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a wonderfully glowing {giveaway}…now closed



I've been a fan of the styling and designer duo Emily & Meritt for some time now, so I loved seeing their newest collection with PBteen. The new Emily & Meritt for PBteen collection is full of the same whimsical and vintage details that they apply to their fashion styling work. And while the collection is intended for teens, I love so many of the pieces for my own home!

Today, we've partnered with Emily & Meritt for PBteen to give away some of my favorite pieces from their newest collection. I loved using the Wonderful Wall Light, Brass Bunny Lamp, Gold Cat Canister, Butterfly Pillow, and Sequin Bow Pillow to update this entryway area. One lucky winner will receive a $500 gift card towards your favorites from the collection. 

To enter this giveaway, simply visit Emily & Meritt for PBteen collection, then leave a comment here telling me which piece is your favorite (it can be anything you love from their collection). Entries must be posted by this Friday, August 29th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*.

Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $500 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. 

{Photo by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy. Wallpaper in photo by Juju Papers.}


  1. as i look forward to baby #2, the “up up and away” pillow, the animal wall hooks, the top hat book ends, and the zebra rug would make any space magical!

  2. oooh . . . its just too hard to choose between the star bedding or the metallic zebra rug. fingers crossed!

  3. This is such a great collection! I love the Cassidy desk, or maybe the Maison Canopy bed. They have such a classic yet quirky design aesthetic!

  4. wow – bunny table lamb, wardrobe rack, so many beautiful things! thanks for the giveaway xx

  5. The bunny alarm clocks and the bunny table lamp are adorable and quirky at the same time. I really like the aesthetic of this collection.

  6. The brass bunny table lamp is too cute and the scallop statement pin board is so classic!

  7. I love the ticking stripe chaise! So beautiful, and that tufting! Coooome oooon! So good!

  8. I love the natural linen pom pom blackout drapes! I would love to win a gift card. So many cute things!

  9. We need that wonderful lamp. When our daughter was first born, only 1 week old, we took her to brunch. A little 2 year came and looked at her stroller and said ‘wonderful’.

  10. I love the bunny ears hand jewelry stand although I’d like to think it’s actually a peace sign. 🙂

  11. The hanging stars just struck me from the beginning. They’re like a throwback to glow in the dark stars that were all the rage back in the day, but realized in a more sophisticated fashion (and without the difficult mess if you change your mind).

  12. I would love a bunch of their stuff for my stepdaughter’s room that we are re-doing. I would pick the sequin cat pillow and the bunny ears hand jewelry holder. I also really love that wonderful sign. Super fun!

  13. That Wonderful light is lovely! I really love the Cloche collection, I’ve always have a soft spot for bell jars. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  14. The metallic dottie sheets and duvet cover are perfection!
    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  15. My office space at home is in need of a major overhaul. I love the wonderful light and the scallop statement pinboard. it would really help me enjoy my work space a bit more.

  16. I love the Mettalic Dottie Duvet Cover a perfect neutral, and the Bunny Lamp is a must have.

  17. Oooh everything looks so pretty!! Love so many items in the collection (that wonderful wall light! that unicorn wall mount!!) but the bunny lamp definitely takes the cake. My fiance and I are preparing to move soon and we are both huge bunny lovers, this lamp would be so cute in our new place!

  18. Hard to pick just one item but i choose the Maison Canopy Bed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Wow, the metallic dottie sheets, the circus stripe bedskirt, and the wonderful wall light would make my bedroom gorgeous!

  20. Oh! A new collection!? I already have all their gold polka dotted bedding from the previous collaboration! I LOVE the Wonderful sign, the gold star bedding and the sequin cat pillow!

  21. I love the Scallop Statement Pinboard! I’ve been looking for a great pinboard to put above my desk, and that’s it!

  22. the “wonderful” light is my favorite, with the bunny lamp & butterfly pillow close behind. thanks.

  23. I love the maison canopy bed, maison bookcase, ticking stripe chaise, and pom pom blackout drape!

  24. I love so much about this – especially the metallic dot sheets and the Maison bookcase.

  25. I’ve had my eye on the bunny lamp since this collection first launched. It’s definitely my favorite.

  26. I wish I could afford the ‘wonderful’ light! But the heart sheets are definitely my style! Love it all.

  27. Their stuff is adorable. I want one of each 🙂 My favorite is the Wonderful Wall Light. It’s so rad. I’d love it in my house! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of their stuff. Super cool. Thanks Joy for the giveaway!

  28. The bunny lamp is gorgeous and whimsical but I love that Dottie gold duvet cover !

  29. I love the scallop bedding and the pom pom drapes – been thinking about those for a while now.

  30. I love it all! The The Emily + Meritt Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover + Sham is definitely my favorite. Polka dots and golden metallics are the perfect combination!

  31. I love the gold dottie sheets and the bunny alarm clock. I’ve been wanting to completely redecorate my room for those sheets!

  32. It’s definitely a tie between the vintage-esque “Wonderful” sign and that glam sparkle bow pillow!

  33. I have been dying to get my hands on the wonderful light! It would be so perfect in the guest (and hopefully future baby) room I am working on decorating right now!

  34. still! I absolutely adore everything from this collection. I would love love love to win this as my daughter’s nursery is so completely disjointed (partly because I could not decide on a theme/feel for her room..and mostly because we can’t afford to decorate it much 🙁 When I saw this I immediately wished I spent my teenage years in here and cannot wait to inject some parisian/girly character into her room! I wouldn’t even have to change out much as she grows older. I see her in here till she goes off to college! And the brass bunny lamp is probably my favorite though it is so hard to choose (people have gifted her several bunny stuffed animals so it would fit in perfectly 🙂 Thanks Oh Joy and Emily and Merritt and PB for this giveaway!

  35. We REALLY love cats in this house so I instantly fell in love with both the leopard & sequin cat pillows & “Meow” tray! The Wonderful wall light would look so cute hanging in a hallway as opposed to a plug in wall night light. Also, a gold sand hour glass? YES PLEASE. Love the whimsy in this entire collection 🙂

  36. I love all the bedding, but the animal decor is the best… LOVE that bunny lamp. I would put it in my guest room where my sister (a rabbit lover) could enjoy it when she visits.

  37. Wow, there are so many beautiful things in the collection! My favorites are the hanging stars, the standing mirror, and the band jacket pillow. Nice!

  38. I can’t decide between the Wishbox Collection and the Parisian Heart Cloche Collection. Everything in the collection is just so wonderfully put together!

  39. I absolutely love this entire collection but my favorites are the animal wall hooks, the unicorn wall mount, the sequined pillow covers and the meow tray!

  40. Nothing to do with the giveaway as I’m not a US resident but… I’d love to know where the wallpaper comes from! Can anyone fill me in? Thanks!

  41. Love everything! It’s modern and warm at the same time- would love to have new bedding, especially the scallop duvet cover 🙂

  42. I would DIE of happiness to win this contest!! Gold is my favorite, and those polka dotted sheets, and the little fold desk accessories are so so cute! Give me that $500 before I spend it out of my own account! hah! 🙂

  43. My favorite item from the The Emily & Meritt collection is the Wonderful Wall Light – what a fantastic piece of artwork for any room!!!

  44. Awesome product line and amazing giveaway – here’s hoping! I love the dottie sheet set and the pom pom drapes (among other things!).

  45. It’s a toss up for the maison bookcase and the parisian headboard right now – such a great collection!!

  46. The entire collections is very exciting, but I really liked the white curtains with the pom pom edging. I might transform some of my own curtains by adding this little whimsy. Super fun.

  47. Everything in the collection is so awesomely cute! The Sequin Bow Pillow, Frill Pillow Cover, Sequin Cat Pillow and Canopy BedFrame is to die for. I am on a budget trying to re-do my growing daughter’s bedroom and she would love this collection.

  48. OMG! How can I pick one thing? I suppose the Maison bookcase if I absolutely had to choose, but I honestly love all of it!

  49. so much to love! i love The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche Collection, The Emily + Meritt Tree Trunk Side Table, and the Maison Bookcase. all so gorgeous.

  50. The Maison Bookcase is everything! I love the amount of gold incorporated into this collection – it’s stunning!

  51. What a fabulous collection! I am ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the Ticking Stripe Chaise….I’d love to be lounging on that right now with a good book and some sauvignon blanc 🙂

  52. The chaise, the headboard, the bookcase. Love, love, love. Covet the “wonderful” sign.

  53. UGH, It’s hard to choose because it’s all so fabulous BUT…I’m really loving the vintage look of the wishbox collection. Reminds me of pieces that my grandma had in her bedroom when I was growing up. Absolutely <3

  54. I love it all but my 3 year old would love the star sheets and the adorable bunny lamp! Thanks!

  55. i love the bunny table lamp for my daughter’s room! she was born under the sign of the rabbit 2 days before easter, so i try to sprinkle some bunny elements in her room without going overboard. the lamp is perfect.

  56. The Wonderful wall light is AMAZING! I also love the animal wall hooks and the pompom blackout drapes. Lovely collection!

  57. Slightly obsessed with all the metallic in the collection! The pillows, the stars, the star pillow, ha! LOVE!!!

  58. i love both the elephant ring holder (since i always take off my rings to wash dishes/clean the kitchen) and the wonderful light! how wonderful!!

  59. Wow – The collection is so much fun! I’d get the heart sheet set and the scalloped pin board. LOVE!

  60. Love them all but will have to go with the Emily + Meritt Parisian Petticoat Quilt + Sham

  61. So neat! I would love the Wonderful sign and would also like the glittery cat pillow and star bedding – all would look so neat in my daughter’s room.

  62. I love the sequin cat pillow, the wonderful sign, the golden unicorn and the elephant ring holder…so cute!

  63. I absolutely love the mason canopy bed in gold! I actually need to buy a bed right now, because I am moving into my first real apartment in a week! This would be an awesome addition!!!

  64. Oh my goodness, what a perfect collection! The Emily & Meritt Ticking Stripe Chaise, and the star print sheets is what I’d buy first. Oh, and the Wonderful light, and all the pillows, and, and… Great giveaway!

  65. i’m totally feeling the clothing rack. i could hang outfits on there that I would take on my next trip or vacation.

  66. So many shiny things @_@ I think my favorites are the unicorn wall mount & the bunny lamp. So adorable! 🙂

  67. I’m a huge fan of the unicorn wall mount and the heart and star duvet and the brass bunny lamp…and…oh, I guess basically everything 🙂

  68. I love all of the pillow covers, but my favorite item from the collection is the Parisian Headboard!!

  69. Definitely the Brass Bunny lamp, it leaves a whimsical feel like you are in an Alice and Wonderland home but grown-up

  70. I honestly love everything! I love the gold
    Heart sheets and the pillows and the wonderful sign! The headboard is beautiful too! My daughters are going to share a room soon and I would love to do their entire room in Emily &Meritt !

  71. Nap time would be glorious on the Emily & Meritt Ticking Stripe Chaise. One can dream …..

  72. I love the Wonderful light up sign, what a great way to light up a room! I’m also in love with the Parisian Heart Cloche Collection…so delicate, beautiful and a great way to keep your jewels safe! 🙂

  73. LOVE the Gold Dottie duvet! Would be perfect for my dorm room- I move in to college in a week!

  74. I love the whole collection! In wanting to re-do my study space with the writing desk and inspiration pin board they have on the site. The wonderful neon would go perfectly above it!!

  75. The Romantic Sphere Chandelier is so pretty and vintage! I’d have to say that’s something that really caught my eye!

  76. What’s not to love? 🙂 It’s a tie between the matte Brass Floor Mirror & the Wonderful sign (it sure would “brighten” my day every time I saw it- see what I did there?)

  77. Love the Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover – would probably put it in my master!

  78. The wonderful wall light is by far my favorite piece. I would totally use the whole gift card on that one item! How cool it would look in any room!

  79. The Wonderful wall light, bunny ears hand and needle point pillows are awesome, but I truly love everything!

  80. The Maison Canopy Bed is a dream!! Definetly my first pick from the collection 🙂

  81. Parisian Headboard and the Golden Unicorn Wall Mount!! Each piece is so fun and whimsical!

  82. I love the Emily & Meritt Floor Mirror! It’s perfectly vintage, and would look great in any closet/dressing room. 🙂

  83. OMG!! One of everything please 😉
    I’d choose some new bedding (of my daughters choice) to go with her antique bed frame we just painted gold! The bunny lamp and tons of throw pillows! But that wonderful sign, COME ON…nothing better!

  84. I love the tree trunk side table. woodland camping romance.
    close seconds are the wonderful light and the locked book. love it all!

  85. Do much loveliness! The Parisian headboard, the chaises, the wardrobe rack, the wonderful sign (which I would use at my wedding & also in my house!) It’s like my vintage European dream!!

  86. I love the wish box collection, the wardrobe rack, the unicorn mount and the throw pillows!

  87. bunny ears hand and bunny alarm clock. my daughter is always throwing up some bunny ears in photos.

  88. oh please! this collection is up my alley 3000%. I’d love the scallop duvet cover, I’ve been looking for a simple white one and it’s got the perfect amount of detail.

  89. love the collection! loving the linen pom pom blackout drape and the ticking stripe chaise!

  90. So many great things–I love the wardrobe rack, the gold unicorn, the cat feet tray, the tree trunk side table….I could go on!

  91. Oh man, love their style! I’d pick the gold, free-standing floor mirror, ‘Wonderful’ wall light, or the Ticking Stripe Chaise.

  92. I am obsessed with the Chambray Dottie Sheet Set! I keep wishing and hoping they’ll make a King size set… fingers crossed 🙂

  93. Love the Bunny Table Lamp and Silhouette Portraits, what a sweet, vintage and whimsical collection.

  94. I love it all, but I think that the white and gold zebra rug would be a knockout addition to my bedroom!

  95. I’m crazy about the Denim Chaise! I’ve always wanted a fancy chaise to make my bedroom feel really romantic!

  96. The Sequin Cat Pillow!!! Not sure if I would let my daughter have that. The whole collection is so adorable, well done Emily and Meritt!

  97. So many cute things! I love the glitter bow pillow, and that seriously stately Parisian headboard. And the bunny lamp! Like I said, too many things.

  98. This collection is absolute perfection! How have I missed it until now?!? I would love the Gold Unicorn and Sequin Kitty Pillow (along with everything else).

  99. What a dreamy collection. I’m loving the Scallop Statement Pinboard + the Metallic Dottie Sheet Set.

  100. That canopy bed is divine but my daughter would fall in love with that bunny lamp!

  101. I love the Bunny Brass Lamp! As a little girl, I grew up collecting all things bunny. I hope to have a daughter one day so I can continue the tradition of collecting bunnies. I’ll admit that even though I’m not expecting, I have to buy bunny items when I see them! (:

  102. I LOVE the gold dottie sheets. I’m thinking of throwing in some of the pillow cases to shake up my navy bedding.
    Let’s be honest though. The whole collection is amazing.

  103. Oh my goodness! It’s all so fabulous!
    Top three:
    >circus top hat bookends
    >wonderful wall light
    >scallop statement pinboard

  104. The whole collection is amazing but I love love love the bunny lamp! My sisters nicknamed me “bunny” a long time ago so I think it’s so cool to find fun pieces like this!

  105. I love this collection! I think they do a great job of marrying a vintage, glam, and whimsical! Hopefully this encourages PBteen to partner up with others for future collaborations.
    I have several favorite items: the sequin cat pillow, the leopard pillow cover, the statement pinboard, the gold cat cannister, and the zebra rug.

  106. Okay, so honestly, the “wonderful” sign is my new favorite. However, I already purchased the gold unicorn head a few weeks ago. I can’t want to get it hung! Thanks so much for the fab giveaway.
    Oh – and the meow plate. Gotta have that!

  107. Gold, ruffles, and patterns oh my!
    I loved the perfectly simple striped bed skirt (actually ordered one: The Emily + Meritt Circus Stripe Bedskirt) and The Emily & Meritt Wonderful Wall Light makes me feel… well… wonderful 🙂
    PICK me! 🙂

  108. The Bunny Alarm Clocks are just too adorable! It would be a perfectly whimsical addition to my guest room!

  109. So many cute things for my 15 year old! Love the black heart and gold polka dot sheets and the WONDERFUL neon sign. Adorable.

  110. The maison bed, gold polka dot sheets, and wardrobe rack! I couldn’t pick just one favorite! But everything in that collection is to die for!

  111. I loved the Masison Bookcase, floor mirror, and liquid gold throw. Basically I loooooove gold.

  112. I LOVE The Emily + Meritt Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover, Sham & Sheets! This would make my sleeping a little bit more dreamier & relaxing ?

  113. Maison shelves, bunny lamp, bunny alarm clock, scallop pin board- I could keep going on and on….

  114. I LOVE the odds and ends…the unicorn mount, zebra rug and the bunny ears. Such eclectic and interesting pieces. Love that this is supposedly for teens. I’d rock all of this!

  115. Gold Cat Canister + Meritt Meow Tray + Wonderful Wall Light to make my front desk look lovely at work (I work as salon coordinator at eyelash extension salon:)
    Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover + Sequin Cat Pillow + Floor Mirror in my bed room will make me the happiest!
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway <3

  116. I love all of the stars!! Scattered Star Duvet Cover, Liquid Gold Star Pillow, Metallic Star Sheet Set and the Up Up and Away Pillow! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Just charming! I like the chambray dottie bedding. Thank you for the introduction, Joy!

  118. I love EVERYTHING, but if I have to pick a favorite–it’s the floor mirror. I had one as a little girl that I adored!

  119. LOVE the pink frill pillow cover! the sequin cat pillow. the elephant ring holder. and LOVE the heart sheet set. Such a great collection!!

  120. I am working on baby #1’s nursery (due in October) and absolutely LOVE all the animal inspired items in the collection. The Emily + Meritt Unicorn Wall Mount! Other favorites include the brass bunny lamp, ring holders, bunny alarm clocks and CIRCUS domino set (my dad’s favorite game)!

  121. Oh my, there is so much to love about this collection!
    To start, that Wonderful sign is just perfect. I think I need it. I also love the Lovely needlework pillow, the tree trunk side table, the bunny lamp, and of course those adorable hanging stars!

  122. Everything in the collection is so lovely! But, there is something about the Bunny Alarm Clocks that just makes them special. They are my favorite’s.

  123. The second I saw that wonderful wall light, I started trying to figure out how I was going to get it!
    LOVE it!

  124. It is nearly impossible to find a favorite, but if I had to choose, I’d say the black and white Circus Stripe Bedskirt. Amazing! This collection has me crossing my fingers for a baby girl so I have an excuse to buy half of those pillows!

  125. I have a few…The Zebra Rug is gorgeous and I love all of the animal themed items but especially the cat canister.

  126. Everthing is so cute but i really love the tree trunk side table…reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Giving Tree! This would adorable in my little girl’s room. 🙂

  127. It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but the bookcase and floor mirror are definitely two my faves!

  128. I LOVE the gold star sheets…and the got dot sheets…and the sequined pillows. Just basically their whole collection!!

  129. Obsessed with the The Emily & Meritt Floor Mirror – I have the perfect spot for it in my apartment and might need to pick it up with or without the giftcard!!

  130. I totally agree with you Joy, I’m not a teen but I want so many of the things from their collection, if not everything! I really like The Emily + Meritt Wardrobe Rack. It’s super functional for all ages.

  131. The tree trunk side table is extraordinary! I cannot believe my eyes. Nothing short of lovely.

  132. I actually just placed an order for three pieces from the collection last night!! (There were a million other things I wanted though, so gift card would be amazing!!) My number one favorite is the Maison Canopy Bed in Gold. Ordered it last night for my daughter and can’t WAIT until it arrives!!

  133. I love the Bunny Table Lamp! So adorable!
    And of course the Wonderful light… 🙂
    Thanks !

  134. I love the Emily & Meritt Animal Wall Hooks. The aged look of the animals is great, plus they are functional!

  135. What a gorgeous range! It’s hard to choose but I especially love the tree trunk side table and hanging stars.

  136. I’m obsessed with the sequin cat pillow it’s purrfect and the whole collection is awesome.

  137. Oh my gosh, I love so many things! The metallic dottie sheets, heart and star duvet, cat pillow… I can keep going!

  138. I’m loving the Parisian headboard and Maison Canopy bed BIG TIME. Also crushing on the whimsical pillows and fun ring holders. Creative collection!

  139. I just moved into a new dorm room, and the floor mirror + Maison bookcase would be perfect!

  140. the cat canister would look perfect in my entryway and would store keys and coins. love it all.

  141. I looooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee love love LOVE the sequin bow pillow, but the Pariaian Headboard is amazing and I really want it so bad! They are both my favorite – cannot decide between the two 🙂

  142. Oh man, the Tree Trunk Side table! Close call between that, the circus stripe bed skirt and the Wonderful sign, though. Very cute collection.

  143. So the “wonderful” neon light is obvs. A-mazing. But the scallop pinboard was making me think, man oh man, that would look spectacular in my home office! There are so many things that are awesome. I went and pinned half the collection…oy! Start saving now!

  144. I love the club chairs and cloud couch and all the colors and prints they offer!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  145. “Teen”? WHAT? I want this stuff for myself! Love the burlap bin, the metallic dotty sheet sets, needlepoint word pillows, the chandy table lamp… beautiful!

  146. DAMN… love it all, but most especially, the WONDERFUL light sign and wardrobe rack. Definitely vibing on the colors – black & cream with blush & gold (so OhJoy!)… 🙂

  147. I love so much about this collection! If I have to choose, I pick the Maison bookcase or the wishboxes.

  148. I love it all…hard to pick just a few! The Wonderful light, all the great pillows and mix of bedding, the pinboards, the hanging stars, the wishboxes, all the accessories…my favorite might be the gold unicorn wall mount!

  149. Sequin bow pillow, gold dotted sheets and black and white striped bed skirt! (Sorry I couldn’t just pick one!)

  150. Love it all, the gold star bedding is perfect for Winter.
    (already have the gold spotted bedding)

  151. I adore that wardrobe rack! It’s probably really unnecessary but I’ve always wanted a separate rack to hang my clothes for the week and feel extra fancy. 🙂
    Everything is so cute!

  152. The entire collection is lovely but my favorites are the Brass Bunny Table Lamp and Maison Canopy Bed!

  153. I love so many things, including the Bunny Ears Hand (I like to see it as a peace sign), the gold Hourglass (time is golden, right?), and the Scallop Statement Pinboard (because pinning in real life is just as fun as on Pinterest).
    Dee |

  154. I am infatuated with the Unicorn wall mount! I have to have it for my daughter’s big girl room. She has inherited her love of unicorns from her mama.

  155. Absolutely love this collection and my 15 yr old will love the star print items even more. My favorite are the star burlap bins. Perfect for my little star. 🙂 I’ll be sure to get her a couple of those!<333

  156. The EM Animal wall hooks + the Bunny alarm clock + that Maison canopy bed =dreamboat central! I love these designers.

  157. I live the Icon Needlepoint Pillows, but definitely adore the Animal Wall Hooks!!
    Thank you for this awesome give away!!

  158. That headboard is to die for. Also, loving that amazing bedskirt. Who has ever said they love a bedskirt before?! Amazing, amazing collection.

  159. Everything! My wish list: the stitch pillow covers, tree trunk side table, pom pom drapes and of course the wonderful sign!

  160. What don’t I love about this collection? The bedding covered in hearts and the Tree Trunk side table are just darling! And so many beautiful products for an office. I might just buy a few things right now! Thank you for sharing the beautiful collection.

  161. I am definitely between the gold bunny lamp and the wonderful sign! It is so hard to choose from so many pretty items.

  162. My absolute favorite is the Brass Bunny Table Table Lamp! I really like the “wonderful” sign and zebra rug too! Is it too soon to start my Christmas list?! 😉

  163. the wardrobe rack + zebra rug are my favorites! pbteen is definitely for grownups too 😉

  164. It’s so hard to choose! Such great things! But I think the Wonderful light is just wonderful!!

  165. Oh gosh, what a beautiful collection! I love it all. I am getting married in 3 weeks and would love to start our married life with the beautiful Parisian Headboard. Fingers crossed!

  166. so many things! the bunny lamp, the meow tray, the heart sheets, the pom pom drapes…what a beautiful collection!

  167. How could anyone pick just one favorite thing from the collection!? Everything is perfect!
    If I had to choose, I’d narrow it down to 3: The wonderful “Wonderful” Neon, The bunny lamp, and that incredible wardrobe rack!! So. Good.

  168. Love so much of it! The polka dot sheets, the bunny lamp, the zebra rug, the bunny ears necklace stand… fun!

  169. My favorites are the weathervane jewelry holders but I wouldn’t kick any of the other stuff out of bed for eating crackers if you know what I’m sayin’.

  170. The metallic dottie sheets would be wonderful for my 12 year old! We love polka dots in our house! And lets add a couple icon needlepoint pillows! Ok Ok ive made up my mind… I really like the wonderful wall light!

  171. It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but my daughter would love the metallic star sheet set. It would look glam in her room!

  172. the cat canister is perfect for cat lovers without being so obvious a cat item..very sophisticated and would work as a candy jar on my desk at work.

  173. Everything is sooooo gorgeous. But I love the Parisian heart cloches and the standing mirror the most!

  174. Love the heart duvet cover! I’m 25, and I’d still totally put this on my bed. The wonderful wall light is also pretty wonderful, as well as all the cat themed stuff! 🙂

  175. I’m LOVING the sequin bow pillow and the gold polka dot bedding! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  176. I’m in love with the wishbox collection. So perfect– I feel like I need at least one for every room!

  177. I absolutely adore the Bunny Table Lamp and have been wanting it for what seems forever. I’m finally moving into my own apartment next week and I’d be over the moon happy if I were to win this!

  178. Animal wall hooks–esp the elephant!
    Love love love all the bunny and cat items.
    Must have the hanging stars.

  179. the metallic dottie sheet set is really cool! i also like the animal wall hooks, wonderful sign & zebra rug. these designs are just fun — no need to actually be a teen (I’m far from one).

  180. I have been lusting after a neon light for years now!!! I would love the wonderful light!! So great!

  181. Oh my oh my where to start it’s all so amazeeeee! I think my favorite item is the heart sheets!

  182. Their collection is lovely! My favorites are the floor mirror (which would make every outfit look that much cooler) and the pom pom drapes.

  183. seriously. how do i pick a fave?! if i had to choose just one it would be the gold cat canister. meow!

  184. This is such a lovely collection!
    I am adoring this classic, vintage, romantic and whimsical vibe.
    My favorite item of the Emily and Meritt Collection is definitely the Maison Bookcase.
    Such classic lines, beautiful color and the perfect addition to any home or room.

  185. I love the Maison bed, and the pom pom blackout drapes. And the wonderful “wonderful” sign, of course.

  186. Love the WISHBOX COLLECTION!! My favorite is the Ring Box.
    I love gold and anything with cute claw feet.
    I also love that I can see through the box,,my wedding bands would look splendid!

  187. Oh wow! The Emily & Meritt collection is quite stunning! I have fallen head over heels for the Maison Canopy Bed – so sleek and full of character, but timeless!

  188. I love this collection! I was actually walking through my mall today and stopped to turn around and go back and look at the Rose Stitch Pillow Cover in PBTeen’s window! That, along with the striped chaise,metallic stripe bedskirt, maison bed frame and floor mirror are my faves.

  189. I love the Metallic Dottie Sheets! I can’t find gold polka dot sheets anywhere except on PBteen in the Emily + Meritt Collection.

  190. That pin board! That kitty canister! That full length mirror! That bed skirt! Ugh the whole collection is a dream. I already caved and bought the polka dot sheets

  191. What a WONDERFUL …..collection! The bunny alarm clock is just the right amount of whimsy. 🙂

  192. I love the sheets and stitched throw pillows, and the blackout Pom curtain! Adorable & functional!!

  193. My absolute favorite is the bunny alarm clock – I just ordered the blue one a few days ago! If I won, I’d definitely go for the Wonderful Wall Light.

  194. The Ticking Stripe Chaise!! They are all really great! Love the bed frame as well and the little wishboxes.

  195. I have been lusting after the “wonderful” sign for what feels like foreverrrrr. (dramatic much?!;) Here’s to hoping!! xo

  196. I LOVE the ticking stripe chaise, and I also think the cloche collection is adorable!

  197. I’ve been a huge fan of PBTeen for awhile now but haven’t checked out their site recently. SO many cute things! I love the metallic dottie sheet set. 🙂

  198. I am in love with the Wonderful light. It would be so much fun almost anywhere in the house. The heart bedding will also be on my list, should my next child be a girl. 🙂

  199. I love the mix of patterns and metallics, but my favorite peace would have to be the Brass Bunny Table Lamp. SO cute, and great for any age group.

  200. Ah! I just purchased the hourglass for my desk! Now if only I could afford the Parisian Headboard (daydreaming…)

  201. Oh there is so much to see and choose upon! Love the wonderful light-up and all the funky pillows for sure. The bedding is also so fun. Would love to shop for some wonderful gifts for me, and my good friends and family.

  202. I love love love the Emily & Meritt for PBteen line! Everything is absolutely so whimsy, I want it for myself 😉 it’s so hard to pick just one, but i think the maison bookcase is my favorite! I just want to fill it up with all my favorite fairytales!

  203. Ooh too many beauties to choose from, but I think I would choose that bunny lamp to put in our baby’s nursery!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  204. I want my life to be filled with these special little treasures. The Unicorn Wall Mount tugs on my heartstrings more than anything else 🙂

  205. I love the Natural Linen Pom Pom Blackout Drape. Also, my friend has the gold unicorn on her wall – now I know where it’s from!

  206. I would have never thought to look in the teen section! What great finds! My favorites are the metallic dottie duvet and liquid gold throw.

  207. I how I hope I win–want the entire collection for my teen daughter’s bedroom. Love all the bedding, especially the heart sheet set. This collection is my inspiration for redoing her room!

  208. oh jeez i’ve been a fan of this duo and pb teen collection for a while now. i think i would have to pick that wonderful sign. we’ve been looking for a neon sign for our home for so long, and this is PERFECT!

  209. oh my gosh, I NEED the top hat book ends!! I also adore the wish box collection and the sky blue bunny alarm clock. I could definitely go beyond $500 here, just on the smaller stuff! Pick me please 🙂

  210. The ‘Wonderful’ wall light is absolutely, well, wonderful! For sure my favorite in the collection!

  211. the wonderful wall light might just take the cake! (although the gold unicorn trophy is a very close second.)

  212. Wow there is so much to love! I have three daughters and so there is so much I would love for either their room or the rest of the house. I think my favorite is the Wonderful sign, what a fun item to have in a room!

  213. I absolutely adore the wardrobe rack!! I have been looking for one and this is an amazing, unique version. Just have to convince my boyfriend now 🙂

  214. OH MY GOODNESS~!!! I love their whole collection!!!
    My absolute favoritest has to be The Emily + Meritt Parisian Heart Cloche Collection

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  216. I redesigned my entire room based on the Dottie gold duvet cover! I even waited 6 months to get them!
    My favorite pieces is the WONDERFUL neon sign, I HAVE TO HAVE it.

  217. I’m in love with the brass bunny table lamp and the heart/star duvet cover for my kiddos

  218. I’ve been eyeing the gold polka dot sheets for a while – wish they came in a Cal King size! But I love the gold star duvet and sheets too… and the Maison bookcase!

  219. I have been loving this collection since seeing the adorable sparkly pillows a bit ago! My favorite piece? Hands down, the Natural Linen Pom Pom Blackout Drape… I absolutely *die*!! Seriously must have those. And everything else, haha. The winner of this giveaway is super lucky! 🙂

  220. I love this collection! The “Wonderful” sign is my favorite- I think it would look great in my entry greeting guests.

  221. Everything from this collection is gorgeous, but I love the Maison Canopy Bed the most!

  222. I cannot get over how gorgeous that “wonderful” wall light is. I need it in my life!!!

  223. The wardrobe rack would be a gamer changer in the guest bedroom which currently doubles as a second closet. Lovely!

  224. The Scallop Statement Pinboard is beautiful, and would actually make a great piece for our nursery! The full collection is gorgeous – the pom pom drapes and the bookcase could easily work in several rooms in a house – not just the teens. Love this!

  225. I am torn between the brass bunny lamp and the “Wonderful” light! The whole collection is completely delightful and SPOT ON for my daughter and new husband!

  226. I love the Floor Mirror on casters. It is gorgeous! I also love the pom pom drapes too.

  227. already have the gold polka dot sheet and dots and strips duvet! Love the maison collection of canpoy bed and book case.

  228. The animal wall hooks or bunny alarm clocks are my favorite- but with $500 you could get both!

  229. It is such a fun collection! I’m in love with that Wonderful neon light! I would love to find the perfect spot in my home for it. xo

  230. i love, love, love the wonderful sign! that sequin bow pillow is adorable too! who can choose?!

  231. I love the beadboard small desk. I’ve been looking for a small desk that isn’t one of those frosted glass and steel computer-y looking desks – this one is perfect!

  232. I think the bunny lamp is absolutely adorable:) It would be precious in my daughter’s room!

  233. Everything is spectacular, but it is impossible to pass by the Wonderful wall light, gold cat canister and heart sheet set. I think I have pinned have the collection to my wish list!

  234. Love the neon “Wonderful” sign. I think this would look amazing against the exposed brick in my apartment.

  235. What a fun collection! I love the brass bunny table lamp. It would look adorable in my daughters’ room.

  236. I’ve been eyeing those gold polka dot sheets for a while, but that gold cat canister is super cute too!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  237. I am loving the Metallic Dottie Sheet set and liquid gold accessories, our new room would look lovely with gold accents everywhere. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  238. LOVE that leopard pillow cover! Husband would let me get it if I won it… Right?

  239. Love the unicorn wall mount and the bunny lamp! Both would be adorable in our daughter’s nursery I am working on now!

  240. I love their whole collection, but their sheets are so cute. I would totally use the star set on my own bed. 🙂

  241. I love SO MANY things about this collection – the Bunny Alarm Clocks, the Chandelier Table Lamp, the Heart Wall Pinboard Set, the Hourglass, the Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover, the Wardrobe Rack…AAAHHH! I’m on whimsy overload!

  242. Oh my gosh what amazing pieces. I’m in love with all the gold. Especially the mini terrariums for jewelry knick knacks and accents on a book shelf.

  243. I love these pieces! The brass bunny lamp and the gold unicorn wall mount are so fun!

  244. Tough decision, everything is so cute! Can’t decide between the Wishbox Collection, the Wardrobe Rack, or the cute Ring Holders! I have too many favorites!

  245. The scallop duvet is perfect! Simple with little details that stand out. I love it paired with the striped bed skirt!

  246. Wow what a beautiful collection! I love the Wonderful sign – what a fun way to spruce up a room with fun!

  247. Loving the needlepoint pillows, especially the unicorn and wonderful! Also the metallic stripe bed skirt, the Cassidy Desk, the hourglass, top hat bookends, and yes that bunny lamp! Oh man this is a great collection… for teens and beyond I think!

  248. Everything is fun! I agree, although PB Teen, I could definitely use these in my home. Especially love the mirror and pom pom drapes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. I love the Emily & Merritt Wonderful sign, and the Junk Gypsy’s heart and wings wall decor.

  250. Oh how I wish this line existed when I was a teen!! The denim chaise is incredible as well as the butterfly pillow cover.

  251. Is it wrong that I now want the room of a teenager? I kind of want so sleep on golden stars with my wonderful light nearby. Great collection!

  252. The “wonderful” sign would go perfectly with my punky bohemian apartment and would look perfect flashing in the bedroom!

  253. The Wonderful neon light or the Parisian Headboard…okay, probably the Parisian headboard, so dreamy!

  254. What don’t I want! I love the brass bunny lamp and I am in love with the sequin kitty pillow along with the hearts and stars duvet/sheet sets. This collection is stellar! Thanks for the opportunity.

  255. I love anything they design! My favorites are the scallop bedding, bunny and chandelier lamps and heart pin boards!

  256. MY FAVES:
    The Emily + Meritt Heart Sheet Set
    The Emily + Meritt Heart Sequin Pillow
    YESSSSS please 🙂