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slip-on sneakers…

Cute Slip-On Shoes

Cute Slip-On Shoes

With my growing bump, all I want to wear are really comfy shoes. Finding ones with a little bit of support that are still somewhat cute can be tricky, so I've been loving slip-ons like these that are more supportive than flats but more chic than sneakers…

01. TOMS polka dot shoes, 02. Gap snakeskin textured slip-ons, 03. Loeffler Randall espadrilles, 04. Jeffrey Campell cut-out sneakers, 05. woven canvas silver Keds, and 06. pop stripe Keds.


  1. I’m about 20 weeks right now and my heels are killing me from all of the florida flip flops! these look so adorable and practical. @shruti i wear the no show socks… but if i don’t have them then some baby powder will do the trick!

  2. I mostly wear TOMS and you can throw those in the wash a couple of times if they start to not smell so nice. More than 2 times washing and I find they fade a bit. I just do cold water, gentle detergent and let them air dry.

  3. Very cute selection. Nice thing about slipons, they help you get out the door a little faster so the littles don’t get out before you!

  4. You should try Tieks. You would love them. They’re so comfy and cute! I wore them the entire time I was pregnant and they were the best investment I made during the pregnancy. All of my friends are wearing them now.

  5. Ooh, I like the shape and pattern of the last one. I’m generally not a fan of that TOMs style shoe, I just find the shape thoroughly unsexy! I’ve pretty much given up on uncomfortable shoes since I got pregnant with my daughter, and she’s 4, so maybe flats are here to stay!


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