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Sugarhouse Studios UK

Sugarhouse Studios UK

Sugarhouse Studios UK

Sugarhouse Studios UK

I have an extra appreciation for public murals and wall art lately, as we're always on the look out for cool, local backdrops for our Dressing the Babe series. I came across this image of Sugarhouse Studios (a collaborative studio and event space} in the UK and had to share if you've never seen it. It's just stunning and unlike anything I've ever seen before…

{Top two photos by Sugarhouse Studios, bottom photo by Full Time Fiesta.}


  1. Oh what a beautiful siding for a building. It looks wonderful inside and out. It sure would be a great place to create/work and be inspired by those around you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How neat! Haha, that appreciation for public art may be influenced by your time in Philly- we’ve got so many murals here!

  3. Whuuuuuut- this is in London?! I was expecting it to be a spot local to you in LA, but nope! this is on my doorstep. I’ll have to go check it out, its stunning!
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