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dressing the babe / seeing spots…

Oh Joy / Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy / Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Lately, I've been all about dresses that are comfy and easy-to-wear, yet still flattering. With that extra softness around my waist post-baby, I'm still avoiding tight (muffin-top-forming) jeans whenever possible. So I love it when I can throw on an easy piece like this and dress it up or down with flats or my favorite booties.

And, I'll always have a place in my heart (and my closet) for a good polka dot…

Oh Joy / Mama Style

Mama outfit / 1. Dotty dress from Anthropologie, 2. Homako necklace, 3. Dolce Vita booties.

Oh Joy / Baby Style

Since I rarely dress Coco in pink (unless it's hot pink) and find myself annoyed by the expectation from strangers that she should be wearing pink, I like keeping around some little hair clips. They are my small note to the world to tell people "Yes, she's a girl!".

Babe outfit / 4. Homako hair clip, 5. Ultra Violet Kids dotty tee, 6. Gap Baby chambray bloomers, 7. Pons baby sandals.

Oh Joy / Dressing the Babe

Oh Joy / Dressing the Babe

She's a girl who has some chunky baby thighs that I can't get enough of.

{Mural outside of Cafe 101. Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Julia Wester. Coco was 4.5 months old when these photos were taken and my new life goal is figuring out ways to make her laugh.}


  1. love that you are using graphically designed exterior walls around your city as backdrop for these posts. must be fun to think of ways to pair up blog content with existing artsy backgrounds. what comes first? a site you find interesting or clothes you want to highlight?

  2. I love this outfit! Totally something I would wear.
    And oh my goodness, you have done it again! Ruby was so precious as a baby (and still is), and so is Coco! Lovely mama, gorgeous girls!

  3. Hey Jessica,
    Yes, I can just pull it down. That might not work for everyone depending on the length of of your torso because it’s not a stretchy dress, but I’m able to pull it low enough.

  4. Joy, thanks for doing these posts…i look forward to them. I had a question, i was actually considering the booties a little while ago but I wasn’t sure if they would come off as i took a step? Did you experience that. Both yours and Coco’s outfits are adorable.

  5. Love that second to last photo of you and Coco! I found it so hard to find black/white baby clothes when my daughter was teeny tiny. Pink is everywhere! People also constantly called her a boy when she was tiny, I think just because I didn’t dress her like a cupcake!

  6. My daughter would love the top with the black spots. She picks out her own clothes and is 5 years old. When she was younger we often used size chart to help us figure out her size when we bought some clothes for her.


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