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4 ways to wear red lips…

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

I've come around to wearing brighter lip colors in the last couple years, but I tend to stick to my same berry shade. I've always wanted to try wearing red lips and since it's a classic color that looks so pretty on every skin tone and instantly perks up your face. And, with the little sleep I'm getting these days, I sure could use any perking up I can get! 

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

To figure out what shades and items to try, I turned to my makeup guru, Danielle Walch, who does my hair and makeup for my video shoots. She's always really good at keeping me looking natural, but adding a little extra to make me feel fresh and glowy. Here are some of Danielle's tips about wearing red lips…

When choosing a red lip, there are several options, and you don't necessarily have to apply anything in full concentration to get a beautiful red effect. 

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

1. Lip Tint—There are lots of great tints out there these days like this Fresh tinted lip balm. They're low maintenance, so you don't have to look in a mirror to put it on, and unlike lipstick, a tint will wear off evenly as the day goes on. Since tints are sheer, they pick up a bit of your natural lip shade making each tint slightly different on whomever wears it.

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

2. Stain Stick—If you want a little more color, lip stains have a bit more pigment, and are more like a cross between a lip tint and lipstick. Here we used Tarte's fiery stain stick which still accents the natural lip color with a bit more saturation. 

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

3. Lip Gloss—A gloss can be on the sheer side but offers shine for a more glam effect. This Bite Candy Apple gloss, provides a great, low maintenance way to fancy it up a little. 

4 Ways to Wear Red Lips

4. Lipstick—Now if you really want a bold and true red, lipstick is the way to go. But if you're still feeling a little timid, try this technique instead. Using a very pigmented lipstick—like this Nars Annabelle shade—use a lip brush apply a very sheer amount of lipstick. Then take a cotton swab, a firm eyeshadow brush, or your finger, and carefully, smudge any sharp lines on the edges of your lips. This creates a softer and less dramatic effect, but you still get a nice pop of red.

In the end, there are no set rules for wearing a red lip. Don't be afraid to experiment and try these the baby steps to wearing red lips! I know it's made me more excited about it!

P.S. You can see more from Danielle at Inside Out Beauty and her website right here.

{Photos by Casey Brodley and makeup tips from Danielle Walch for Oh Joy. My top by Loyal Hana.}


  1. These all look so natural and pretty against your skin, I especially like #4. I’m a very fair skinned redhead, and when I do a bright red lip, I use Nars lip pencil in cruella. It’s a very saturated color with kind of a matte finish and it’s definitely dramatic. Bu, my one complain about dark lip color (red especially) is that my husband is afraid to kiss me when it’s on. Any tips for keeping bold colors where they belong?

  2. You look great. If you are concerned about what the ingredients, you should check out the Ilia line. I am Chinese with similar coloring. I just picked up Strike It Up – a flattering brick red.

  3. The lips are fantastic, but honestly, I’m more excited about this top! I’ve been searching in vain for 10 months for cute nursing-friendly clothes, and I’m so excited to try this label! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Julie!
    Thanks! Stay tuned for my last Dressing the Bump video which is all about nursing friendly post-baby clothing options 😉
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Hi Sarah!
    According to Danielle, a couple good product options for this would be a lipstain, such as josie maran or a long wear lip color such as theLimecrime “Velvetines” that do not transfer if you want to try to prevent the lipstick you already own from transferring, try these two tricks, they’re not failsafe for transferring, but they help.
    Apply lipcolor. Blot lipcolor with tissue. Dust a very small amount of loose powder (I use Makeup Forever HD Microfinish powder over lips with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and presto! Your lipcolor will still be bright, but the powder absorbs any excess moisture, thus peventing any “kiss off” 😉


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