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organic pregnancy beauty essentials…

Organic Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

Organic Pregnancy Beauty Essentials

I'm usually super low key when it comes to a beauty routine and get most of my daily staples from the drug store. But while pregnant, I really just want to take extra good care of my skin and pamper myself a little bit with some items I might not ordinarily buy. Here are a few of my favorite beauty items right now that are also all organic, too…

01. I love the fresh scent of Nine Naturals shampoo and conditioner…the mint seriously wakes me up!

02. During this hot summer, I've loved Pacific Mist by True Nature as a moisturizer instead of my usual face lotion.

03. To help prevent any additional stretch marks, I've been using Honest's belly balm.

04. For a pop of lip color, Tata Harper's lip tint is easy to throw in my bag and use at a moment's notice.

05. At the end of the day, Tata Harper's cleanser takes off my daily makeup and feels light and fresh afterwards.

What are some of your favorites right now?


  1. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Tata Harper products. Do you really feel a big difference compared to the other products in that category, considering they are a bit pricey! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love NYR Organic’s mom and baby products! They were the ONLY thing that worked for both of our little girls during my pregnancies and afterwards. They’re from the UK so adhere to european standards and are certified organic, which I love. Their baby balm is light and smells great, but super moisturizing which prevents diaper rash, and has coconut oil in it, which prevents bacteria and yeast. I use it on everything for the girls – dry spots, bug bites, sun burn, and definitely diaper changes. After using their products for three years, I finally then decided to become a consultant too. Here’s where you can learn more. Would love to send you samples to try if you don’t mind sharing your mailing address! -Alexis

  3. I used both of these Tata Harper products throughout my pregnancies, and still use them today. The Tata Harper line is amazing, the products really do give your skin a radiant and healthy glow, worth every penny!

  4. Great picks! I love Tata Harper products. You might also like Zoe Organics products, really nice organic products for babies and moms. If you need any other advice on organic and natural products stop by my blog! 🙂

  5. Farmaesthetics has wonderful products and they are all natural. Most are made with lavender and smell amazing.

  6. I love that you featured organic products for your pregnancy. It’s so important to use natural, paraben and sulfate free products during and after pregnancy. Can I also recommend the Shea Moisture line sold at Target? It’s wonderful stuff, particularly their baby balm. It’s wonderful! I gotta try that Tata Harper. I’m reading about it Everywhere!

  7. Love the organic options, but it is impossible to prevent stretch marks with topical treatments. I can’t believe companies are allowed to market their products that way even after it has been completely debunked. No cream is going to prevent structural tissue under your skin from forming stretch marks, which is such a bummer :-(. It’s all genetics!

  8. Have you tried beautycounter? Just recently switched over, and they have a kids line called kids counter that makes my toddler’s hair super soft. All the other all-natural conditioners made her Asian hair stringy but this one works really well.

  9. I like my beauty products with minimal ingredients and organic is a plus too. I recently interviewed the owner of CAMP Skincare (read here:, which I think you might like to try. The company is new, based out of Toronto and offers luxury skincare with natural ingredients. I have tried a couple of the products and am in love!
    Also, I second Nina Leung’s above comment about Shea Moisture products. Those products are miracle workers, pregnant or not!

  10. I agree, its totally genetic..I used cream throughout my first pregnancy and got a ton of stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy. I think its just nice to hope it might so something and also to help with the itchiness! 😉

  11. I was just thinking yesterday after the shower how I totally ignore moisturizing my stomach now, but it was such a ritual for 9 months. I kind of miss it!
    When I was pregnant, I had a chemical freak out moment and bought all new body and face products. I loved REN – everything smelled amazing. I still use their BB Cream and apricot face mask. Estelle & Thilde was also a great splurge.


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