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tortilla pom-pom gift toppers!



You guys! I'm excited to share a project from the new Oh Joy book (which comes out next week)! There are so many times that I have to wrap a gift for a party and don't have bows or anything to add that extra something special on top of a present. But what I do always have on hand are tortillas in my fridge! Low and behold, it's the perfect material to use to make tortilla pom-pom gift toppers! Here's how…


You'll need:

-tortillas (thin flour tortillas work best)



Here's how:

1. Cut the tortilla into skinny strips about 1/4" wide. You can make the length whatever you want, just remember that the final size of the pom-pom will be about half the width of the length of the strips.

2. Gather a good bunch of strips together (as shown) and tie a string around the middle. 

3. Then fluff the tortilla pieces on each end to add body and tie them to a package of your choice! The best part is that the recipient has a ready-to-go snack in addition to a cool present topper!


{Photos by Casey Brodley. Crafts and styling by Julia Wester. Project courtesy of April Fool's Day.}


  1. hahaha Can you also put the pom-pom in the deep fryer? That might be a nice touch! It would at least be delicious with salsa….

  2. oh my gosh i totally fell for this! i was just sitting her telling my coworkers i couldn’t believe joy would be doing this diy! kudos 🙂

  3. Not gonna lie, my first thought was “Wow, Joy’s tastes have really gone downhill. I can’t believe they published that.”

  4. haha! I didn’t see this post on April Fool’s but it still had me like . . . “won’t the pom-pom go bad and end up smelling?”. I was so concerned about the expiration of the gift. lol! good post :).

  5. ohmygosh that stinks. i fell for it! i was bugged that you’d have such a weird project. and i like you so well! (thank you @designsponge for cluing me in)

  6. This tortilla gift topper is not only creative, but it’s also edible! It’s a great “bow” for any gift occasion. However, the end result is so cute that the gift recipient may be reluctant to eat it!


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