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oh joy for solly!

Oh Joy for Solly Baby wrap

Oh Joy for Solly Baby wrap

I'm excited to announce our newest product collaboration—an Oh Joy for Solly Baby wrap! I'm definitely an on-the-go mom especially after having Coco because it's not always possible to be home for all her naps when we're trying to keep Ruby busy at the same time.

Solly Baby wraps have been a favorite to use especially during the early months before your babe can face outwards in a more structured carrier. Coco loves to cozy right up to me when she's ready for a nap, and I can have her close while being hands-free and available to be there for Ruby as well.

So, I'm thrilled to be launching their first ever designer wrap with a new floral pattern perfect for spring!

Oh Joy for Solly Baby wrap

When deciding what to design for this wrap, I wanted it to be a pattern you'd want to wear as a fun spring or summer dress. So we designed this abstract floral with accents of mint green, aqua, neon lemon yellow, and hits of grey. It's fun, bright, and says "hello spring!".

Oh Joy for Solly / Dolly wrap

And, the new Oh Joy wrap is available for mini me's too! The new Solly Dolly wraps for your little ones give them a way to wear their dolls and stuffed animals and pretend to be mini mamas on-the-go.

These wraps are one of my favorite gifts to give a new mom-to-be, and I hope you guys like it! The wraps are now available for pre-order right here!

P.S. You can use the code SPRINGFORSOLLY to receive 10% off all adult-sized wraps till Friday.

{Photos by Max Wanger for Solly Baby}


  1. I love this! Wish I had a little one to wrap this in! Still want to buy it anyway! Where is your dress from? Love the colour and length!

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous! What a nice fresh breath of spring. How brilliant to make one for little ones who want to be just like mama. My daughter used to push her toy stroller and hang her little purse on the handle so she could look like me.

  3. So, so pretty! This gorgeous wrap will definitely make my next go-to-gifts for mommies list. I love that they offer free global shipping too.

  4. Ah, Joy! Wished you were around with this idea when I had my two girls. I was given an old Chinese baby wrap-holder that went on the back and as a twenty-four year old woman in the 80s I did not want to look like one of the women you would see in the rice fields, carrying her child on her back. Not my style!

  5. I love the pink dress! I just cut a pink dress this morning – time to sew up for spring. This is so cute – thanks for sharing.


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