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McFaddy Toffee

McFaddy Toffee

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, I've pulled out my stretchy pants to get ready for the feast ahead. Around this time, I'm constantly trying new treats to keep in mind for the upcoming gift-giving season, and I'm loving this spin on buttery, crunchy toffee by McFaddy Candy Co.

With flavors like salted toffee, strawberry kiss, green tea, and coconut, they're treats that I could imagine bringing as a hostess gift to an upcoming party or sending to that person in your life who already has everything…

{Photo by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}


  1. That green tea one looks delicious! Also I’m with Theresa above… especially if given in green/pink/white colors.
    -E @


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