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dressing the bump / 20 weeks + it’s a…

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump video series

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump video series

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump video series

Oh Joy / Dressing the Bump video series

We're at 20 weeks, and I'm excited to share the third episode of my Dressing the Bump series! This week, I'm talking about skirts and dresses—both maternity and non-maternity—and how fun they can be to wear during pregnancy. Also, at the end of this episode, I'll be revealing the gender of our second baby (Ruby was very excited to share the news)!

Feel free to leave any questions or requests for future episodes in the comments below.

*Please keep in mind that all bellies are shaped and sized differently and grow at different rates. I hope you'll find these videos helpful at some stage of your pregnancy. 

P.S. 16 weeks!

You can see all sources for the pieces worn in the video below… 

// Outfits //
Outfit #1 (Vintage Furniture Shopping)
Thief and Bandit dress
Chew Beads bracelet
M.Hulot Purse
Vintage gold belt

Outfit #2 (Glasses Shop)
ASOS white dress
ASOS pineapple bag 
Pop Killer Bonjour crop tank 
Loeffler Randall sandals

Outfit #3 (Food Trucks)
Liz Lange for Target striped maternity dress
Clare Vivier mini bag

Outfit #4 (Bookstore)
Calypso St. Barth long magenta skirt (past season); similar here or here
LIz Lange for Target maternity top

Other items shown but not worn:
Boden blue dress
Zara pleated skirt (past season), similar here
Target maternity striped maxi skirt

Ruby’s Outfit:
Thief and Bandit dress
Boden sunglasses
Pons sandals

On the Lot Food Trucks in Los Feliz
Pop Hop bookstore in Highland Park
Society of the Spectacle in Highland Park
Sunbeam Vintage in Highland Park

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction by Oh Joy
Video by Jenner Brown
Production Asst: Julia Wester
Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch
Music is “Fall For You” by Holley Maher


  1. Congrats on a little girl!! How exciting that Ruby will have a little sister to pick on and love and share a closet with someday! Sisters are the best! Gorgeous outfits & awesome tips.

  2. Congrats on the baby girl! Ruby seems very excited! I commented when you announced I’m due almost the exact same day, we are having another baby girl too 🙂 super excited to see the bond of sisters grow! I’m also really enjoying your maternity suggestions…great tips!

  3. Your videos are wonderful and this one was especially cute with the Ruby cameo. (Congrats on another beautiful baby girl!!!) I have been sharing these videos with my pregnant pals and they have been loving them. 🙂

  4. i love you so so much. you inspire me to wear color and fun quirky things. congratulations on your beautiful family. <3

  5. Congrats on another little girl! I have 3 year old and 6 month old girls and they love each other (for now…haha.) When you get to rewear all of Ruby’s outfits on the baby, it’ll warm your heart.

  6. Wonderful video and congratulations! My girls are 4.5 and 19 months; you will love watching them hold hands, love on each other, and play together!

  7. Congrats, Joy! If you remember, I met you with my husband and daughter, Madison, at Anthro in Newport. We just had a son last month and Madison has been the most loving and helpful big sister. Yay for Ruby taking on that role, as well. 🙂

  8. Congrats Joy!! I love this because our daughters are the same age and I’m also expecting another girl a few weeks after you. It’s been so fun to read your blog as we go through the same experiences as a family. You’ve also given me plenty of fashion and decor tips along the way!

  9. It could be my own pregnancy hormones coming into play here(I’m 27 weeks), but that bit with Ruby made me burst out crying with joyful tears!
    Congratulations to all three of you!!

  10. Baby girl, so exciting!! Congrats to you guys and Ruby, too! I have 2 sisters and we’re all super close even though I live on the other side of the country and they’re still in Michigan. I adore the relationship we all have even when we’re making each other insane. Haha
    I love these little videos! My husband and I have recently started to cave from the pressure from friends and family about having a baby. 😉 We’ve been married for 7 years and life is stabling out, etc. These videos have been fun and I’ll definitely be using your tips when the day comes that it’s time to dress the bump! Thanks so much for all the fun tips. Love, love your blog! And congrats again!!
    <3 caisee

  11. Congrats on the baby girl! I am 27 weeks and am loving your helpful maternity videos. Can you tell us where your pink skirt is from?

  12. Congratulations on baby girl #2! I am pregnant with my first (also a girl!) and I’m due Nov. 4! Thank you so much for this series – Your fashion advice couldn’t be more perfectly timed 🙂

  13. Such a cute video! I absolutely love these. I’m at 27 weeks now, but I didn’t start showing until recently. As you said, every bump grows differently. I still found your tips helpful. 🙂
    Also, congrats on the girl! I’m glad Ruby is excited. When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, I was a brat. I told her she was going to grow up to be a monster, and when she came home I asked if they could take her back to the hospital! Of course, now in our 20s, we are the best of friends and I can’t imagine living life without her.
    Our first is going to be a boy — we can’t wait!

  14. Hi Berit!
    Thank you! The skirt is from Calypso—all clothing worn is listed at the bottom of the post 😉
    And congrats to you!!

  15. Thank you! The skirt is from Calypso (but a past season) so I linked to some similar options at the bottom of the post 😉

  16. Thank you! And dont feel pressure to have a baby. You have to wait till its right for you. We were together for almost 15 years before we had Ruby (married 5 years) and no time is perfect but at some point you just feel more ready 😉

  17. Congrats on another baby girl!! I’m 18 weeks now and definitely look my blobby than pregnant right now! 🙂 I’ve been relying on shift dresses and a few new pieces that will transition well, hopefully.
    Definitely taking notes here.

  18. Ha, I love how every belly really is different. I feel like I was showing by 8 weeks with my 2nd and cause my torso is so short! I bet your baby has way more space to stretch in there! ;P Congrats mama!

  19. Congrats to you and your family! I’m 19 wks along with my first (hopefully finding out the gender this week!). Your series has been so helpful for me — thank you so much!!

  20. I am loving these videos. Since I am pregnant with my very first, my jeans are getting snug really early on in pregnancy (8 weeks) because I have never had hips before! I was not prepared for that. So even though I’m not far along, I’m really appreciating these tips. Do you have any exercise clothes you prefer when pregnant? My belly has been so tender that I hate having to fit into anything too tight! Can’t wait to meet Ruby’s baby sister. Is “Table” still her first choice for a name? 😉

  21. How adorable are you and Ruby going to be when little sister comes to join your family!!! More matching dresses!! Congratulations.

  22. Congratulations! This vids are stellar. I would love if you did another baby essentials post! I checked out your post when you had Ruby but would love to see an updated version.

  23. Congratulations on another baby girl! Couldn’t help but notice the cute yellow coat rack next to you in the video- can you share where its from? I’m on the hunt for one and I love the combo of the metal with the wood top!

  24. Congrats on the baby girl!
    I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a boy and I already have a boy who is a little bit older than Ruby.
    Such an exciting time of our lives!
    I was very anxious to know how my son would react but he’s also pretty impatient to become a big brother.
    It’s also so much fun to follow both your pregnancies when I am also pregnant!

  25. Sharing this post with all my pregnant friends and saving for myself for when we are blessed with a little one!
    Can you tell us where you purchased your “R” necklace?

  26. Ruby is such a doll! I’m 17 weeks (with a boy), so I’m loving these videos. The only caveat I have is that I’m very petite, so virtually nothing ever fits (even not pregnant) off the rack. Little nips/tucks can make a big difference in how clothes fit me, so I’m constantly doing my own alterations.

  27. Can’t get enough of that pink skirt! Saw it on your instagram and had to find the source…..maybe I should have another baby just to have a chance to wear it!!!

  28. Oh my gosh, Ruby is so so cute! I wish I could have seen these 9 months ago when I was just forming a nice bump. I was so uncomfortable in my clothes.

  29. Wow, what awesome, awesome choices! I have 2 girls as well, its a drama party, but amazing nonetheless 🙂 Can you share what pink lipstick you used in the hot pink skirt shots?

  30. This is great! I’m at 24 weeks and am always struggling to figure out cute and comfortable things to wear. Do you have any tips for wearing non-maternity jersey stretch skirts (like the hot pink maxi you suggest in outfit 4)? When I try them on my bump pushes the waistband down so the front hem is several inches lower than the back hem and it looks so goofy! Thanks! And congrats on baby girl #2!!

  31. Hi Allison!
    Congrats on your baby! For any non-maternity skirts, I think high-waisted is the only way to go and maximize that look. Otherwise, let you said, the waistband is too small to fit on your natural waist.
    Hope that helps!

  32. I am loving the Thief and Bandit dress – thinking of getting one myself. What size are you wearing? I also adore that vintage gold belt – any ideas on where I can get a similar one?

  33. Thanks for all the tips, i love these videos! Could you share the brand of the shoes you’re wearing with the striped dress (at the food truck)– super cute!

  34. Oh my goooooodnessss I can’t stand Ruby’s adorable little self!!!! I love your little one…is that creepy? lol. And you’re looking gorgeous and healthy, the most important thing of all. And cute outfits of course! 😉

  35. Your videos are so helpful to me now that I’ve finally popped and nothing fits anymore! 🙂 And congratulations on another little baby girl!!!!

  36. I’m 20 weeks now and am usually an XS but am torn on which dress size I should order from thief and bandit do you mind if I ask what size you are wearing in their maxi?

  37. Hi Danielle!
    I am normally a XS and I have this dress in a S. It has some room which is great and it fits me great right now.
    It might feel roomy when you first get it but it does shrink down a little since its cotton.


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