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a baby essentials {giveaway}…(now closed)

Customized Wipe Warmer with Washi Tape

Customized Wipe Warmer with Washi Tape

Diapers and wipes and bottles are part of my everyday existence these days. Once you have a baby, there are some things that you use every single day that you just can't live without! A few of my favorite baby essentials include a diaper pail, wipe warmer, and a bottle from the awesome baby and kid brand, Munchkin, which provides so many of those little essentials that become a part of every day.

Customized Diaper Pail with Washi Tape

We made these everyday baby essentials cuter by adding a variety of tapes (washi, console, and metallic tape) around the edges of the of my favorites. And, it's pretty darn cute if I do say so and transforms something so basic into something that can be customized to whatever color scheme you like (we used gold, hot pink, mint, and peach)!

Customized Latch Bottle Lid with Washi Tape

Latch Bottle

When I'm away at work and not home to nurse Coco, these Latch bottles have been so helpful when giving her a bottle. The accordion nipple moves, stretches, and functions like the breast, helping her to latch easily and correctly and makes it easy to transition from breast to bottle and back.

With these three of my favorite essentials in mind, we've partnered with Munchkin to give away (1) $500 gift card to one lucky reader to get all of the things your babe needs!

To enter, follow @munchkininc on Instagram, then leave a comment here on this blog post telling me an item from Munchkin you'd get if you won! (In addition to the pieces shown here, we love these baby spoons and this snack catcher in our house!) 

Entries must be posted by this Friday, May 8th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. One winner will get a $500 gift card from Munchkin.

UPDATE: Congrats to Nicki B. from Quincy, MA for being our winner this time!

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $500 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. This giveaway is brought to you in collaboration with Munchkinโ€”a brand I've been using and loving for years. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. My dress by Thief & Bandit.}


  1. I am so behind on buying things for my coming baby! I know I should be thinking practical, but I’m swooning over the Onesters and would probably get one of each!

  2. More diaper pail bags! And the baking soda things that help get rid of smells. And more sippy cups for the toddler as those things keep getting lost. And a new car mirror and window shade for the baby. And bibs… we go through so many bibs every day! The list goes on!

  3. This is a fabulous giveaway! One thing I would definitely buy are the latch bottles because my sweetie always has trouble with a bottle ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Since I haven’t even started a registry for my on-the-way babe, this is super helpful! I think I’d start with the Latch bottles, or maybe some things to make diaper duty a bit easier, maybe the Secure Grip Changing pad.

  5. I’m prepping for the arrival of my first baby in July and have picked out so many Munchkin products. Their colorful tableware and cups are so fun but at this point I’m ready to stock up on bottles and travel gear that make it easier for us working moms. Thanks to Munchkin products for allowing us to be prepared, mobile and stylish!

  6. I’d love to get the latch bottles for my sister-in-law! Also, I love your necklace; where’s it from??

  7. That prize would be awesome! I would get a second diaper pail and some latch bottles. Love the idea of customizing the pail!

  8. I’d love some Latch bottles, and I’d get a baby gate to help with the doggie/baby traffic, and then some organization help! Baskets, diaper caddies, and super helpful travel booster!

  9. love munchkin! we’ve been into making our own baby foods for our little one so I would love the Click Lockยฎ Fresh Food Freezer Pops! xo

  10. I’ve been hearing and reading about the Latch bottles and would love to give them a try for my little girl. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. We have those same bottles! I would get more of those and the little ducky bathtub!

  12. 18 weeks along and this would be so helpful! We’re just about to start our registry

  13. I am due in a couple weeks and I would love everything! I am particularly interested in the latch bottles.

  14. Wow! What an amazing prize! I’m expecting in September and would love the Secure Grip Changing Pad. I follow Munchkin on Instagram as well. Thank you!

  15. I love all the bibs, and in particular, would love to get the To-Go bib in yellow. How cute, and gender neutral too =)

  16. I really like the Swaddle Angelโ„ข Blanket (Gender Neutral). I follow on Instagram as @fiddlindandi.

  17. I love those bottle warmers and the Latch bottles. So many things to choose from!

  18. The latch bottles would be awesome! (I’m love the washi tape decor!!!!)

  19. Their playwear is soft and adorable! I especially love the crew pants. Also, my little crawler is demanding more safety gates ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. I would probably have to get a diaper pail for sure (one of the few baby things we didn’t get) and probably some toddler feeding tools!

  21. I would LOVE to try that bottle. I can’t get my 7 mo old to take a bottle and I’ve spent a fortune trying them all. This mama needs a night out! Which means this babe needs to learn to like bottles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I am a follower of Munchkin! I love that secure grip bath caddy. So handy!

  23. I’d love to get a full set of the Latch bottles! I got a sample from Target and I love it!

  24. I absolutely love all infant spoons, snack catcher and sippy cups for our baby girls arrival this july!

  25. I definitely want the diaper pail and think the SaraBear diaper caddy is just adorable!

  26. We love Munchkin products in our house. The Latch bottle sounds amazing – will have to remember these for the next baby!
    I would love to get the baby an Arm & Hammerโ„ข 3-in-1 Potty since that’s the next big step for her… potty training!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Lauren (@lntaylormade)

  27. Wow – their stuff is really so lovely! I love the chick trim the washi-tapes add to the classic “mmommy needs” pieces. I would certainly get the latch bottles and pacifiers with clip. Those are non-negotiables for my babes. I really love the sleepers and swaddlers also. All of their things have a really sweet elegance to them which is an upgrade from the neon plastics so abundant today. Thanks for the introduction to Munchkin. Following on instagram and hoping to win! Baby#3 coming in 4 weeks!!!

  28. Aww. I don’t have IG. Can I like them on FB instead? I have a six month old. If I win I’d get feeding essentials and swaddle blankets. I found out that the solution for my baby’s short naps is swaddling. I stopped swaddling her for a while and would only take 15 minute naps and tried swaddling her again. Somehow she’s been napping for two hours or so now without laying with her.

  29. So much good stuff from Munchkin! I’d love some tableware for my 13-month old… he’s great at feeding himself, but loves having his own plates & bowls rather than eating off the tray!

  30. I love munchkin products. We would definitely order all the diapering necessities: pail, changing pad cover and wipes warmer. I also love their bibs!

  31. I am due with my first in June and have registered for so many Munchkin items from diaper pails to bottles. I love them all! I never thought of using washi tape to add extra appeal. I also really enjoy their Instagram account. They post the cutest things.

  32. Wow, I just discovered Munchkin, such great stuff! I would love the nursery organizer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. They have the most adorable onesies, would love some for my newborn!

  34. So many things I’d love for our little girl, coming in September! But picking just one, I’d get the Nursery Projector & Sound System. We just used an old iPhone with an app for my son’s sound machine, but I always wanted one that was a bit more user friendly. Also, it has a plug which is nice. Why do SO many baby items use batteries??

  35. I’ve already registered for the Mist Wipes Warmer which has great reviews! Plus I also registered for the Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags and Dispenser for on the Go! My first baby! Thanks Xo

  36. Oh, I would love this! I’m having a baby in five weeks and loved the Munchkin products I used with my first little one.
    If I were to get this gift card, I would get some bibs, sippys, Seat Guardian, bottle brush, feeding supplies (like cups and plates).. There’s a lot we could use actually!

  37. I would love to try the latch bottles, but honestly, a diaper pail is #1 on my list.

  38. Yup, that latch bottle sounds like a dream. I’ll take a few please ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Baby Augustine is due November 2015 and these would be a great addition to her new stuff.

  40. I’d love the bath toy scoop to corral all the things at risk of slipping down the drain!

  41. I’m thinking the diaper pail, so my entire house doesn’t smell like a dirty diaper with baby #2.

  42. The latch bottles would be awesome! My husband always wants to help but with nursing exclusively in the past there wasn’t much for him to do but hangout with us while I nursed. Having the bottles would be nice for our new baby that we are welcoming this June!

  43. wow. i’d get a bunch of stuff for my sister’s nursery (bottles, diaper pail, sippy cups)… but i’d get those neat puzzle piece sandwich cutters for myself!!!

  44. My four-month-old just learned to roll over… I’m sure we’ll need those baby gates in no time!

  45. I’m having my second baby in June, and I’d definitely try the latch bottles! Besides that, I love the feeding and stroller products!

  46. I’m childless so my comment isn’t intended to be an entry in this contest but I just have to say how much I LOVE that Thief & Bandit dress! Thank you for including a link for it!! (Not like I can afford it but whatever! ha) ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. OMGoodness/GRACIOUS this is kind is AMAZING… thanks for the super sweet chance! I LOVE their fab swaddle blankets & they look like the perfect cover up for breastfeeding as well!

  48. If I won I would love to by so many of their great options but I do like the latch line of products! And he bowls and spoons!

  49. OMG the backpacks are killing me! LOVE all the utensils and practical stuff too!

  50. Wow!! I’d get anything/everything! I’m a first time mom (17 weeks) and have nothing yet! I’ve heard such good things about this company, but on my budget wouldn’t be able to afford it (hubby is in grad school). I love the tape idea! Really gives an extra cute personalized look!

  51. About to give birth to my first child – so these Latch bottles seem like they would be really really helpful! Always great to learn about new websites like this! (and unrelated – your dressing the bump videos have been incredibly inspirational!).

  52. I’d get a whole bunch of bottles/bottle supplies and some bath gear. Prepping for baby requires quite a lot of stuff – this would be great!

  53. Love the apple shaped plate! But need so many things, diaper pail, bottles, etc!

  54. Ahh with a little one on the way…I think the Car Warmer, the Disposable Changing Pads or the Warm Glow Wipe Warmer would be amazing!

  55. the spoons and bowls would be great, but another diaper pail would be awesome! With a 2 year old who isn’t potty trained yet and an infant, ours fills up really really quick!!!

  56. I’m expecting my first this June so everything looks great! I’ve never seen a lulla-vibe, I think that would be a great idea to put in her crib so she can sleep better.

  57. So many things I would love to have for my little one, but if I won I would probably share it with one of my best friends since she is on baby #1 and I am on baby #2:) I don’t need quite as much as she does.

  58. Love everything but the yellow to go bib would put a smile on my daughter’s face and I would have less of a mess to clean up!!

  59. Baby has not started solids yet, but would love to get all the essentials for snacks and food.

  60. It’s been almost 5 years since I had my daughter, and I’m just overwhelmed with the possibilities! Baby #2 will be here in 14 weeks, so I guess I better get it together! As I browse the munchkin website, I realize I already have quite a few of their products…the diaper genie and snack dispenser were lifesavers with my first. I’d probably go with some diaper genie refills, bibs, and fresh food grinder for my new little guy. Fingers crossed!

  61. Awesome! We need a diaper pail! The overflowing target bags just aren’t cutting it anymore!

  62. Love this! Love Munchkin and I adore the sandwich cutters and the baby spoons! Will get them for sure!

  63. We love our diaper pail! Id get more diaper pail bags ๐Ÿ˜‰ love the washi tape idea!!! Will definitely be copying & decorating ours ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. Love munchkin products and the washi tape makeover; Such a simple and cute idea!

  65. I would def get the diaper pail!! But really I’d buy a whole lot more for my first coming in June!

  66. I’m expecting my first babe this June & we are oh so excited!
    Among the many things I plan to get if I won, I will get the extending wood gate. My husband & I live in a small in-law that has steps to our space and having the extending wood gate would be crucial for the baby’s safety once the little one is mobile.

  67. I would probably get their toddler feeding items, especially their sippy cups. My daughter start using them at 4 months, she never took a bottle. I need to restore for my newborn son. =)

  68. Putting up baby gates has been on our to do list for awhile now! It would be great to have a few from Munchkin!

  69. I’d love the Munchkin LATCH bottles since this Mama will be heading back to work shortly after my little man is born next month.

  70. I am due with our first next month, so there is soooo many possibilities, but diaper pail would definitely be at the top of the list.

  71. following on instagram! always reminded of the cute stuff munchkin has – and ESSENTIAL stuff. always loved their baby spoons and diaper changing accessories. I would love to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. I haven’t had a baby in 4 years (this is my 3rd) and I need everything!! I would definitely get those latch bottles I’ve been hearing so much about.

  73. The wipe warmer would be amaZing! Oh and the diaper pail. Both look amazing with the added washi tape decor. So cool and so easy! Love it.

  74. Diaper pail for sure! We have 3 little ones in diapers and have been putting the poopy diapers in grocery bags haha. Not such a cute thing when people come up to your door with a poopy bag hanging there!

  75. Our little guy is 5 months, so bring on extra bibs (2-go), spoons, bowls, and patience… Also related bath toys…so many fun ones on the Munchkin site… like the wonder waterway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. I follow Munchkin on Instagram. We are expecting a new baby girl in July and still need some essentials. I would definitely get the Nursery Projector & Sound System and Secure Grip Changing Pad for her nursery. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  77. I’d love to get the rubber ducky inflatable bathtub and latch bottles from Munchkin!

  78. Love this! Thank you and hopefully I’ll win something for my baby girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. We love Munchkin and have many of their products in our home. I’d love to get some much needed baby gates since my wee lass has suddenly discovered how to MacGyver her way out of her pack n play. What a fun and useful giveaway!

  80. I’m following on instagram!
    We love the straw cups & baby gates in our home ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. I would get spoons, bowls and the miracle sippy cup! I would also get a bath scoop and the barn squirts. Thanks for the chance. Love the washi tape idea.

  82. Thank you SO much for introducing me to Munchkin Inc! Im a first time mommy always looking for any tips/products/goodies that are safe and AWESOME for the baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. My mom is having number 11! I’m the second oldest and so excited to meet out new little brother. All of these esstenitals are adorable, especially with your washi tape touches (washi tape=life).

  84. Aww so cute! Love the latch bottles, the baby basket, hmmm…pretty much everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. The LATCH bottles sound amazing. Of course, I would get a diaper pail, wipe warmer and a few organizing, travel and apparel items!!Oh, and the nursery projector and sound machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. My little one loves her latch bottles, but is getting ready to start transitioning to some solid foods. I’d like to get her started with your fresh food feeding kit and other feeding essential, like the fresh food feeders, easy squeezy spoons, and the yellow to-go bib.

  87. I’m due in December so with the holidays and family around I would buy the whole latch basket. I’m looking to breastfeed but at least it would give my family the ability to bond with the baby during feeding time

  88. We love the noise machine/projector We used to have. We used it so much and my daughter tossed it around enough that the projector no longer works, but I’d love to replace it!

  89. I will be a first time mom in July, I love the idea of dressing up these necessities. Can’t wait to use these products! Can’t wait to meet my Munchkin!

  90. I would love to get a safety gate for my almost 9 month old who is on the move! Last week she almost crawled into the kitchen pantry! Thank for this awesome opportunity! @maryt.ross

  91. The Fit n Go travel bassinet or the Diaper Change Organizer would be awesome!

  92. I would get all the child proofing stuff! Baby is on the move ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for letting us participate in such a fun giveaway!

  93. We already have a Munchkin diaper pail and love it. We can’t smell a thing! I’d probably get another diaper pail and a couple of the Auto Close Designer Gates for our stairs.

  94. I would get another munchkin diaper pail for downstairs diaper changing. My sister gave us her hand me down diaper genie, but the bags are not very cooperative at times. As well as my mother in law seems to clog it every time she comes over to sit our sweet little Everleigh.Feedings have just started too, so bowls and spoons would be on my list as well.

  95. The White Hot Duck Tub is beyond adorable! Would love to put my first born in it!

  96. I need that inflatable rubber sucky bath tub – what a space saver! And of course more soppy cups – because I swear they vanish into thin air.

  97. Oh I love the Ruffle Dress Cherry Stripe, that would be so perfect for 4th of July!!!

  98. We could really use that gift card to help us get a diaper pail, wipe warmer, and other fantastic Munchkin items. Our baby boy is due in three months and we don’t have anything ready for him yet!

  99. The washi tape looks so cool! I would definitely snag the diaper pail with the $500!

  100. My little babe is just starting on solid foods. I would love all of the feeding utensils!

  101. I love munchkin products! The baby bottle warmer has been a lifesaver for my babysitters! Definitely need more bottles & another diaper pail.

  102. For sure the diaper pail and tons of diaper bags refils… and some bath toys EVERYTHING is super cute.

  103. I’d get the nightlight and some of the feeding utensils like spoons & cups.

  104. Oh I would love to try the Muchkins Mist Wipe Warmer! We’re having our first in August and it’s been fun (and overwhelming) to look at all things baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. I would take anything and everything. Trying for a first baby so all is such wonderful goodness!

  106. I have a 6 month baby girl, & I love all the munchkin products, right now I’m thinking of getting the owl night lamp for for my older boy, the bubble maker, toys for bath time, the lunch bags besides other things that this kiddos need. So if get anything we would be very happy and thankful.

  107. Those bottles have been on my registry since the day I made it! Having bottles that correctly mimic the breast are so important!

  108. Love munchkin already! Would bone up on diaper bags, bottles, bottle cleaners, EVERYTHING! It’s crazy how much baby girl uses of everything!!!!!

  109. I’m expecting my first in August and a diaper pail would be great and the bath toys are too cute!!

  110. Anything that helps keep me organized is must have in my book! I also love the colors and patterns on the Swaddle Angel Blankets.

  111. Very awesome products, love them all! The extending wood gate would be perfect for my little one!

  112. I’m a fan of the latch bottles! I have a small one, but baby is just about ready for the 8 oz!

  113. Definitely a baby gate for the porch since my baby is soon to be crawling!

  114. The Super Scoop for bath toys, so I don’t have to step on them in the shower!

  115. diaper pail and wipe warmer! and travel gear…. all of it? I’m due in October with my first baby and I don’t know what I’m doing!

  116. I’ve heard great things about the Latch Bottles; would like to try the Fresh Food Feeder too! I’m having my first baby this summer, so anything and everything would be wonderful to have.

  117. our baby is due in September – I’d take your recommendations and get the diaper pail and wipe warmer! Thanks for the giveaway

  118. Latch bottles would be a big help since we’re having multiples ?

  119. I would get the Nursery Organizer, perfect to put in our bedroom so I can get what I need when my 6 week old wakes up at night. I’d also love the Miracle 360 cup for my 3 & 5 year old!

  120. I would definitely buy the latch bottles. I’m expecting my first child and I plan on breast feeding, but I want to be able to use a bottle as well…especially while I’m away at work.

  121. Do I have to pick just one thing?! Ok fine! I’ll go with the diaper pail ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. The fold n go travel bassinet and the cover guard car seat travel tote would be great for our family’s upcoming first international trip. Thanks for the giveaway, Joy!

  123. ah, munchkin is such a cool company!
    we have some latch cups already – is the cup part the same for the bottle and you just use a different nipple?? that is awesome if it is!

  124. My son just turned two months and I have the wipe warmer and bottles from munchkin and Iove them both! In our car we can’t see the baby and I’d love to get a mirror to see him! And even some bath stuff to make bath time more fun as he gets older.

  125. We would definitely get more products for meal time. Bowls, plates, spoons etc.

  126. If I won I’d get the bottle sterilizer! It would be much more ideal than using my dishwasher!

  127. How do you even choose? We love Munchkin brand in our house. We would add to our collection with some bath toys, pacifiers, and new items for eating (sippies, tableware, snack containers, and utensils)!

  128. I would love some latch bottles and baby girl is coming up to teething so munchkin teethers would be great!

  129. I will need the latch bottles soon. Super excited about welcoming first child. Not super excited about having to go back to work afterwards.

  130. I want bottles, wipe warmer, spoons, and anything amazing they have!!!

  131. I have a new granddaughter due to arrive in September! My first grandchild! I’d love the Light My Way Nightlight… among lots of other things!

  132. Latch bottles would be great to help transition with breastfeeding while I go back to work!

  133. Sippy cups and spoons of course and I love the night time soother with projector, too cute!

  134. I will be going back to work soon, I’d love to try the bottles. He is currently breastfed exclusively. Spoons, bowls, the options are endless. (Instagram follower @ emmy1379)

  135. I would get all of the LATCH products – brush cleaner, diff size bottles, drying rack. It would be a heaven send!

  136. I love munchkin! I’d choose some of the latch bottles and a safety gate for my newborn son ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. My sister just adopted a sweet baby girl. I would love to win this so that I can get her one of the gift baskets!! Fingers crossed!!!

  138. After three babes I am realizing that one can never have enough sippie cups!

  139. I am currently pregnant with my first–due July 12th. We are the first of our friends to have a baby, so we have been spending quite a bit of time researching the best products for baby. The Munchkin Latch Bottles are on our “must try” list so we would definitely stock up on some of the Latch bottles…and probably some of the adorable onesies–my baby’s gotta be fashionable ๐Ÿ˜‰

  140. If there were a giveaway to win, this would be the one! Fingers crossed?

  141. So many goodies! I’ve heard raved reviews about the latch bottles?

  142. I would love some of those travel mirrors for the car and some sleepster pjs!

  143. I love the Loft Aluminum Gate – it’s the only stylish one out there.

  144. I would just love to win this giveaway! My bun in the oven would love the latch bottles! They seem ingenius!

  145. So many things but their teething ball looks perfect for my little guy! He is obsessed with eating my fingers!

  146. <3 this! we can't wait to personalize our gear before our first bean arrives in august! we are especially excited about the wipes case because i've sewn loads of cute cloth wipes to use :)

  147. I would love to get the diaper pail!! I feel like that is an awesome thing and would def want that!!! Heck, I’d love one of everything!! Haha =)

  148. I’m a soon to be new mama and I would like to get the diaper pail and one of the gift baskets! They have a little bit of everything which is exactly what I need because I don’t know where to start!

  149. Everything! If I have to pick one thing, I’ll got practical and say the diaper pail.

  150. This would be great for my sister in law who is expecting in August. I pick the wood and steel designer gate! I been to their house and they have two stairs that will need to be baby proofed.

  151. Love it all – most especially the feeding essentials – snack catcher, spoons, sippy cups!

  152. I definitely need a diaper pail. I don’t know what we’d do without the snack containers–use those every day. It would be fun to buy some things with this gift card for some friends who are expecting; I love the munchkin products. ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. Having just gone back to work, we are pretty consumed with getting baby to take the bottle…so, I would definitely choose the Latch bottle!

  154. Would love to try the new latch bottles for our first baby due in July!!

  155. $500 would buy so much! I definitely still need one of their auto-mirrors though!

  156. Would love to try the magical fire fly soother and projector for my 2 month old.. Thanks for the giveaway.

  157. definitely the latch bottles to start but oh so much more too! Love these products ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. We love Munchkin products! We already have their plates, bowls, etc for our 4 y.o…. but would love the Mozart Magic Cube for the twins that are their way this Fall!

  159. We have a new one on the way, so the travel booster would be great to have so we didn’t need two high chairs!

  160. Love the Spinning Drying Rack & the latch newborn gift set ๐Ÿ˜€

  161. We love munchkin! We already have the training cup and spoons. We’d love to get more from munchkin!

  162. The mirror and sunshade for the car. Don’t own a car so never bought these and everytime we get in a rental we say, “We forgot to order a mirror and a shade, again.”
    (on Instagram as notesontea_)

  163. Being a soon to be new mo and all my girlfriends rave of Munchkin I would love to see all these great items. Expecially the diaper pale, wipes warmer and some latch bottles. โ™ก reading the blog posts, it makes me so excited for our baby to arrive!

  164. Oooohh!!! I would get the Extended wooden gate and the rubber sucky bath tub. Good looking and functional! What a great giveaway!

  165. Love everything Munchkin! My little one is just starting solids, so can use lots of spoons and bibs!

  166. What a great, useful giveaway! My son is due in four weeks and we could use so many things, especially the wipe warmer!

  167. We are in the market for baby spoons as we plan on starting solids this week! Thanks, Joy and Munchkin.

  168. I would love to try the Latch bottles, and I would want my own diaper pail to customize! What a great idea!

  169. We LOVE the miracle sippy cup here and I’d love to have some more!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  170. We have two new babies in our family and two toddlers. Need some babyproofing! Baby gates for our house.

  171. With a baby due this July, I could definitely use plenty of bottles and the wipe warmer!

  172. I’d get their baby gate as well as some of their trainer sippy cups. We love our Munchkin diaper pail!

  173. The Nursery Organizer is spectacular.. and I am SO loving the extending wood baby gate, as well as the floral bouquet onesie!

  174. We love munchkin sippy cups ? we would have a lot of great things to buy if we won the gift card for our 3 year old and second child due in July!

  175. I’ve heard great things about the diaper pail and would love to try it out!

  176. If I won I would get dippy cups and more bowls and spoons for our new solid foods.

  177. They have such great stuff. I’m glad to hear you like the bottles, I was thinking of trying those out!

  178. I am due in August and would probably get the Latch newborn bottle set! Thanks!

  179. A pressure baby gate would be awesome since little guy is now walking and is always trying to get into things it would be nice to contain him to a little smaller space sometimes!

  180. I love the Fold n’ Go travel booster & the Safety harness backpack! ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect additions to a busy, on-the-go two year old!

  181. I’m due on July 8th! Would love to have the diaper pail, bottle warmer and baby basket! ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. I’d love the latch bottles! It’s my first baby and have high expectations of breastfeeding but I know once I go back to work full time those will really come in handy! Though the diaper pail wouldnt be too bad either!

  183. Given the chance, I would definitely buy a couple of baby gates to secure some areas of the house and I would also buy the night time potty bundle.

  184. My boy is close to being mobile, so i would get a new baby gate like the auto close designer gate

  185. We love the Munchkin snack cups, they work great at keeping those fishy crackers right where they need to be for little hands, and not all over the car!

  186. I love munchkin so much! I would get the sippy cups and snack catcher. Also the bath toys are so great!

  187. Great giveaway and DIY! We’re expecting twins so two of everything! Love love the swaddle blankets and bottles to help with nursing (TIMES TWO!)

  188. Love what you did to them! So fun. I think the snack catcher would be really handy!

  189. Wow! They have a lot of great stuff…(sending the link to my mom for my baby shower!). I would get a couple of bottles like the one you described above and that swaddle angel blanket, which looks SO easy to use. Great giveaway!

  190. Sรบper nice!! I hope I can buy everything to my sister!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  191. As an inexperienced first time mom-to-be (that will have to return to work), the Latch Newborn Gift Set seems like a life saver. Thanks for pointing out this great website!

  192. Due July 1st! Would love to try the bottles and eventually the fresh food feeders ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Oh definitely needing a good dose of the snacking/feeding itemsโ€ฆ all of them! And the bath scoop and other bath items too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. so many great options to choose from! at the moment, am leaning towards the bath toy scoop or the spoons & bowls for when she is older.

  195. We love the sippy cups! I’d also gets lots of water toys for my little man. He loves taking a bubble bath

  196. My diaper pail broke this morning! I’d love to get a new one and decorate it as you have!

  197. I would 100% get the latch bottles! My baby will not take a bottle! I’ve tried so many but she just refuses. So I’d love to try that one and see if it works!

  198. Love how colorful the bottle and wipe warmer are – what a fun idea! I’d definitely go with the the Swaddle Angel Blanket.

  199. We are so in need of the stretch-to-fit shades w/ our non-square car windows!! I have been eyeing the Silly Sandwich Cutters for a while (anything w/ penguins is a huge hit in our house).

  200. I would love to try the Latch bottle with my 6 week old as I head back to work next week.

  201. i love those latch bottles! i wish i’d known about them earlier, they look perfect!

  202. i’d love to get tableware and utensils since my baby will be starting solids in about a month!

  203. Our house will require quite a few gates! I love the variety that Munchkin offers!

  204. This is amazing! I love the latch bottles and their car mirrors would be perfect for our family roadtrips. We are expecting our first little babe this September. ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. I would love to pick up some of the Click Lockยฎ Fresh Food Freezer Pops! It is almost summer time!!

  206. What a fun giveaway! I am due in September and this is my first so everything is very new to me! After perusing Munchkin’s website, I debated for a while as there are so many great items…. I would go with either the travel bassinet or the diaper pail!
    Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. What a fun giveaway! I am due in September and this is my first so everything is very new to me! After perusing Munchkin’s website, I debated for a while as there are so many great items…. I would go with either the travel bassinet or the diaper pail!
    Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. I’m having my first baby in September and would love that duck bath tub.

  209. I am due in June and I think the goPad diaper changer looks amazing or the Fold n’ Go travel bassinet. We are traveling in July for a wedding and I think these would be so handy.

  210. Oh my goodness the washi tape is such a genius idea. It adds the perfect, custom pop to the basic white items!!! We’d definitely get a couple baby gates for the stairs, the adorable Bubble Blower and I would love to try their new swaddles, just to name a few!!!

  211. This is awesome! I would get the latch bottles and maybe the Lulla-Vibe Vibrating paddle.

  212. I love the auction bowls! I need one since our little miss is throwing her plates overboard now! Lol! I also would love a changing pad!

  213. I love munchkin products! WOW what I would do with $500 to spend. Would definitely pick up bath toys and the bath toy scoop, safe step gate, smart shade, plates and bowls… oh my, I would have so much fun shopping and the boys would be in heaven!

  214. Oh man, we are gearing up for our addition in September and would love to add their diaper pail to our nursery.

  215. The possibilities are endless, I’d definitely get the Latch bottles, diaper pale, and bath toys! I would have so much fun with this shopping spree!

  216. i followed on instagram! my username is teamsobus.
    And i was so surprised to see how many different types of items they carried when i looked at their website. i had no idea they made clothing items. however, i think i’d get a potty training chair ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Oh, the list of things I’d love to have!! But I really need a “Day and Night Light Musical Auto Mirror”. I also love their striped shortalls!

  218. I’m about to become a first time mom and the Latch bottles sound like a great investment!

  219. Love Munchin products! My little guy will be crawling before we know it, so I’d love to win and buy a few Munchin Baby Gates to keep him safe!

  220. I absolutely love the design of the white hot spoons! I would definitely start my ohjoy/munchkin shopping spree with a set or two of those!

  221. What a lovely giveaway! We’re expecting our first little one in October. I would go for some bottles as those will be key to getting a little sleep while breastfeeding. Thanks Joy!

  222. There are so many things I would buy: the latch bottles, new diaper pail, baking soda scent thingies, potty seat!

  223. The wipe warmer seems like a great indulgence. Or the changing table organizer and latch bottles.

  224. Joy–I just wanted to ask where you got your necklace?! I’m assuming the initials are for your adorable babies ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had my second baby 4 months ago and I’ve been looking for something like this so that I can have both of their initials on my neck without having to wear multiple necklaces or charms ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. I would’ve never thought to jazz up everyday items with washi ((very new to washi tape, lol)). & Love what you did to the diaper pail. We loooove Munchkin! I’d definitely get a new wipe warmer, I’ve had the same one for almost 6 years. They really holdup. But ours got messed up during our recent move & due this month with #3! ?. Also, the bottles & bottle brushes! The brushes are amazing & have never failed me. โ˜บ๏ธ Ooh & those gift baskets Munchkin has on their website are a must have! ?

  226. I have a 5 month old and I use the latch bottles and have plenty. I would definitely try out Munchkin’s apparel.

  227. “Melodizzles” here! I would definitely use the diaper change organizer! Thanks!

  228. I would love to get the diaper pail and wipe warmer! Love how you decorated them with washi tape!

  229. What beautiful products! I would love to have the Light My Way owl Nightlite.
    Thank you!

  230. we love munchkin in our house – I would stock up on lunchtime favorites like sippy cups, utensils, and bowls/plates so we can have all the picnics we want this summer!

  231. Oh wow, thank you for posting the snack catcher! I’ve got to get that immediately. My one year old loves to empty his container and bags of food and then give me a giant smile of satisfaction. Oh the messes! I’m due in October, so a snack catcher seems the best investment for my family! One at a time. I love it! Hopefully that’ll teach my kids a little patience haha. : )

  232. Hi Joy! Where is your initial necklace from? I love how dainty it is and how the R and C are attached! Would love to get one for myself as a nod to my daughter. Thank you!

  233. I like taking my kids for outdoors fun. To go containers like the snack catcher would make my life much easier and sane. I would get a few bento sets, snack tower, and snack dispenser too. My kids would enjoy sandwiches made with the silly sandwich cutter. Thanks for the chance to win! My family loves Munchkin. We already enjoy the mesh feeding catcher, suction bowls, and utensils. We are definitely Munchkin fans.

  234. My nephew needs a 360 cup and a snack catcher. I’ll pick out a new wardrobe for him and his new sibling on the way with the $500. Then I’ll do a photoshoot for their parents.

  235. I’d get utensils and plates and bottles and cups for my grandkids. Extras for their house and sets for grandmas house too. I like the food catcher and snack catchers too. Very inventive. Didn’t have those when my kids were growing up!

  236. I’d get bottles and a range of cups for my kids. I’m impressed with the Munchkin line.

  237. I would get lots of clothes for all my kids and the scooper hooper and other toys for bathtime fun!

  238. I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my first child, so I have nothing on hand. The Latch Bottles sound particularly great though!

  239. We could use some serious bath toy organization over here! I love the green corner toy basket!!

  240. Baby number 1 is on the way, so honesty I’d be thrilled to receive any of these products. If I have to choose, the latch bottles caught my eye, along with the diaper bin.

  241. My 6 month old is just starting solids so I’d grab some poons, bowls, and snack catchers for the next few months!

  242. I’d probably get at least one of everything you mentioned! I also like the Nursery Projector & Sound System. I’m 23 weeks with my first so we pretty much need everything.

  243. The LATCH bottle sounds amazing- and their whole site looks perfect for a shopping spree! ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. I’m expecting my first this July and I would love some Latch bottles , they sound amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  245. I got the diaper pail and the latch bottle for my baby on my registry ๐Ÿ™‚ I am following you on Instagram! So excited to try other products.

  246. I would buy more bottles and nipples with the gift card. We are munchkin fans at our house!

  247. I love munchkin’s bath products like the duck tub , perfect for my toddler & my baby boy who is due this July ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. I’d get a diaper pail and a diaper wipe warmer. Those are the two things I wish I would have bought with my daughter, and am probably going to buy for my son when he gets here in September.

  249. we need so many things,but it’s hard to get them on a single income. trainer cups,backseat organizer,and a safety gate to start!

  250. One of everything! Snack catchers, diaper pail, nursery projector, teethers, etc. I want it all!

  251. We just found out we’re having twins so this would go a long way. I’d start with the Baby Insight Auto Mirror and go from there.

  252. Would love to get the Stroller Organizer Plus! So great for walks on the boardwalk or strolling through the mall! What momma wouldn’t love to be more organized? ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. so much to choose from. with baby #2 on the way, some new bath items, diaper storage, fold and go travel bassinet, car shades!

  254. As a first time mom, i really dont know which item will be much more important but i guess a diaper pail will be a great help.

  255. I would buy bottles! I have 1 for my 2 1/2 week old and he took right to it. It is a great bottle!

  256. I would want everything but priority would probably be the diaper pail!

  257. Following! I love your products. Due in June. And could use the money for some extras that I need!

  258. Already have the latch bottles, bottle cleaner, gate (the list goes on)- but I do not have a diaper pail! Would love to get one and save trips to the garbage bin outside every time little one is changed. Also would love some bath accessories! Can’t wait to bathe little one once her umbilical stump falls off.

  259. We love Munchkin! I would get the owl nightlight for my 2 year old and the vibrating pad for my 7 week old!

  260. I would love to get the Latch pacifiers for my daughter. Also lots of bath items that we would love! ?

  261. I would buy the Miracle 360 Munchkin Cup for the one at hope and buy my nieces and nephews something from this awesome brand. Just like the Latch bottles I got my niece who was born today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  262. Following munchkininc on instagram as @neiddyruiz , I like the nursery organizer, the sara bear hamper and the diaper caddy

  263. I would get more munchkin latch bottles for my lo for when I go back to work.

  264. I would love to buy the Miracle 360 Munchkin cup for the little one at home but I would also share the joy with my nieces and nephews who range from age 2 months-2 yrs and my two new born nieces, one is not even a day old yet. I got her some Latch bottles and wish I could get some thing extra to celebrate her birth. We love Munchkin products.

  265. Our first baby is due in October. We are starting to work on the nursery and would love some baskets and organizers!

  266. I would get the latch bottles. Im going back to work soon and trying to transition him to a bottle.

  267. I’m due in the fall, and need so many things! Definitely a diaper pail! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  268. I’d get a diaper pail – we haven’t had one with our other babies but it would be so handy to have one with this baby due in a few days here. I’m a longtime follower of Munchkin on Instagram. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  269. I love munchkin products! I would get the latch bottles because you can never have too many baby bottles and the wipe warmer.

  270. I had the inflatable duck tub for my son and loved it, I would definitely get another one for my soon to arrive daughter. I also love the bubble machine, my son would go crazy for it.

  271. I really love their clothing options (in addition to the latch bottles) I’d definitely nab some of the sleepsters + onesters…

  272. Baby gates and a diaper pail! (: Tossed a lot of stuff after baby #2 was born, and now, surprise baby #3 is coming!

  273. I’m having my first baby in August! I love the Swaddle Angel in yellow. Loving the new swaddles with the arm pockets- you now don’t have to be a pro baby swaddler with these!

  274. I never knew Munchkin had so many products! My little one is just over four months, so there’s a lot of new things we need to get for this next phase. I love white hot duck tub (what a great price!) and the pelican rinser for moving her into the big bathtub!

  275. I would love to buy your diaper pail since I’m due in 5 weeks with my 2nd son.

  276. Had no idea that Munchkin makes clothes. I love their Sailor Peacoat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. So much practical, yet cute stuff! we are expecting out first & waiting to find out the gender when baby comes, so would def love a Swaddler Angel (gender neutral). ๐Ÿ˜€

  278. I would go for the Latch bottles and a wipe warmer to start. Thanks for the chance!

  279. I would love to win this for my sister, who is expecting her third in September. I don’t know what she would want, but perhaps one of those nifty diaper pails!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  280. I would get baby gates. Lots of them. My little guy is on the move!!

  281. I would love to win! One of the many things I would be excited to purchase are the Munchkin Latch bottles. I’m so excited.

  282. Followed on Insta! I love the Nursery Projector and Sound System and the Day & Night Mirror! My BFF just had her first baby and this would be a sweet Mother’s Day surprise for her and her little girl, who I adore!

  283. my baby (10 months) is just starting to walk so the first i would get would be some gates!

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