer International, charity water. I am always a big supporter of any charities that involve education or providing clean water to communities. I believe education is the key to bringing communities out of poverty.

  13. there are so many great organizations. i have to say that FEED is one collaboration that i really admire!

  14. Anything supporting public schools! I used to be a teacher for Teach For America and kids and education hold a special place in my heart.

  15. There are so many that have impacted those close – American Cancer Society, Diabetes Foundation, Inc, American Heart Association, the Lupus Foundation of America. Its hard to pick one when each tugs a heart string.

  16. I choose FEED. No belly should go hungry with the amount of food we have in this world.

  17. My college! – especially the portion of the annual fund that support scholarships for students. Also, cultural organizations (e.g., museums and libraries) here in New York.

  18. I love Kiva micro loans.Providing that first push into entrepreneurship is something so meaningful and wonderful.

  19. charity closest to my heart is the shriners hospital because hey saved my siser growing up <3

  20. I really love the hard work and innovative products of the FEED organization presenting conscious consumerism. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  21. Minds Matter–an organization that provides tutoring and mentoring to underprivileged high school students in cities nationwide! I’m part of the SF chapter and it is amazing!

  22. Ok so I know it’s not human trafficking or endangered animals, but: NPR and Planned Parenthood.

  23. There is a great organization near my apartment called Parenthesis. They host helpful information sessions for all parents, but focus on helping young and single mothers. Now that I’m a new parent, I have so much respect for teens and single women who don’t have the help of a partner!

  24. Volunteering at an adult learning center made me passionate about teaching people out of school about using technology and job skills.

  25. I vote for clean water, it’s such a basic need that goes unmet in so many countries.

  26. Mercy Ship! The worlds largest non governmental ship that offers free healthcare services to the forgotten poor. I had the honor of volunteering with them for 2+ years, & they’re still my favorite!

  27. I am a big fan of supporting causes that empower women who have been victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. in law school, i worked for an international clinic to help women fight for their rights against marital rape in countries like Swaziland. so cool that there are creators and entrepreneurs out there fighting the good fight.

  28. It’s dear to my heart to help save the lives of the smallest and most vulnerable people, giving them the fundamental right to life through Pro-Life organizations working to stop abortion.

  29. I have been an advocate for the Children’s Tumor Foundation for the last 10 years. All in honor of my best friend… We do an Undie Run each year to raise awareness about NF.

  30. So many of these causes are close to my heart but helping children rise above what might be very difficult situations is the closest. For that reason, Child Abuse and Music Education top my list.

  31. I’m a big support of issues like domestic violence. I’ve been volunteering at a local domestic violence shelter for women in the past 3 years.

  32. charity:water is close to my heart because you can see that your money is doing good by helping give water to communities in need.

  33. Charities that help low income school aged children in my local area of DC- Kid Power, Horton’s Kids, Common Good Farm.

  34. WHIT: providing skills training to 30 Peruvian women at risk for human trafficking. Amazing work and wonderful people. Side note: I love your blog so much. 🙂

  35. Angelight Films – a nonprofit that helps kids with brain and spinal cord illnesses make their very own short film.

  36. Anything supporting early childhood education is so important to me. If we educate kids early it helps prevent all kinds of social problems across the board in the future.

  37. I’m lucky to not have been closely affected by any disease or hardship, however I do tend to focus my energy and support to organizations that help children in need.

  38. I love the idea of giving keys. I am also a huge supporter of animal rights charities and the WSPA.

  39. I love giving to Pigs Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia. They rescue farm animals, dogs, cats, and pretty much any other being that comes their way. I was fortunate enough to tour the grounds two years ago and have been giving ever since!

  40. PATH, a southern California network of agencies that help to end homelessness for individuals and families. Its headquartered in Silverlake, and between 2013-2015 they aim to get 3,000 people into new homes!

  41. Room to Read, they build schools and educate children in developing countires. They also print books in the local language. I volunteered in their offices for over a year and they are an amazing organization!

  42. All charities inspire me, but I’m particularly touched by those that focus on educating (or improving education) for children.

  43. My cousin has recently turned my attention toward human trafficking incidents around the globe, so I really tuned in on those Kiri bracelets. What an awesome idea and website!

  44. Organizations and agencies that provides services to support older adults, who are often forgotten.

  45. I support many kinds of causes, but my favorite organization was Los Angeles’ Reading To Kids, where I volunteered for a few years. They encourage a love of reading reading and learning in inner-city elementary schools and the kids are always excited to leave with a new book!

  46. I’m currently in the process of adopting a little girl from Uganda, Africa. Adoption and helping those that are the “least of these” is my heart!
    from Thistle & Red

  47. The Whispering Rise Farm and Animal Sanctuary is very important to me. They rescue and find homes for abandoned and abused potty belly pigs. Please visit their website to learn more. Pigs need love too!

  48. I support any cause that promotes the education and/or skills training of girls around the world. It’s been proven that when girls are educated the standard of living in communities improves substantially. Birth rates decrease, family incomes rise and the cycle of poverty is broken.

  49. Pencils of Promise seems like a great organization. I’m definitley going to read more about it. Thank you for this meaningful post!

  50. I’ve been working with Habitat for Humanity for nine years — it’s so wonderful to work side by side with partner families who are on their way to owning their first warm, safe homes.

  51. i like the threadless collaboration because i think music education in the u.s. is important. definitely had an impact on my life!

  52. Best Buddies has always been near to my heart, and my sister spent time being a big buddy for two years in high school.

  53. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Its a disease that affects us every day so we donate or walk for the cause yearly.

  54. Of Able Made’s partnerships – Pencils of Promise (Public School)…a wonderful cause.

  55. Autism my daughter ruby is on the spectrum and i want to do everything I can to help her and others

  56. From their list, I’d support breast cancer. But definitely a tough question. Love that “all of the above” is an option.

  57. Organizations that fight human trafficking, like Nor for Sale, or Love 146, are near and dear to my heart.

  58. I’m always in support of local animal shelters/humane societies/rescue organizations. For someone to reach out, help grow and nurture a pet (fuzzy, furless, or otherwise) is always something I’ve volunteered for and why I’ve adopted a rescue dog, Grape! #grapethedog Helping someone or something that is not able to help themselves is very incredible.

  59. Any cause involving neglected kids- whether it be feeding, educating, nourishing or caring for kids from abused backgrounds.

  60. Pencils for Promise because one of the first things my immigrant parents taught me is that education is important. They also taught us that giving back is important–we’ve always supported local and national charities. 😀

  61. THON ( is a great charity, run by Penn State University students, to raise money for helping families with children fighting pediatric cancer!

  62. Pencils of Promise is the most important to me. I believe education is the key to solving so many problems in the world.

  63. I support because it’s always smarter to teach a man to fish. I think it really helps nurture self confidence and self sufficiency.
    The other one that I’ve contributed and volunteered for is the Unicef TAP project. Portable water is so important and we aren’t doing enough.

  64. Any animal related charity. There is a local one, Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge that I absolutely love!

  65. Colin’s hope from austin tx.. It’s all About water safety for young kids.

  66. Pencils for Promise is doing good work in Asia to help children have access to schools. I work for another organization that is working for similar development causes. It’s mind blowing how many children are endanger because they can’t go to school or don’t have access to education in their heart language.

  67. I love Room to Read – it empowers people and combines a love of books with the opportunity to do more.

  68. The Wounded Warrior Project, The Pat Tillman Foundation and the Sua Sponte Foundation are close to my heart.

  69. Feeding hunger is my cause! I volunteer at my local food pantry to help out. Everyone should have a cause they contribute to in their own way. Thx for sharing!

  70. Education & Bullying are two issues (interconnected) that I’m really passionate about.

  71. music education is very near to my heart…every child should be given the opportunity to express themselves or find themselves through music.

  72. I’m contributing to Greenpeace because of the works they’re doing in my home country, Indonesia. I wish there are more efforts in saving the native animals and rainforest.

  73. Such gorgeous products! My favorite charity of theirs is the one that supports youth arts in Harlem. Not only are art programs wonderful for anyone and every age, but their also so great for keeping kids off the street that are more prone to getting in trouble do to financial circumstances.

  74. A little girl I used to babysit with Down Sydrome has a charity through Duke Hospital called Anna’s Angels!

  75. I like a local charity- little essentials- that provides for babies in brooklyn who’s parents can’t provide for them.

  76. Kaboom! Gotta love an organization that builds playgrounds for kids and builds community spirit at the same time?

  77. I think Kiva and Cupcake Girls are both such great causes!!Both organizations do so much goodness.

  78. Pencils of Promise is an amazing cause that provides education for children in developing nations.

  79. The Wounded Warrior Project is special to me, since my husband is in the military.

  80. Cancer nonprofits along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation are very close to my heart. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. Doctors Without Borders makes such in important, tangible difference to people’s lives

  82. So hard to choose just one thing that’s important to me, but I always go back to animals. Dog shelters, breed rescues, whatever. Unloved animals break my heart and I love helping them!

  83. Love hearing about all the great causes/charities…but I am a big CATvocate and support Stray Cat Alliance who advocates for kitties and promotes Trap-Neuter-Return for stray and feral cats in greater Los Angeles area.

  84. I have two siblings who were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 4 and 8 years of age. They have each since had to have injections of insulin several times a day to keep them alive. JDRF is great.

  85. A friend of mine recently participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk – definitely a great cause!

  86. Doctors Without Borders! Healthcare for those most in need, in areas most dire.

  87. Hard question! Cancer is close to my heart but I can also think of the humane society, food banks and any charity helping public schools.

  88. Way too many out there to choose one. But looking around the website, I’m drawn to Neighborwoods with The Harlem Stories Project. I love hearing about new support systems for young people in the creative industry! And the wood element of these products caught my eye; love anything woodworking related 🙂

  89. Any organization that helps provide clean water for people in third world countries.

  90. I really like The Little Market —“…a place where a global community can come together to combat poverty, empower communities, and create social justice.”

  91. My favorite cause is the partnership my church has with a pastor and his family in the Dominican Republic. He serves in a trash dump squatter community just outside of Santiago. Every year, we go for a week and put on a medical clinic/help as they need, and throughout the year we support them financially and relationally. Second to that I’m passionate about clean water and World Vision!

  92. With all the Human Trafficking that goes on, I love the organization Not for Sale and that this organization is partnering with them to stop it. I am also an avid Best Buddies supporter, as I was a special education teacher and making sure that all kiddos feel worth and included was a huge part of my career choice.

  93. I would choose FEED from Able-Made’s list but my absolute favorite charities are UNICEF & American Red Cross.

  94. the goodwill because they help to train and empower people with disadvantages/disabilities to earn money

  95. Having lost a few friends and family members and recently being on the brink myself, I am advocating for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. A subject that shouldn’t be as taboo as it is.

  96. How cute! The American Heart Association. I love that they’re hoping to prevent and educating the community.

  97. In recent years, I’ve become more interested and passionate about sharing my knowledge (with family and friends) about good nutrition and using food as medicine. I’m always pleased to see charities, organizations, projects and individuals who strive to educate people, especially children, about nutrition and natural healing.

  98. March of Dimes (Daughter was a preemie) & American Heart Association

  99. My husband and I recently started supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital—it’s amazing that no family ever has to pay for treatment there! Such a beautiful service to families who have children with a life-threatening illness.

  100. Hospice has helped several family members exit the world gracefully and with no pain.

  101. I love — I donated baby chicks and bees in family’s and friends’ names for birthday and holiday gifts. I love their mission!

  102. O.A.K, Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky, for ovarian cancer awareness is my charity of choice because my dear mother in law, Bridget, is battling stage 4 ovarian cancer now.

  103. Any organization supporting children with disabilities. For many years I volunteered at an overnight rotary sponsored camp for kids with a wide range of disabilities and it is a cause that has always been close to my heart.

  104. KIND – kids in need of defense. Helps unaccompanied minor children who are attempting to immigrate to the US as well as children in other precarious situations such as human trafficking.

  105. i volunteer at the humane society in my county, so that’s a very important cause to me.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  106. I work for a child health focused nonprofit, Vitamin Angels. We work to fight micronutrient deficiency and I love our organization!

  107. The K. W. Lee Center for Leadership, and similar youth leadership nonprofits because I benefited from similar organizations growing up.

  108. I love the ASPCA! I grew up with rescue cats and dogs my whole life and got to see first hand the impact some love and effort has on formerly abused and neglected pets.

  109. Compassion international , I sponsor Exerno from Haiti I love seeing him grow up looking healthy and with an education.

  110. Most anything education related, but specifically I love programs that support students with special needs and also programs that provide arts education!

  111. I would say the Brave Collection collaboration because it enables human trafficking survivors to get some business training and a way for them to make a living after the rescue.

  112. Charities focused on rehabilitating abused women, and/or organizations that are helping young women to understand their worth are the top picks of people I want to volunteer and donate my time and resources to helping.

  113. For me it’s Animal Rights. Animals bring so much joy to our lives and yet they have no choice where they end up. So sad. I think they are one of God’s greatest gifts. Thanks

  114. I support research for ovarian cancer, since this cancer gets overshadowed pretty often.

  115. architecture for humanity – shelter is a basic human need and should be available to all!

  116. I work at an adult literacy organization and think education is a basic human right. Thanks for the great contest, and for introducing me to Able Made!

  117. Any charity which supports SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is very close to my heart for personal family reasons. I also love helping organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and local Philadelphia charities which help our citizens get back on their feet.

  118. International Justice Missions is an organization really close to my heart. A friend of mine interned at their Thailand branch. Though she may not have been in the front lines of staying young girls from human trafficking, she helped people groups in rural areas gain their citizenship, which reduce injustice and discrimination. Just having a connection to the organization only encourages me to support IJM’s global services.

  119. Love these items from Able Made 🙂 Anything relating to the Humane Society is close to my heart!

  120. Child abuse is what’s close to my heart recently after reading so many news about neglect and violence and it saddens me since I am a mother of a 11th month old boy.

  121. The American Lung Association is important to me due to their work on asthma. Several family members and myself all suffer from the disease.

  122. When I’m able, I try to donate money back to the schools I attended throughout my life. My school experiences helped to shape me, so I try to show my appreciation.

  123. Friends of Outdoor School a local non-profit in Portland, Oregon that helps send 6th graders to Outdoor School for week, learning environmental education.

  124. I live in New Orleans, and any cause that is working toward revitalizing the city and helping its citizens is important to me

  125. I participate in Cycle for Survival with my coworkers every year, It’s a stationary bike event supporting research for rare cancers. My dad past away from cancer, so I try and support families out there struggling with it.

  126. My grandmother died from complications of diabetes type 2. I’m pre-diabetic. Most insurances don’t cover pre diabetic education. 70 million of Americans are pre-diabetic and will likely to develop DM2 because of lack of knowledge, poor assess to fresh food, and lack of health services.

  127. Of the Able Made charities, the Chrysalis – Changing Lives Through Jobs means a lot to me. Anything we can do to help end homelessness is so universally beneficial.

  128. I’m all about helping locally – local schools, food banks, community clinics.

  129. Feed my starving children does so much great work and they’re near and dear to my heart.

  130. I’m a big supporter of the LLS!! But I would love to win this WHIT bag for my sis, whose name is Whitney too!! And I love the idea of helping to save women from trafficking.

  131. I sponsor a child through Compassion International. I love the personal interaction they allow.

  132. Pick just one? From Able Made I think their support of Public Schools is great, but I have personally been supporting the National MS Society for 13 years doing the Walk!

  133. Considering that I used to live in Harlem until a week ago, Neighborwoods is very dear to my heart. Love!

  134. I prefer charities that help local refugees…there are some great local orgs in almost every major town 🙂

  135. Community Leadership Development Inc. is a non-profit in my own tiny neighborhood that provides affordable housing, job training, and mentorship to underprivileged kids and adults. As an architect, I also give to Architecture for Humanity which provide innovative emergency housing at disasters world wide (New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, tsunamis, etc.)

  136. I always volunteer my time to Crisis Ministries in SC. It was recently rocked by a scandal (CFO was embezzling money), so it’s been especially in need.

  137. We are so connected to our environment – I love that AbleMade is supporting organizations that do things like support the people that rely on Bristol Bay! What a cool idea.

  138. I support V-Day (an end to violence against women and girls). The stories of the Congo are haunting…

  139. I selected all of the above on the site. But my heart is in no kill animal shelters

  140. Organizations that help care for and educate children with special needs are closest to my heart. <3 So many people shy away from these children but they deserve every opportunity to succeed in life and feel loved!

  141. A cause that is close to my heart is raising awareness for sexually abused men. 1 out of 6 men have been abused and never say anything because of the stigma attached to it.

  142. I adore the ABLE MADE x S’WELL Thirsty for Change Water Bottle! I love the FEED Project and Giving Keys. I recently went to a concert and they were selling the Giving Keys there. It made me so excited to see a charity I have watched grow on Instagram and then seeing it in a tangible form being sold.

  143. WHIT is close to my heart. I detest human trafficking any type of help to those that have suffered or are at risk is important.

  144. Taking the Reins (Atwater Village) help the girls, horses, chicken!
    All the best, Song

  145. We fully support World Vision. They’re behind most efforts to help end poverty or to mobilize aid after natural disasters (most other fundraising charities partner with World Vision to get the actual work done). We sponsor a child through the organization, and, well, my husband worked there for a while. It’s a great company.

  146. I work to end violence – I support orgs that work to make communities safe and healthy!

  147. Childrens Hunger Fund – they provide food packs to needy children and families all over the world.

  148. I support ChildFund International because it helps children by supporting entire communities.

  149. Charity Water hits close to home for me.
    I feel like something so basic, and so easily taken for granted like fresh, clean drinking water, should be made accessible to everyone on the planet.
    As a result, I am so glad to see/hear/read the cause of Able Made and S’ell.

  150. I like the Swell collaboration to benefit Thirsty for Change. We take safe clean drinking water for granted in the US, but it is such a commodity in other countries!

  151. Not For Sale strikes a cord with me because I studied abroad in Peru and can imagine the women who are at risk for trafficking. Heartbreaking.

  152. My favorite charity that has partnered with able made is The Giving Key. Homelessness is everywhere and can happen to anyone.

  153. I like that the Thirsty For Change water bottle’s proceeds “provide clean water for safe drinking, hygiene, and sanitation to the Auhya Pihni Village School in Nicaragua through WaterAid”. That’s an important cause no matter who you are.

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