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a modern bouffant…

Oh Joy / A Modern Bouffant

Oh Joy / A Modern Bouffant

I've always loved the look of 60's hairstyles but have always been too shy to try and recreate the 60's look on myself. So I asked Danielle to help me come up with a fun way to inject a touch of 60's into a modern hairdo that I could actually do myself. So take a look at our fun and flirty 'do that I like to call The Modern Bouffant. This hairstyle is simple, stylish, and takes less than 15 minutes!

Oh Joy / A Modern Bouffant

1. Nothing says 60's style like a severe side part and swept bangs. So take a comb or rat tail comb and part your hair on either side of your head.

2. Starting about halfway back from your hairline and towards the back curve of the head, take 1 inch sections of hair at a time and and using a teasing brush (which can be found at any beauty supply store) and tease, tease, tease, until you've created some volume in the back. The more height you want, the more you’ll need to tease. If your hair doesn’t like to hold a tease like mine, try sprinkling Osis Dust It hair powder by at the roots before you tease.

3. Smooth over the teased part of the hair by lightly brushing the surface of the hair only. You could stop here if you want and go for a sexy, side-swept look. Or…

4. Slightly twist a small piece of hair from each side of the head…

5….and gently secure each with a hair pin.

6. The final touch: a little hairspray around the pins for hold, and voila!

I love how different the side-swept part made me look, and it works even if you have bangs (like me)! The bangs just get hidden in the part.

P.S. Something else you can do with overgrown bangs

{Photos by Casey Brodley and hair tips by Danielle Walch for Oh Joy. My top by Whit.}


  1. Haha, if only you knew how desperately I needed some ideas for overgrown bangs right now! This is a miracle post, Joy.
    xx Mary of Mostly Salty

  2. Gorgeous do! I’ll have to try this out. Random question (and i hope it’s okay to ask!): Your lashes look amazing! Are you wearing falsies, extensions or are you just blessed with lashes that only need mascara? 🙂 I’m debating on getting extensions (for a friend’s wedding) since I’m nursing and can’t use any lash serums for the foreseeable future!

  3. Hi Tracy!
    Ah no..I wish I had lashes this full all the time. I’ve been trying extensions for the past several months while I was pregnant, and I loved them. Except now that I’m postpartum and all my hair is falling out, my lashes are falling out too so the extensions are sort of a waste right now. For shoots, I sometimes add extra lashes but the kind that wash off 😉
    I totally want to try Latisse after I’m done nursing 😉

  4. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for responding! Ah yes that’s my concern too (i’m just 3 weeks postpartum as of now). I remember that fun stage of losing hair after I had my daughter. Oh the changes to look forward to! Latisse works great! So does another brand, Grand Lash MD 🙂

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I loved the one you did before and I tried it and loved it. May I ask, i really like your necklace, where did you purchase it?


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