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happy friday + baby things…

Oh Joy / Coco sleeping

Oh Joy / Coco sleeping

Every day I revel in the fact that I'm able to love another tiny human as much as I love my first. I really didn't think it was possible. And then it just happened. And here we are five months later with a baby who is more than a newborn and slowly growing into who she'll become.

Coco so much more easy going than Ruby. I heard that second babies are more laid back because they have no choice but to be (did you guys find that to be true?). Ruby will be on the ground in meltdown mode while Coco is smiling and cooing away. She started sleeping through the night last week, so I'm thrilled to have my full night of sleep back and feeling a little less loopy these days!

Lately, I've been sharing more of my personal photo and videos on Instagram, but today I had to end the week with this video of my little Coco (who is 5 months old today!) learning how to smile and interact and just figuring out this whole life thing. Don't you just want to raspberry that chubby little belly? Ahhhh!

Have a great weekend guys!

{Top photo by Oh Bob}


  1. Awww. Joy, thank you so much for sharing this video of Ruby. What a pure delight she is! This posting totally made my day today.
    And look how she has grown… Can’t believe it’s already been five months! Time just totally flies when you guys are having fun, doesn’t it?!
    I was going to answer your question on the second children being generally more laid-back and mellow…and then remembered that I actually did document this observation on my blog, about my second child:
    Also, many many congrats to you (and your hubby) that Ruby is already sleeping through the night! What a huge milestone! :o)

  2. You make me want to meet Ziggy more and more. Those happy little squeals… melts me. She lives up to her name beautiful… sweet bebe.

  3. My second baby is way more high maintenance than number 1! Good job it was that way round as there may not have been a number 2 otherwise!
    Love, love, love Coco’s squishy face in the top pic.

  4. Oh my goodness, Coco brought tears to this grandmas eyes just hearing and seeing how adorable she is. Thanks for sharing such a special day and moment with us.

  5. Congrats on your sleep!!! I’m getting off and on sleep at four months now…some nights are better than others! 😉 do you still keep Coco on the 90-minute awake time schedule or is the timeframe different now that she’s older? I’m thinking I should switch to every two hours and try to feed every four instead of three?
    I love all these baby updates, Joy! Thank you!!

  6. I have a 2.5 yr old and a 6 month. Baby #2 was way more laid back! And I thought my first was an easy baby but the second has been so easy. Except for the sleeping part. I’m jealous of you for that part! 🙂

  7. Hey Melinda!
    Her awake time ranges from 90min to 2 hours now. And we never changed her day feeding beyond every 3 hours purposely but there are times she can go four hours between feedings if she’s sleeping or we’re out and need to push a feeding back a little. Once we got down to her waking up just once at night and she turned four months, I started night weaning that one feeding and tapering the time feeding a little every night. That made the transition of sleeping through the night more seamless because she slowly got used to eating less and less at night and eating more in the day to make up for it.

  8. so cute!!!! my 2nd baby boy was also very laid back..I think being a parent all over again and feeling more comfortable in that ‘role’ helps…so we tend to be there for them before they even need something…well thats how it was for me!

  9. I love that image of her squished inside the carrier, her lips just look so cute. I have an only child and I have always wondered if I could possibly love another child like I do her, it is such an intense love, it just doesn’t seem possible.

  10. the video is so precious! how do I miss my 5 months old babies! yes, here baby nr 2 was much easier than baby nr 1 but we believe that is because he is a boy 😉 baby nr 3, also a girl, was and is, the biggest trouble of them all, she has just so much personality LOL

  11. The second child being more laid-back was definitely true with my younger sister and I- she was such a quiet, easygoing baby and I was the complete opposite. Coco is so beautiful- what a lovely, happy baby! Can’t wait to see that little personality develop.
    xo Mary
    Mostly Salty Blog

  12. Oh my! Of course!!! How did I make that typo.
    Sorry, Coco! :-{ (By way of explanation… I’m so used to seeing Ruby, she’s my “first love” on your blog… This won’t happen again!)

  13. Both baby one and two were very intense and high maintenance in our house, this made
    the decision to have baby three a difficult one. But we went for it and couldn’t be happier, number three is such a chilled out little miss, just a couple of weeks younger than ruby and we get the occasional sleep through. I have a question about the tapering- how did Coco respond when you started cutting her night time feeds back? Miss Iris has a full feed when she wakes, and I am fearful that she may not go back to sleep if she doesn’t get the full feed! Coco is adorable, by the way! I love the personality that starts to shine through at this stage! Best wishes, Caroline

  14. Hey Caroline,
    So interesting to hear about how different all your kids were!
    As for Coco with tapering off the feedings, if you do it gradually, they shouldn’t notice. For example, I normally nurse for 30 mins. So I went from 30 to 25 to 20, etc. until I got down to 5 minutes and then I did it one minute less per night. If you do it gradually, they’ll start to make up for it in the day little by little. I did it over the course of a couple weeks. The main change that happened is that sometimes she wouldn’t be as lulled back to sleep as the feedings got less and less (ie. sometimes she’d be more awake when I put her back down for bed after shorter feedings), but if your baby is pretty good at going back to sleep on her own, she should do okay.

  15. Thanks so much Joy, I might start to take note of how long she’s feeding for and try tapering. She’s quite good at self settling, so hopefully she responds well. Thanks again, I love your blog!

  16. On Joy, you just made my whole week. That was too gosh darn cute for words. I love babies…and miss mine being that scrumptious and yummy! Mine’s 13 months impossible adorable but there is just nothing more cuter than a baby squishiness!


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