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{oh joy eats} donut snob…

Donut Snob Los Angeles

Donut Snob Los Angeles

I've been eating like a 14 year old boy lately with my nursing mama's appetite! All I want is a ton of juice and water to drink and sweets of all kinds. So I welcome these seriously amazing donuts from Donut Snob.

The dough is light and fluffy and topped with just the right amount of glaze and toppings. With flavors like Chai Toasted Almond (chai tea glaze with almonds), Berry Best (cinnamon glaze with mixed berry coulis), Campfire S'mores (chocolate ganache and marshmallow), Pistachio Orange (orange zest glaze dusted with pistachios), and The Oinker (maple cinnamon topped with bacon), my sweet tooth is very happy indeed. 

P.S. Donut Snob doesn't have a retail store yet, but you can find them at cafes around Los Angeles or order them to be delivered or picked up locally.

{Photo by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy}



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