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a thank you necklace DIY!

Marbled Necklace DIY

Marbled Necklace DIY

Happy Friday friends! For this second baby, we didn't have an actual baby shower, but some of my YouTube friends decided to throw me a Virtual Baby Shower! Each one of them is sharing a video of something they’d make to contribute to a real life baby shower.

As a thank you, today I’m going to show you how to make these Thank You Baubles. Rather than just writing a card, you can make these little necklaces to send to friends with a thank you note to show how much you appreciate their gifts or for hosting your shower. The best part is, they are super easy to make but look like you spent way more time than you actually did! And your friends get a little keepsake they can use and wear regularly!

P.S. Have a great weekend and stay tuned next week for another fun marbling project!

// Materials Used //
Wooden geometric beads
Neon orange elastic cord
Brass screw nuts 
Nail polish colors of your choice
Gold mailer tubes
Decorative paper from local Art Supply store
Dish pan or small tub from local grocery store
Copper wire

Brought to you by Oh Joy
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production and Styling: Julia Wester
Graphics: Angie Stalker
Music is "Never Wanna Grow Up" by Katrina Stone
Photo stills by Casey Brodley


  1. When you let the beads dry, where are you putting them? If you lay them on the counter the design will mess up but if you hang them on the wall the paint will touch the wall. Suggestions please 🙂 Because I love this easy DIY!!!

  2. Erin, you can hang the necklace around a dry cleaner’s wire hanger, and then hang that somewhere with paper towel underneath to catch dripping paint.

  3. Oh daaaannnggg this is so simple but geniussss!!! Ruby must have so so much fun having you as her mama. 😉 Joy, I was wondering–do you have to put primer on? Sorry if you answered that in the video, had to have volume down most of the time because of baby, haha.

  4. Great project! Do you hang the necklaces to keep them dry after painting them? I was also thinking of using nail polish. Do you think it would stick to the wood?

  5. Hi Melissa,
    After you dip the beads in with the skewer, you can rest the end of the skewers over two drinking glasses to let dry. They don’t take very long to dry at all. And yes, the nail polish will stick to the wood. That’s what we used in this project.


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