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two ways to party!

Oh Joy for Target fall collection

Oh Joy for Target fall collection

Oh Joy for Target fall collection

Oh Joy for Target fall collection

Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm over the newest Oh Joy for Target collection (a couple items are already sold out)! When designing all of the collections, we want the pieces to be able to be used for lots of different types of parties. So here's a little video we put together showing how you can use the pieces for both an adult party and a kids party! Enjoy!

Oh and keep sharing on Instagram, how you're using your Oh Joy goodies with #ohjoyfortarget

P.S. For those of you in Canada, the collection will launch in stores this Sunday, August 24th (the launch is a week later than the US one).

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production and Styling by Julia Wester
Hair and Makeup by Danielle Walch
Music is "Together Forever" by Gio Galanti
Photo stills by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy


  1. Hi Joy!
    I was in the Harrisburg East store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. There were a few things from the summer collection on clearance but that was it! I don’t know if the other store in Harrisburg has your collection out – I may have to go check on that tonight!

  2. OMG! Thanks for confirming the Canadian release date. I went to the store on Monday and I thought it had all sold out!

  3. I know! Sorry! If you have any friends or relatives in the States, some people have been sending it to them and having them ship to Europe for you!

  4. I went to a brand new Target store that just opened a month ago, here in my town. We have 3 Target stores now. This new one which is closer to my home was a disappointment, since they had nothing of the Oh Joy items. Sure was a let down. I will have to try the other area stores when I can. Your new fall items look delightful, and also you and Ruby with your adorable smiles and fun….Thanks

  5. I loved all of your collections but this was my favorite. Just received my order today. I cleaned house with the pitcher, coffee mugs, serving ware, party bags and napkins (which I will never use!!) Looks great in person! Congrats!!

  6. I had to go to two different Targets to find your stuff, but once I found them I went a little nuts! I keep the mug set on my coffee table because it’s so darn cute I want to look at it all the time!

  7. Thanks so much Julie! There were delays with the product arriving to some stores but they should all be in by this weekend. Please keep us posted if its not!

  8. Very nice collection Joy! And such a cute video as always! Wish your collection could be sold in Belgium too ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I bought several packs of the fans to hang up in my guest room in an overlapping pattern like the one you have pictured on the back of the pack and in your video here! Any suggestions on how to hang them? Having some difficulty…
    I love the new collection!

  10. Hi MK!
    We used pins (either push pins or T-pins) to hang them up. If you pin it at one of the folds of the fan, you wont see the hole. It also stays up better than tape that way. If you dont want to poke holes in the wall, you could also use command strips placed in the very center of the back of the fan once its assembled.

  11. Hi Joy – I bought the wood split serving tray and geometric serving bowl earlier this week and was so disappointed to find “not for food use” on the bottom of the tray when I went to use it for the first time. The product description of the tray on the Target site mentions using it for appetizers and desserts, so it’s a bit of a mixed message. I am assuming the bottom of the tray is right, which means I’ll need to return it – bummer! If you have any info, I’d love to know whether the tray is/is not safe for food.

  12. i don’t live in north america anymore so i can’t get any of this here so i requested my friend to buy them in canada for me!!! she sent me a photo while at the store.. and i pretty much told her to buy everything on the rack! ๐Ÿ™‚


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