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the baby gift that made me cry…

Oh Joy / Baby Blanket with Drawings by Ruby

Oh Joy / Baby Blanket with Drawings by Ruby

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and New Year. I actually took some real time off getting down time with family and doing a lot of eating and hanging out with my kids…it was the closest thing I had to a real maternity leave! Coco (see above) is getting some serious chub on her, and I am in the "thank-goodness-that-first-super-hard-month-is-over" phase of having a newborn.

We received so many thoughtful gifts when Coco was born a couple months ago, but I had to share with you the one gift that made me weep like a baby. My Oh Joy team (Casey, Julia, and Angie), gave me a boxed filled with what looked like some pretty and colorful versions of your usual baby things. At first, I thought, "Oh, they totally know I like patterns, and they picked great colors." And then they went on to tell me that the design on the blanket was actually drawn by Ruby!

Oh Joy / Baby Blanket with Drawings by Ruby

With the help of Bob, they asked Ruby to draw the things she wished for her new baby sister. Bob had to help Ruby a little bit, but then they turned her drawings into a pattern and had the pattern printed on fabric. Angie's mother-in-law sewed them into a double-sided blanket and a baby night dress for Coco (complete with built-in hand mitts) and into a beautiful yellow scarf for me to wear.

Oh Joy / Baby Blanket with Drawings by Ruby

The "wishes" that Ruby drew for her sister included a cat, a top, and lots of circles and lines. Tears flowed from my eyes as I held the gift in my hands and thought about the level of thought that was put into it, how truly one-of-a-kind it was, and the number people it took to make it come together. And then they all started crying too. It was a sweet moment I'll never forget and a gift I'll treasure forever.

P.S. If you're inspired to make something like this for a loved one, the girls used Spoonflower to print the custom fabric.

{Photos by Oh Joy} 


  1. I can’t over, firstly, how creative a gift this is, and secondly, how incredibly thoughtful, and heart-warming. Coco looks gorgeous in her dress – Ruby did a wonderful job!

  2. Ruby,I am very proud of you.
    Casey, Julia and Angie you guys did a wonderful job. I am glad that Joy has a great team.

  3. Love that you have the ‘kids art + custom fabrics = best gifts ever’ bug, too!! I am a textile designer, but truth be told some of my favorite projects are those that are custom works from kids art

  4. I never got a chance to say congratulations to you, Bob and Ruby for your new addition. Congrats! Coco is beautiful! And this made me tear up too. What a lovely gift.
    Happy New Year! And as always, miss you lots!

  5. That is so incredibly sweet, Joy! Coco is so loved by the people around her. Ruby’s already such a great sister to her. I can’t wait to see them grow up together!

  6. That is gorgeous! And it’s something she’ll have forever too – imagine bringing it to her 21st and saying “your sister drew this for you!” So fun!

  7. Super lovely gift!!! so much love and thoughts. And spoonflower is great…loved using them for all fabric printings. Cheers to 1 month milestone

  8. These are the best presents. They are priceless and you will cherish them forever. My mom made me an apron with the runners from our wedding. I cried like a baby when I got it.

  9. oh oh oh! i LOVE this! so kind and thoughtful AND tasteful! i’m totally stealing this for basically all my friends’ birthday gifts from here on out. and great to know about spoonflower! what a fun site!

  10. Joy I love this idea so much I want to try it out too! Any idea what type of fabric they ordered from Spoonflower? They have 14 to choose from and I don’t know much about fabrics… Thanks!


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