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this week…

Oh Joy Studio

Oh Joy Studio

Oh Joy Studio

Oh Joy Studio

Oh Joy Studio

A few peeks at what's to come soon…parties for little and big kids alike, finalizing the Oh Joy book, colorful sugar highs, and dressing more bumps. Thanks so much for all your kind words on the Oh Joy for Target fall collection—I'll be up bright and early Sunday morning to see it on the shelves!

Have a great weekend all!

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. I can’t believe how fast time is flying. I still remember when I first read that you were going to have a line of goods at Target (and how excited I was)…and then came the summer collection…now autumn already?! (Do you like how I judge the passing of time on the releases of Oh Joy for Target?) 😀 Keep up the AMAZING work you do! Oh, and you look lovely as ever! <3

  2. What a cute bump! Can’t wait to go to Target Sunday to check out your new stuff 😉 {LOVE} all your stuff, you’re so crafty, creative, an inspiration! Great weekend to you & the family!

  3. Oh my gosh–Ruby is getting so big. I kind of freaked out even when I saw the thumbnail of the photo because she suddenly looks like a little girl rather than a toddler. Ah! Also, I echo everyone’s comments. You’re as cute and gorgeous as can be!

  4. I’ve been looking all over for details about a new Oh Joy book but can’t find any… did I miss this announcement on the blog??


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