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bite-sized sibling style!

Tips on Coordinating Sibling Outfits for Photos!

Tips on Coordinating Sibling Outfits for Photos!

Tips on Coordinating Sibling Outfits for Photos!

I have to admit, as the mom of two girls it can get pretty fun dressing them up both separately and together. When it comes time to take monthly photos for our youngest, we also like capturing the two of them together so we can look back at how they grew over the years.

When you're picking clothes for your kids for a monthly photo or for family/holiday portraits, it's easy to buy two sizes of the same outfit and have them match exactly. But it's way more fun and unique for their outfits to coordinate rather than match (in the same way that siblings might look like each other without being identical twins). 

Press play below to see our newest Kids' Style video above for a handful of fun sibling outfits for spring… 

And, here are a few tips for coordinating sibling outfits for family or special occasion photos…

1. Make sure they are wearing pieces of the same season. While they don't need to be wearing the same types of pieces (both in dresses or both in pants), make sure both kids look like they're both dressed for spring, summer, winter, etc.

2. Have their colors coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. Especially if you're picking outfits for photos, have a general color palette your working with (neutrals, bright colors, pink and green, etc.) and pick clothing that has accents of those colors. For example, if you want to bring hot pink into the outfits, pick pieces for each child that has hot pink but still select different outfits for each.

3. Just have fun with it! Kids clothes are so much more fun than grown-up clothes so you don't have to make these too serious or stoic. Kids grow up so fast, and preserving memories by taking monthly or yearly photos will be something you'll look back and treasure forever. Pick an easy and comfortable location that your kids will have fun in, and snap away!

You can see all outfit details below…

#1 Sundae Best

Ice Cream Cone Coin Bank from
Target Polka Dot Dress 
Zuzii Pink and Yellow Dot Kids Oxfords 

Donut Rattle 
Target Floral Dress 
Zuzii Pink Dot Baby Mary Janes 

#2 Dottie Dancers

Land of Nod Striped Bear (past season) 
Target Polka Dot Bucket Hat (in stores)
Target White Tee 
Lucca Valentine for Pausch Romper
Avarcas Pons Gold Sandals

Maileg Brown Dotty Doe 
Target Chambray Polka Dot Romper 
Avarcas Pons Infant sandals

#3 Party Animals

Target Blue Cargo Pants 
Target Blue Striped Sweater (in stores)
Mini Rodini Sneakers 

Target Bulldog Onesie (in stores)
Target Polka Dot Bucket Hat (in stores)
Target Solid Leggings (in stores)
Target Striped Newborn Sneakers 

#4 Tutti Frutti

Target Dress (different pattern) 
Target Striped Sweater 
Avarcas Pons Gold Sandals 

Target Polka Dot Peplum Sweater 
Target Floral Jeggings 
Zuzii Copper Kids Oxfords 

#5 Feisty Firecracker

Target Raincoat (different pattern) 
Target Strawberry Top (in stores)
Target Leggings
Target Sneakers

Target Raincoat (different pattern) 
Target Love Onesie (in stores)
Target Pink leggings 
Freshly Picked Moccasins

Brought to you by Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction by Joy Cho
Video by Jenner Brown
Production & Styling: Julia Wester
Production Asst: Casey Brodley
Graphics/Illustrations: Angie Stalker
Music is "Sugar" by Katrina Stone


  1. Joy, as a mother of two boys I completely agree that it is more interesting and fun to coordinate their outfits. Although I have done the matching thing too!
    Clothes are beautiful and happy. Love the contrasting color picks and the video is outstanding!! Lovely to watch!

  2. super cute! i’ll be joining the 2-kid club very soon so i’m looking forward to coordinating the outfits… without being too matchy matchy!

  3. This whole video had me smiling! I can’t wait to purchase some of these to spoil my friend’s new baby, Willa! She’s going to be the cutest kid on the block 🙂
    Mostly Salty Blog

  4. You are so right, kids clothes are so much funner that grown ups!my kids live in Target (the popcorn store) clothes. i love your videos!


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