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The Lively Show Oh Joy

The Lively Show Oh Joy

Last week, I did a podcast interview with Jess Lively of the Lively Show, and it was one of my favorite interviews to date. It was nice to not talk solely about business and blogging and share a more personal side and some of the highs and lows of my life and my business. If you'd like to listen, click here!

{Photo by Bonnie Tsang}


  1. What a great, honest interview. I totally related when you said you were sensitive. As a full-time blogger myself I’ve had several “sensitive” moments and my husband just keeps telling me I need to grow thicker skin (not always the easiest). Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so openly. I’m not even finished listening, but I needed to pause and tell you how much I appreciate your advice of not trying to be everything to everyone. This is a very relevant topic for me at the moment in both my freelance business and my personal life. Thank you for this little nugget 🙂

  3. That really was a great honest interview! So insightful not just to bloggers but any woman balancing work and relationships! Thanks for sharing with us. Much love!

  4. I felt like you were pulling the thoughts straight from my brain when you were talking about how sensitive you are. My feelings are easily hurt too (even though I know the theory of people affect you only if you let them) I used to cry every time my feelings were hurt, whether by family, friends, or a bully. I bottle stuff up. my friends used to think I was chill about everything because I never open up (because I haven’t been asked!). I like hearing praise.
    But I think just acknowledging that I’m sensitive has been so freeing, and there is a lot of stuff that I don’t consciously take too personally anymore. I let myself feel the sting, and then let it go. I still stand up for myself when someone is being sexist or racist or something else that isn’t just about me, but if it’s someone deliberately trying to hurt me because they’re insecure, I’m getting a little better at letting it go.

  5. I just listened to it on my drive tonight and it was incredible. So inspiring, honest and a great insight into balancing work and relationships. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. I just listened to this over my morning coffee and just wanted to say thank you! Thanks for being so inspiring, encouraging and honest. There was so much I needed to hear, especially your experiences with juggling family and work as right now, I’m definitely feeling the struggle with juggling my 8 month old daughter, the blog and my business! So thanks Joy! I feel a little more reassured and inspired to keep at it till I find out what works!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! The bit about being a person who has a hard time opening up but good at giving advice put a smile on my face because I do that too!
    Points to Bob for understanding you so well! My husband does the same and it’s such a blessing.

  8. Hi Joy! Just listened your interview and became very touched by your words… I am from Brazil, and I am a huge fan of you. I admire, am inspired by your blog every day. I have a blog and I would like you to know that you were my biggest inspiration for created it. And I am pretty sure that there are lots of others like me around the world. Love you!

  9. Listened to the interview when I was having a rough day. Thank you so much for being honest especially about dealing with hurt feelings and negativity. It helps to know that even someone great that I admire goes through the same struggle of feeling guilty with friends/family. We’ve got to stop beating ourselves up 🙂

  10. I wanted to finish listening before writing a response. First of all, I admire your honesty and also your ability to be vulnerable. It’s not easy having an online identity as it makes it susceptible to criticism, so mad respect for that. You talked about everything for in a time in my life when I need it. I have put a pause on blogging to care for my newborn son, but I miss it so much. Hearing you makes me realize how much I love it, but also it reminds me I made the right choice because there is nothing more important than family, right? Thank you for being a daily inspiration.

  11. What an inspiring interview. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and being open about your life. I feel like we have so much in commen… I am also a graphic designer who is currently blogging. I have a 3 year old boy and I just gave birth to my second baby boy 3 month ago 😀


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