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{oh joy sips} home brewed bar in pasadena…

Home Brewed Bar

Home Brewed Bar

I'm not a big coffee drinker, but tea is my jam. One of my cravings lately (well, maybe always) is a great boba milk tea. Boba tea can be hard to find if you're not in an area with lots of Asian eateries that usually sell them, but in Los Angeles, more and more places are offering the chewy addition to their existing coffee and tea menu.

Home Brewed Bar

Home Brewed Bar

Home Brewed Bar in Pasadena has fun options like Salted Caramel Milk Tea, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Vanilla Berry Truffle, Plum Oolong Tea which you can add regular or mini boba tea to. Just talking about it gives me a hankering right now…

Home Brewed Bar | 39 N Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA | 626.397.2887

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}


  1. I have a hankering now too! I discovered Home Brewed Bar and the milk teas there when I lived in Pasadena and had a chance to try one of the deliciously refreshing iced teas for free shortly after its soft launch. Which boba milk tea flavor there is your favorite?

  2. They are definitely a love them or hate them kind of thing…I love it cause its like having a chewy texture to add to the drink but some people thing it feels funny 😉
    Try it!!

  3. Hi Eve,
    Yes, youre allowed up to a certain amount of caffeine per day (most doctors will say its like 1-2 cups of coffee) so it just depends if you want to have any or not. I didnt have any with my first pregnancy but with this one I have just some tea every other day or so.


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