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Ruby and Coco

Ruby and Coco

Ruby and Coco

Lately, I've been…

…navigating the waters of having two kids, and trying to divide myself while also trying to multiple myself. I am happy, but oh-so-tired.

…going back to the office a bit and figuring out my own version of maternity leave (more on that soon). I've realized I can't feel guilty for working more than people think I should or not working as much as I think I should and to just to do what makes sense for me.

…getting some much-needed catch up time with friends as they come by the house to visit the new baby. It's reminded me how much I needed some down-time, how comforting it can be to have visitors, and how nice it is to have people shower you food and treats.

…eating whatever I want (hooray for a normal diet again), and not feeling guilty about it one bit!

{Photos by Oh Bob}


  1. Your girls are beautiful, Joy! I hope you are enjoying your family of four and getting used to the new routine. I cannot thank you enough for all of the links you sent to me for preparing for our little one. We’re only 9 weeks away now. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Your girls are perfect! And Ruby is probably the proudest big sister ever. We are expecting a wee little lady in March, and I have no idea how to prepare her big brother, or myself, for her arrival. It is a completely different set of challenges the second time around. I hope you are enjoying your time, and I look forward to reading about your version of maternity leave – we are all trying our hardest to do what’s best.

  3. Those first weeks with a new baby are exceptionally difficult. Make it your second baby and the balance is tough. My second baby boy is now four months old and I’ve felt pretty normal and less split for at least two months. Things get better daily and weekly and life with two became our new norm sooner than I thought. Congratulations and good luck with the balance. You’ll find the right mix soon. Hugs mama!

  4. Good to see Ruby has learned a, very acceptable, headlock. When I look at the photos I can’t help but see a little thought bubble over Coco’s head that reads, “Help me…”

  5. Oh so lovely girls! I love the photos of Ruby and her baby sister! I have a 8mo and I remember those first few weeks and months…truthfully I really enjoyed them and loved being with my baby. Much love.

  6. Love this, Joy! I have always loved how honest you are (why I started reading your blog so so long ago way before you had your beautiful girls). You are a great mom and I strongly believe that “doing what’s right for you” and not feeling guilty is the best way to go!
    So glad you can eat normally because I’ve always loved your food posts about spots in L.A. and elsewhere :0) yay for you!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I just had a baby a week ago and reading your thoughts help me a lot…especially the not feeling guilty part! Hooray for no guilt!!:) such cute girls!

  8. Oh Joy,
    Do how much you can. And take a break when you can. Don’t bother about the guilt. Coco knows that you’re new at this even though you’ve been mommy before. Don’t you worry.
    Ruby is such a lovely big sister.


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