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  1. Love this series. I’m an interior designer and have worked for 7+ years as L. Weatherbee Design Studio. But lately I’ve been blogging as Ms. Weatherbee, and am thinking of changing my business name to that. Either way, I love my name too much to not include it! If you’re thinking really long-term, you should consider if you want your business to live beyond your lifetime. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday, but right now I’m totally ok with my business dying with me.

  2. Hi Joy, thank you for another precious advice. I’m an artist and lived the same dilemma for so long. I think that a person who create art should go with the personal name as business name because art is something that grows inside of us so our creations should go together with our name. I’m from Portugal and my business name is not the easiest to said or read worldwide, but I decided to take the risk and assume my name Ines Rocio as an artist!

  3. My biz name starts with first, middle and last initials of my name. I used to be a paralegal for over 20 years. At the bottom of every letter I was required to put boss/attorney’s initials in caps and then mine afterward in small letters. I was fired so I opened my own interior decorating biz. I now have MY initials first and in all caps! thanks for nice video, you are fun!

  4. Thanks Kristi!
    There are so many things I wish I knew when I was starting my business so trying to help others when I can!

  5. Very useful info. I wish I had considered this before I started my business. Back then there was only Martha Stewart and I thought naming the brand after me was wise. It’s good. But like you said, you have to be the face and share a bit of your lifestyle…
    Thanks for the videos Joy!

  6. Hello Joy,
    Chiara from Belgium here. Liked the blog and the usefull advice.
    Last year I started my own business, a 3D ultrasound center called .. Precho 🙂 Coming up with the name was not easy, however finding the perfect logo was another thing 😉
    Do you have more videos regarding business tips? I found this one very useful.


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