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lately around the studio…

Oh Joy Book Trailer

Oh Joy Book Trailer

…we filmed the Oh Joy book trailer this week!

Oh Joy Book Trailer

…which includes one of my favorite projects/recipes—a striped ombre cake—which tastes as good as it looks!

Oh Joy Rose Bowl Treasures

We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to do some inspiration shopping. We're designing a ton of new products that come out this year and next year. I can't tell you exactly what yet but there just might be some "little" things coming soon…

Oh Joy Team

And at the end of the week, when we're tired and need to rally through, we put on our matching sweatshirts and shake it all off…

Oh Joy flowers

Hope you all have a dreamy Valentine's Day and an extra fun long holiday weekend! I'm closing the office on Monday so we can have one of those 3-day weekends I love so much…


  1. Gorgeous pictures! The styling is perfect and the sweatshirts are too cute. Can’t wait for the book to be released! Enjoy the long weekend 🙂

  2. So ridiculously excited about the new book, Joy! I just finished reading Blog Inc. and was impressed at how you carried your relatable, conversational tone into a truly practical blogging business guide. You’re providing inspiration on all fronts for me lately! Enjoy your weekend.


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