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dressing the bump / 28 weeks!

Dressing the Bump - How to Wear Vintage While Pregnant

Dressing the Bump - How to Wear Vintage While Pregnant

Dressing the Bump - How to Wear Vintage While Pregnant

Dressing the Bump - How to Wear Vintage While Pregnant

We're at 28 weeks, and I'm excited to share the fifth episode of my Dressing the Bump series! This week, I'm talking about how to buy and wear vintage while pregnant. I love incorporating vintage into my wardrobe, but it can be tricky—pregnant or not. So, we're taking a look at some of the best vintage cuts and pieces to flatter a belly that can also we worn post-baby as well.

We have just a couple pre-baby episodes left, so if there's anything you'd like to see me cover in the last two, feel free to leave any requests for future episodes in the comment section below! And see all sources for the clothing worn below…

*Please keep in mind that all bellies are shaped and sized differently and grow at different rates. I hope you'll find these videos helpful at some stage of your pregnancy.

You can see all sources for the pieces worn in the video below… 

Outfit #1 (Floral Shift)
Vintage short floral dress from Shareen
Finx cuff by Mr. Kate

Outfit #2 (Red floral dress)
Vintage long red floral dress from Shareen
Target denim vest

Outfit #3 (Boho skirt)
Vintage black skirt from Shareen
Target maternity tank

Outfit #4 (Romper)
Vintage romper from Shareen
Target maternity tank 
Emily Greene necklace 

Outfit #5 (Black floral jumpsuit)
Vintage jumpsuit from American Archive
BC pink/floral flats

Outfit #6 (Floral top)
Vintage floral top from Wear it Well Vintage
Target maternity ponte pants

Shown but not worn:
Vintage green/blue long dress from Shareen

Shareen Vintage in Downtown L.A.
Galco’s Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park
Gelson’s Grocery store in Los Feliz

LA Vintage Shops:
American Rag
American Vintage
Shareen Vintage
Top Knot

Online Vintage Shops:
Salvage Life
American Archive
Down Home Darling
Wear it Well Vintage
Arsenic Kitty

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production Asst: Julia Wester and Casey Brodley
Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch
Music is “Not Walkin’ Away” by Emily Hearn
Special Thanks: Shareen Vintage


  1. You are so cute! The jumpsuit is my favorite. I’d really appreciate some bra suggestions…I’m having trouble finding something comfortable and supportive that fits me right.

  2. ooh! The romper is so nice!
    I would definitely love to get more inspiration in dressing for the office especially for meetings and presentations.

  3. Hi Joy, I love these episodes! Almost can’t wait to get pregnant with #2. I’m not sure if you plan on breastfeeding, but I’d love to see any ideas on how to dress the bump & still use them for BFing after. That’s been tough for me to find cute clothes for nursing. And most of my maternity clothes are not nursing friendly, so I feel like I have to buy another wardrobe.

  4. Shoe recommendations would be great, especially for sore and swollen pregnant feet that are still trying to do lots of walking. I’m 39 weeks and have only been wearing Saucony Jazz tennis shoes or a basic pair of Me Too flats for the past month. Both are comfortable, but neither is very cute.

  5. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for the suggestion! I am actually planning a post-baby episode that will cover some clothing that works well for nursing and might have some pieces show up beforehand too. Its great to hear that it would be helpful for you!

  6. You look adorable!! Loved this episode and how detailed you went into different types of cuts and fits. I especially like the focus on finding non-maternity clothes to wear during preggo time so you can wear again afters. 🙂 These videos are produced so well too – I really enjoy watching them! If possible, (later on I’m sure is easiest) I’d love to request a post for nursing clothes that are stylish, cute and comfy too! I just had my first baby and am having hard time finding cute and non-frumpy options. Thank you! 🙂

  7. Thanks so much Irene! That really means so much!
    We are actually planning a post-baby episode that focusing on things to wear while nursing. It wont be till after I have the baby, but stay tuned 😉

  8. This was my favorite one so far! All those wonderful prints and a jumper! I wore a vintage skirt throughout my pregnancy and I’m glad it’s a thing now haha 😉
    Lovely video and love your glow.

  9. My favorite yet!! You look amazing in all those. I am a bit obsessed with you in that yellow jumper. what an awesome find. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. thanks doing this series. it would be so great if you could recommend some tips for dressing in cooler climates!

  11. WAAAW!!! My favourite video/maternity look so far 🙂 Such beautiful dresses, and you look amazing in each one of them!
    I agree this yellow dress is just the cutest!

  12. You always have the most beautiful nails in your videos! OH and 1 more tip I have to add, remember to always make sure the tush looks good, we often forget that a bump pulls the fabric tighter in the back too!

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  14. I’m really loving this series. I would love to see fall items/layering as well, and was also wondering if you could recommend some of your favorite workout clothing?


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