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have friday + the joy of east coast bagels…

Philly Style Bagels

Philly Style Bagels

Whenever I'm home in Philly, there are a few things I have to get—pizza, a soft pretzel, any kind of sandwich on a hoagie roll, and a bagel. It sounds crazy, but you just can't duplicate those things anywhere else. They say East Coast water makes bread better, and I just make sure I get my fill while I'm here.

Philly Style Bagels

Philly Style Bagels

Philly Style Bagels

While in Philly this week, I satisfied all of the above cravings, but I especially got my bagel fix when we visited the Philly Style Bagels pop-up in Philly last weekend. I love New York bagels and Montreal-style bagels. These Philly bagels are made with dough built on a sourdough base and fermented overnight. Then they're hand-rolled and boiled in water mixed with Yards IPA. After baking first on bagel boards, the rounds are flipped straight onto the stone in the pizza oven to finish. The result is chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. With a little veggie cream cheese, I was pretty much in bagel heaven.

Philly Style Bagels

Is there anything you crave and must have while visiting your hometown? Oh, and have a great weekend, guys!

Philly Style Bagels at Pizzeria Beddia | 115 E. Girard Avenue | Philadelphia, PA 19125 | bagel pop-up dates listed on their blog

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I am a bagel addict. but being from new jersey and going to school in nyc, I’m faithful to my new york bagels. I might just have to try out a Philly bagel when I go to Philadelphia tomorrow though!

  2. Whenever I’m home in NJ, I have to get the “triple threat:” bagels for breakfast, subs for lunch, and pizza for dinner. East coast bread is the best 🙂

  3. I’m not sure that I have the right words to express just how thankful I am that I got to meet you last Sunday. It was all very surreal – I keep playing back my dorky reaction. (The boys joked that it was as though Brad Pitt just walked in the door) I truly mean it when I say you are a big deal in my home/our family; my sister and I have been following along on your blog for a very long time now. We have the utmost respect for what you do and the type of blogger you are. To experience firsthand that you are a real person, one who is incredibly kind and authentic, was, simply put, magical. Thank you again for making it out to Fishtown to try one of the bagels and, from the bottom of our hearts, thank your post and support. Joy Cho, you have a beautiful and genuine heart. THANK YOU!

  4. I grew up in San Antonio so I constantly crave good TexMex and real Texas barbecue, two things San Antonio does really well. It was almost torturous, the first few years I was away, when I’d go out in search of the yumminess and just couldn’t find anything to compare. So I gave up and just accepted the fact that I’ll have to wait and get my fill of both when I go back home and then wait until the next year when I can fill up all over again!

  5. When I was young, we used to go to San Fran about every other month. I’m from Sacramento so it isn’t a long drive. But my favorite treat when I was young was an Its-It. Oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate. Incredible. Also I crave Bar B Q when I get home because Dad cooks it all the time during the summer.
    Happy Friday!
    Allison over at

  6. Whenever I go to my husband’s home state of Connecticut, I must have pizza, Dunkin Donuts (blueberry donut and chocolate donut), Shake Shack, pizza and last but not least…pizza.

  7. that’s funny cause i’m a west coast girl living on the east coast. going to LA tomorrow for pleasure and i literally have a list of things to eat. my trips to la are always revolved around food. If i had to choose one it would be El taurino. def can’t duplicate an authentic mexican taco anywhere else. oh joy! have you tried? it’s out of this world. happy weekend to you too <3

  8. I’m from philly too, also in SoCal now, and yo nailed it. Those are all of my top foods when I visit home. Hoagie roll daily!

  9. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you SO much for reaching out. You really know the way to my heart and my belly. That was a super kind note, and I appreciate it more than you know. We all truly loved those bagels and keep talking about them! Best of luck with your business and please keep me posted when you open a shop, and Ill be back next time Im in town!

  10. @Margaret and Joy – the Philly hoagie roll we all love is made by Amoroso. In LA, Boo’s makes cheesecakes and hoagies with authentic Amoroso rolls.
    Two locations -SilverLake and K-town. xo/Kiki, another PHL-LAX transplant

  11. My husband and I were both born and raise in the Philly suburbs, so you’re speaking our food language! I craved soft pretzels all the time when I was pregnant, and bagels are one of our ultimate weekend comfort foods. I’ve recently discovered a delicious pretzel bagel from Taste of Philly in Chestnut Hill and let me just say it’s the best of both worlds. Love to see when you post about your visits back to this area.

  12. Yes! If you ever make it up to Canada – I am always craving homegrown food favourites like poutine (gravy, cheese curds and fries), swiss chalet (a chicken rotisserie chain) and coffee crisp (a coffee-flavoured chocolate bar).
    Also – Montreal-style bagels. Ugh! I’m craving one now…


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