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feeling like a blue river…

Feeling like a blue river

Feeling like a blue river

As summer starts to round the corner, I always get into a cooler mood color-wise, and these blues are definitely speaking to me… 

{Left to right, top to bottom: 01. Emily Green necklace, 02. Hershel Supply duffle, 03. mug from Leif, 04. Kate Spade Keds, 05. Virginia Johnson vase, 06. Virginia Johnson shawl, 07. sailing ship kite from Poketo.} 


  1. Kate Spade Keds – what a perfect mashup! I am already getting out my favorite cobalt cable knit sweater to welcome the autumn. Definitely my favorite color.

  2. I am so loving cobalt right even though I am not usually a blue person. And some how most of my daughters fall wardrobe ended up being various shades of blue. I am really digging that duffel and those kids.

  3. Hi!
    What size is Joy’s Lauren Moffatt Rain Bomber?? I want to get on, but they only have XS and L left…
    Please let me know!


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