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love these…

Muima blankets

Muima blankets

I always say my favorite pieces for my home are those I collected when I stumbled upon them by accident and wasn't looking for them. These wool blankets with giant pom-poms by Muima are one of those pieces that you never really need, but they feel so special and full of character that I'd need to find a way to use one…

{Photos by Muima}


  1. These are really fun colors for traditional Moroccan pompom blankets!! I collect these, and they are RAD but (fair warning) not soft–so they’re good for the outter-most later on a bed…but don’t try and wrap yourself up in one–itch-arama.

  2. Those are so cute!! I would love those for my couch. I love blankets, even when it’s hot outside, I have to have a blanket near me.
    Allison over at Allison’s Eye

  3. I am working on my own pouf this week, hopefully will be finished by next week. I do love the minimalist look that crochet/knitting can bring to a home.


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