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happy friday + nesting…

Oh Joy / Hers and Mine shoes

Oh Joy / Hers and Mine shoes

You guys, I have officially gone into nesting mode. If you try and look for me right now, I am somewhere rummaging through a closet or in boxes or sorting through piles of clothes or baby things. I've been getting rid of things by the bagful and trying to make space for the new baby…both physically and mentally.

Why is that nesting happens when you're super pregnant and not capable of moving around tons of things? Yet all I want to do is move around a ton of things. Both Bob and Ruby have been sick this week, so we've had lots of restless night around here lately, and I'm hoping for some rest for all of us this weekend.

I hope you have a fun and restful weekend, too! I love this time of year because it's just starting to feel like a change is on the way….

{Photo by Oh Joy. Shoes by Brother Vellies.}


  1. I can’t wait til this baby comes out because your first one is so adorable the next one is going to be crazy gorgeous! It does seem strange that the nesting period comes around at the time that nesting is actually really hard work. Hope you’re taking it easy on yourself! x

  2. This sounds fantastic! I nested like a crazy person before our Little Mariette arrived. Evidence here:
    HaPpY OrGaNiZiNg!!!!
    Leah :-)))

  3. Those matching shoes are adorable! Yes, I know what you mean! I went into crazy nesting mode during pregnancy too and got rid of piles and piles of stuff to make way for baby! Good luck with your nesting adventures!
    The Mama Gazette

  4. I have gotten bitten by the nesting bug too! I am due the day after you with #2. I would be interested in a post with what you are getting for baby #2(stroller etc.). I lived by your registry list for #1.

  5. soo true. we renovated our bedroom 2months before my due date and I was cleaning and sorting and getting rid of stuff like crazy. I was also pretty huge, but I insisted on painting and scrubing, and packing…


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