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one month with coco…

Oh Joy / Coco One Month

Oh Joy / Coco One Month

Time flies when you're in a newborn cloud of a half-asleep baby brain and that new baby bliss. We've had a month full of changes for our whole family. My labor and recovery was way easier this time. But, this whole two kid thing is no joke, you guys. The newborn part seems easier than before, but the whole man-on-man, no-one-gets-a-break thing is still taking some getting used to. We can already see the bond forming between our girls, and it's nice to feel like our family is finally complete.

Oh Joy / Coco One Month

Oh Joy / Coco One Month

So happy one month to our little Coco-nut! She's still smushy and makes little squeaky noises like a squirrel. Sometimes for a moment, she's so quiet that I forget I have another baby. I'm excited to watch her grow and change and see what type of person she'll become and how she'll be different from her sister. Ruby had a rough first couple weeks as a big sister, but she's getting much better lately and loves to smother Coco (maybe a little too much). In the end, we're all still figuring this whole thing out, but we're having fun in the process…

P.S. A look back at one month with Ruby!

{Photos by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy. Blanket by Roxy Marj, leggings by Thief & Bandit, onesie by Babe, pinata number by Katie K. Franklin, duvet by Suku Home and Virginia Johnson. My dress by Rachel Pally and necklace by Coral & Stone.}


  1. She’s adorable! Congratulations! My 3-yr old had a very rough time in the early months of being a big sister. It does get easier, she will get more comfortable, as will you. The transition to parenting two is a tough one, remember that you are doing a good job!

  2. Such a beautiful baby with a wonderful family to love her so much. She and Ruby are very lucky little girls. Enjoy every minute for they grow up so very fast.

  3. I am having my second little girl in March, thank you for sharing the process, and I love the positive support and nice reminders from your other reader!

  4. Hi Janice,
    There are parts of them that look alike as babies but so hard to tell cause all babies are so smushy and change so much in the first few months! We’ll see!

  5. My sister had her second baby last year when my nephew was coming up to 3 years. He called her “obnoxious” (yes) when she was first born, but now, a year later (she celebrated her first birthday on the 14th) they’re best/good friends, and he hugs her sporadically (plus getting presents during HER birthday party wasn’t bad either, I think!) Ruby and Coco will be friends in no time, I think! Congrats again, Joy! And those little fingerless gloves slay me every time!

  6. Oh she is so, so sweet! Was just talking to my husband about going from one to two kids. My friends and I all agree going from one to two is THE MOST difficult transition…even possibly more difficult than going from two to three. Hang in there! It will pay off in the long run! (at least that’s what we all keep telling ourselves…LOL!)

  7. Firstly congratulations. She is a beauty!
    And secondly, I salute anyone with one child, never mind two.
    I have friends who have two children, and they all say the same as you, but they all say it gets easier.
    A few of my friends have 3, and they say that’s even easier than two. I can’t figure that one out, but I’ll take their word for it : )
    All I can suggest is take one day at a time and enjoy the small things.
    You look like you are doing a fabulous job x

  8. I love the one month age. It’s the point where you’ve got this new baby thing figured out and all the baby acne is gone! I have a new one due at the end of January so it’s been so fun watching you blossom and follow along with your Dressing the Bump videos. Happy one month Coco!

  9. Oh my Joy, she’s the most squishy wonderfully looking little bundle of a baby Coco! Enjoy and I’m sure that Ruby will adore her little sis Coco to pieces. I’m sure it’s difficult. I only have one, a 9mo and I already miss the squishyness and bliss of those first few months. Baby Coco is as stylish as her mamma and big sister Ruby. All the best for you and your family this holiday season!

  10. One to two – let the madness begin! Things have definitely settled down for our two boys at the one-year mark.
    Love the Thief and Bandit leggings; I recognized them as they are made by a local maker here in Halifax!


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