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little sips {giveaway} with lollaland…(now closed)




The first straw cup that Ruby ever drank out of was by Lollaland, so they have a special place in my heart for mealtime in our house. They recently came out with beautiful glass baby bottles that are made of durable, premium quality, borosilicate glass that is naturally BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free. 

So today, we've partnered with Lollaland to give away (2) $200 gift cards to two lucky readers for anything on their site (cups, bottles, or meal time sets!)

AND, we have a really special addition to this giveaway today…for every entry, Lollaland will donate 1 item to Baby2Baby to help children in need. 

To enter, simply visit Lollaland's website then leave a comment here telling me which items you'd pick if you won! Entries must be posted by this Friday, July 3rd, at 8 a.m. PST, and two winners will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

P.S. For Oh Joy readers, Lollaland is also offering 20% off + free shipping through July 7th. Simply enter OHJOY20 at checkout.

UPDATE: Congrats to Stephanie M. from NJ and Suzy B. from CT for being our winners this time!

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $200 USD total value for each winner. Winners will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

{Photos by Caroline Tran}


  1. I absolutely love the cup and the mealtime set! Perfect for my 7 mo old as she continues to explore solids and BLW!

  2. The cups and the meal time sets would be perfect for us right now! Such a cute design.

  3. I thought I recognized that name from Shark Tank! Glad to see they are doing well. I have a 2 year old that would love the Lollacup in all colors and a baby due in August that I would love to use their glass bottles with!

  4. WHAT!! I had no idea this company existed, thank you so much Joy for sharing! I would definitely get the meal set + lollacup ! We actually are so lazy, that our two year old eats snacks out of cheap tuperware! I’ve been wanting to get him some of his own bowls for quite some time now.
    -Lauren Dahl

  5. I would use the glass bottles. Expecting girl #2 any day now and knowing that at some point I will have to be back at work, pumping, and leaving bottled breast milk any excellent bio safe baby bottle is a huge advantage. I also love the design of the baby bottle especially the anti colic nipple. Anything to assist in the transition for a baby from mother’s breast to bottle is a plus in my mind.

  6. The lollacup in blue is adorable! I’d love to get a few of these for my friend who’s due in July.

  7. We’re expecting a baby girl in November, and could definitely use some bottles!

  8. What happy looking products! I think my 11 month old would love the orange lollacup 🙂

  9. We love the lollacups! I would stock up on those for my toddler and try out the new baby bottles for my second due in October.

  10. I love the Lollaland cup! It was one of the first things my daughter would drink out of. I would definitely get a couple more of those, plus a meal time set.

  11. My daughter would love their mealtime set since she is currently obsessed with shapes.

  12. Would love to win! Having a hard time getting my 11 month old to use a straw. I would buy the cups and dish set.

  13. I am having a new baby in August so I would choose the glass bottles and one or two sippy cups! Love them!

  14. I would definitely get the glass bottles for our little one who is due July 19th! We are trying to exclusively use glass bottles and these are soooo cute!

  15. My favorite of all the items are the Lollacups! They’re so cute and I like the variety of colors it comes in, My favorite being Chic Black. But honestly I’d but everything 😉

  16. Will be getting the meal time set. It comes with a dipping cup? I think they have met my “special-sauce” loving toddler.

  17. I would get some lollacups as well as some replacement straws as the one we have is getting worn out, and we just welcomed baby #3 into our family 2 days ago!

  18. LOVE all their products! I love the sippy cups and the mealtime set! So cute!!

  19. Love the Lollacup, Mealtime Set & the replacement straws!! So unique, love these products!
    Also love how they are donating to Baby2Baby. Very nice…

  20. I would definitely get the new glass bottle, i just started working on my registry and was looking for glass bottles and these are perfect!

  21. The bottles are so cute and with 5 weeks away from my due date much needed! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  22. The lollacup and mealtime set would be perfect for my newly adventurous eater! Such beautifully designed products, this is a great giveaway!

  23. I love love Love the lolla cups and the summer meal time set!!! Truly ador!!

  24. Though I don’t have a baby of my own (yet) my godson is turning 1 this month! I’d love to get him some lollacups and the mealtime set now that he’s holding his own bottle and eating real food! Thank you!

  25. I love that they have straw replacement sets! I always have to buy whole new cups just because my little piranha chews on the straws, when really the cup portion is in perfect condition. I’d buy a couple cups and 35 straw replacements. Haha

  26. The glass bottles are adorable. I would get these and gift to my Sister In Law who is expecting. Awesome giveaway. Thanks.

  27. I would love to win the glass bottle and the meal set!!!! its super cute and i want them all actually!

  28. The mealtime set in the springtime color option would be perfection for my little girlie.And I think the Lollacup is so cute in every color. A girl has to have options.

  29. i want it all. glass bottles for baby due later this year, lollacup for my big boy, and the mealtime for him to use at school.

  30. My daughter actually owns the red lollaland cup, i got it after trying so many and finding that some were to hard for her to drink for and handle. I actually got it after reading your reocmendations for toddler items…thank for doing those…they’re so helpful.
    She loves it and she’s able to grab it from the table all on her own (she’s 15mo). So, i actually would not mind having another one, and I would love to get her some of the mealtime sets…they’re adorable. Thank you for this give away. The bottles are also super fun…she has only used glass bottles and these are super cute.

  31. I would love to have everything – the sippy cups, the glass bottles and the mealtime set – I have a toddler and twins on the way, so I’d definitely need everything!

  32. I would love to try out the mealtime set and the lollacups! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. The Lollacup looks like it would be very handy for traveling and dining out. I love it in the happy orange!

  34. Love to lollacup… the orange one would be so cute in little one’s chubby little hands!

  35. I love the geometric elements of the mealtime set! It’s refreshing to find baby flatware that are also aesthetically!

  36. for sure the lollacups! plenty of them so the girls won’t fight over who gets what color. plus the mealtime sets are super fun too.

  37. My nephew loves drinking from straws! He figured them out pretty early! He would love a lollacup!

  38. we are expecting our first baby, so I’d love the glass baby bottles! 🙂 But everything is fun, colorful and cute!!

  39. I would love this gift certificate as I just had my first baby boy 5 weeks ago and have to go back to work and we are going to start bottle feeding him and want to only use glass bottles. It would be great to stock up on Lolla glass bottles for him!! And thank you for donating to Baby2Baby, so awesome!!

  40. I love their products! We’ve gotten a few lollacups for our nephews in the past. Their parents loved them especially because of their durability and cute design. I’d get the lollacups again.

  41. I love it all and it’s perfect for my little man who’s just starting on solids! Would definitely purchase the Lollacup in Happy Orange and the Meal Time Set in Summer.

  42. We’ve been loyal Lolla users since my oldest got her first straw cup. I’d buy a second set for my 7 month old!

  43. More sippys and mealtime sets for my two kiddos – my 6m old is almost ready for his own!

  44. I love the green lolla cup, it matches my little boy, Diego’s color scheme.

  45. The Glass baby bottles & Stage 2 anti-colic nipple pack. Due at the end of August and looking for baby bottles 🙂 Also, the Lollacup is super cute!

  46. I would start with the bottles as my son is not on to solids yet. I would still order the other items though to be prepared! 🙂

  47. Now that we have another little lady on the way we would definitely get the glass bottles for the new baby and lollacups and meal time sets for our toddler! Everything is so cute!!!

  48. i would get several lolla cups and throw out all my other sippy cups and i would also get a few meal sets now that i have a 2 year old and 1 year old, we never seem to have enough plates/bowls.

  49. The mealtime sets are adorable!! My two babies would love them:) the lollacups are too cute?

  50. I would love the Lollacups, bottles and mealtime sets for our identical twin girls due in July. So cute!

  51. Trying to wean baby girl off her bottle so soppy cups and plates would be my purchases 🙂

  52. the lollacup in brave blue 🙂 we are still searching for the perfect cup that does not leak evvvverrrywhere!

  53. I love their sippy cups! Used to have one and then sadly lost it and have yet to buy a new one.

  54. We have enjoyed our Lollacup, our 16 month old goes everywhere with it! We would love to give the mealtime sets a try, such vibrant and lovely colors!❤️

  55. We love the classic lolla cup, especially as we’re in the middle of transitioning from the bottle completely!

  56. Great giveaway!
    Love the idea of glass bottles for my expectant friends and the sip cup for the older kiddos

  57. The lolla cup for my preschooler and toddler and glass bottles for the one on the way!

  58. I would love to get the Lolla cup! I’ve been wanting to get one since I saw it on Shark Tank.

  59. The lollacup in brave blue and the mealtime set are super cute and functional 🙂

  60. I love the lollacup and the mealtime set! Pretty soon I will be needing those glass bottles again too! So cute!

  61. Ooo, the Lollacup in several colors and some of the colorful mealtime sets! Love the cute bottles too! What a generous company!

  62. Would love the glass baby bottle, especially since i am due with out first in September!

  63. I’d love to use the glass baby bottles with anti-colic nipple packs for our first baby!

  64. Pink AND Blue mealtime set they are ADORABLE together lots of cups, and I would stock up on straw replacement packs, because I seriously think my dishwasher has a sweet tooth for baby straws!!!

  65. There’s so much.. Like I’d pick the lollacup because you can never have too many when you’re really lazy at cleaning them for your toddler. We need new mealtime sets and of course I’d try the new bottles for our second baby.

  66. Why oh why can’t I find a cup that doesn’t leak and is toddler worthy?! Could you be the one for me, Lollacup?? Would love to try you out!

  67. I would get the green lollacup for my son, plated for my daughter, and the beautiful glass bottles for my newborn niece. ????

  68. Glass baby bottles for the baby on the way and lolla cups for our 14 month baby girl! Something for everyone!!

  69. I would love to have the glass baby bottles! The sippy cups are adorable, too 🙂

  70. Lollacups in each color (but especially brave blue to match his eyes) and a couple meal time sets, is what my little one needs.

  71. I would buy one of every color of the lollacups and then several of the spring time meal sets!!

  72. I would love the meal time set and the lollacup!! I remember watching this shark tank episode and thinking it looked amazing, and now I’m ready for them with a little who is eating solids and getting ready to transition cups!!!

  73. my little girl is 15 months so i would get the lollacup in a few colors and a meal time set

  74. My niece loves the lollacup I got her! I’d get her a second one since she uses it everyday. And I get another for her infant brother to use soon enough.

  75. I’d love the cup and straw replacements. We’ve had a hard time finding a cup that wouldn’t spill and this looks like it could be our winner! I need a cup that we can take on the go by won’t spill all over my bag. And since my baby loves chewing on straws, the replacement straw set is genius!

  76. Just had my boy…4 days old today! I love the glass bottles!the design is so cute!

  77. I absolutely love the Lollacup!! I bought one for my niece and it is her favorite!

  78. I would buy a Lollacup for my 16mo old son and Mealtime sets x3 for his older brother and sister to have as well!!!

  79. I’d get the glass baby bottle or three, and then a couple mealtime sets. Very cute!

  80. I would pick the glass baby bottles for my little one due in October and for my 3 yr. old, a brave blue lollacup and summer mealtime set 🙂 Thanks for the chance! Fingers crossed!

  81. Everything! Our baby girl is just starting solids- the mealtime set and lollacup would be up her alley!

  82. I’d get the lollacup and meal time set….perfect because we just started solids!

  83. A meal time set and lollacup for the little man and I’d love to try the glass bottles for my baby I’m expecting in a few short months.

  84. Oh my, it would be magical to get rid of our crazy collection of mismatched sippy cups and get only Lollacups! We love the one we have. And the mealtime sets!

  85. I would pick the lolland cup for my son! We had one and it was the perfect cup for his smoothies! He used it every single day but unfortunately he lost it during our crazy wedding festivities last month !

  86. For sure the lollacup! I am so excited that they have bottles now! Would buy one of those to have for when we have more babies.

  87. I LOVE the Mealtime set! Great for teaching little ones colors and shapes! And we’re HUGE fans of the Lollacup and would love it in every color 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  88. Aw, I would get the glass baby bottles for my best friend who just found out she’s pregnant 🙂

  89. I’ve never heard of this brand so itd be awesome to win! If I win I’d definitely get the lollacup in posh pink as one out of many things. My baby is 6 mo old now and starting to grab cups!

  90. I love that they are giving away items for every entry. This makes every entry a winner! (Even if you don’t actually “win”…)
    I would definitely get the mealtime set for my toddler. So cute! And some bottles for the baby who is on his way.

  91. These are too cute! Love the sippy cup for my 2 year old and loving the glass bottle for my new little one when he is ready for a bottle!

  92. Definitely the lollacups. My younger one is getting ready for straw cups and we could use more

  93. Straw sippy cup!!! My daughter will ONLY drink from a straw cup haha so I’m always on the lookout for cute, functional ones!

  94. Bottles for my baby and meal time for my toddler
    Love your cups – have a ton of them and tell all our friends to buy them!

  95. I’d get the sweet pink lollacup for my three year old daughter and the glass bottles for her baby sis!

  96. I just ordered the lollacups for my daughter & nephew, so I’d like to try the meal time sets! Love the design aesthetic of Lollaland!!

  97. I would love some of the glass baby bottles for my little on coming in August. Thank you!

  98. I have wanting to try them since they were on Shark Tank! And even saw the update in them… Would love to try the meal time set and new glass bottles.

  99. I’d get the lollacup and the mealtime set, and since I have another babe on the way, I’d love to try the glass bottles too. I’ve never used glass bottles before. Super cute!

  100. The glass baby bottles and lolla cups would be perfection for my cousin who just had a baby and also has a sweet toddler <3

  101. We LOVE Lollacups. I have an almost 1 year old and it’s the best straw cup we’ve used and we’ve gone through plenty. I actually just stocked up on a few more yesterday (wish I would have waited for that code!). I would love to have a few more!

  102. The glass baby bottles (new LO arriving 9/7) and the posh pink Lollacup for our 3 yo. daughter and a mealtime set for both. Great giveaway and even better their donations.

  103. Loving those straw cups and glass bottles! We have two girls the same age as yours oh joy !

  104. I would use the glass bottles because I love that they are easier to clean and don’t have any extra plastics in them. But honestly everything is so cute it’d be hard to choose just the glass bottles haha

  105. Oh, I’ve spotted these at Target! I really adore the Lollacup’s and mealtime sets. Thanks Joy!

  106. We are already Lollacup and mealtime set users!!!
    We love the cups and our little (3 years old) one has been using it for 2 years. The mealtime set is colorful and the bowl is a nice size.
    Would love to get few more sets of Mealtime set. (Perfect for kids birthday or shower gifts)

  107. I would definitely get the lollacup and mealtime set for each of my 2 girls, and a glass baby bottle for my baby boy!

  108. I would love to get the Lollacup and mealtime set for my little one, he will be turning 7months on Tuesday and this will be amazing to have because I want to start introducing it to him , I am in college as well so winning this will be amazing and great help! ,thank you so much for this great opportunity .

  109. The mealtime set for sure. But I would love to try the lollacups also for my twins.

  110. My little one is just starting to eat solids… We need everything! Definitely cups… And I love the mealtime set! Great products.

  111. Always on the lookout for different sippy cups to try so I’d try the Lollacups and mealtime set for my soon to be 3 year old daughter plus get some new bottles for baby #2 on the way and a few more sets for gifts.

  112. this would be perfect! we have a toddler and a baby on the way. I’d pick one of everything. The lolla cup is so adorable!

  113. i am pregnant with my first little munchkin and adore these bottles! we don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl, so i think i would choose the red set!

  114. I would get the red and black lollicups, the meal time set and a couple 8 Oz bottles. $200 would get me a long way.

  115. We are expecting our second baby this summer so I’d love to try the glass bottles for her! For my two year old, definitely some of the Lollacups! I just love their modern look and bright colors!!

  116. Baby Raleigh will be arriving in a few short weeks, so I would stock up on red and blue bottles, but the mealtime sets are so cute so I would probably pick up a set or two in Summer!

  117. My son loves his cups, so I would love to get some for his brother who is only 6 weeks old. 🙂 Would also love to add some meal time sets to our collection of Lollaland products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. Oh! I want it all, but especially the sippy with the straw for my 15 month old. The adorable bottles for my brand new twin nieces!

  119. I absolutely love the Lollacup!! We went to get them shortly after seeing Shark Tank. I would get the mealtime set and more lollacups :)???

  120. I think we have tried every sip cup possible and this is one of my favorites!

  121. Definitely the lollacup. We are out and about everyday and two handles makes drinking in a stroller easy!

  122. My twins love their lollacups!!! We use them everyday for smoothies and water! These cups are the only way my girls will drink ice water! Lol I would love to win so we could get some more cups and mealtime sets!! The mealtime sets are so cute with those shapes!!

  123. For our second in October, I’d LOVE the glass baby bottles. We used plastic with our first, and it seemed no matter how I washed/boiled they were always a little funky.

  124. Glass baby bottles?! How beautiful! And I love the lolla cup and Mealtime set- what great products.

  125. A bunch of the lollacups for sure! We have one and love it, and would love more for my younger son who will be starting with cups soon!! 🙂 🙂

  126. A “Summer” mealtime set and a Lollacup to match…one set and cup for each of my little ones!

  127. The brave blue lollacup for my 17 mo old who is still struggling with the transition from bottles to sippy cups

  128. I’d definitely get a few of their new glass bottles for our little one due in October, but I would also get a sippy cup because they are absolutely adorable!

  129. I’d buy a cup in every color and a few meal sets! My girls love the cups! Best sippy cups I’ve found!

  130. Thanks for the opportunity ! Our family would love to win the glass bottles I’m pregnant with baby # 3 and have two toddlers so new baby bottles would be amazing to have when baby arrives in jan 2016 !

  131. I love the mealtime set. Design is unique and fun, plus colorful. $200 is alot! What a great opportunity to share with others. 🙂

  132. I love that cute lollacup! But I need some baby bottles for our soon to arrive baby! What fun products!

  133. THe lovely glass bottles are a sure choice… as well as the classic Lollacups. One of each color?

  134. I would totally get the mealtime set and the lollacup!
    reply June 30, 2015 at 07:28 AM

  135. Oh I love lollaland! My boys love using their lollacups – such a fan since shark tank! I would love the meal set and glass bottles! Hoping they make glass cups soon!

  136. We love the Lollacup! We need a new Brave Blue cup and my one year old would love the mealtime set.

  137. Our daughter has one Lollacup and loves it, so I would choose more of those as well as the new glass bottles for our baby on the way. Our toddler would also love the mealtime sets!

  138. Adorable cups and mealtime plates & bowls! My little one is turning 9 months on July 5th, and these would definitely be a great addition to our meal time.

  139. I’d pick a Spring meal set and Lollacups to match for our toddler + Lollacups for my sweet nieces!

  140. The Lolla cups and mealtime sets! ? I can’t get enough of the cute designs!

  141. I would a few of everything! It’s all so cute! Been wanting to try these products!

  142. I would get a whole bunch of cups. My baby just weaned from a borrow and we only have a couple cups. Feels like I’m constantly washing them.

  143. Love the whimsy! I would get a set of glass bottles for my best friend who is having her first bebe on October! Such a sweet giveaway! xx

  144. I’d go for the mealtime set as we always need more dishes for the little one to throw around the room 🙂

  145. I would love to get all new bottles and cups for my babe! We currently only have 4 bottles so I’m constantly washing them!

  146. Hi Joy! The glass baby bottles would be a wonderful addition to our meal times. Thanks 🙂

  147. Thank you for this post. I have been looking for the perfect straw cup for my 9 month old daughter. I would love to try a lollacup. The mealtime sets are super cute. I really like how they nest, the unique design and the colors.

  148. Would love to get the glass baby bottles for our baby girl who is due to make her arrival in three weeks!!!

  149. I would get a couple of cups and the mealtime set. These are cute and functional!

  150. Love the colors of the mealtime set and would be ecstatic to add a new lollacup to our sippy collection!

  151. Definitely the glass baby bottles. We are expecting in December and I think glass is the way to go!

  152. Love love their supply cups and would love to try the glass bottles for my new baby arriving any day now!

  153. My toddler loves her penguin cup and with a second in the way I would pick more cups in new colors.

  154. LOVE this company… super happy to know about them now! My little man would totally dig the cool shaped mealtime set, & I would absolutely love to be able to get our baby girl a set of the RAD glass baby bottles, in pink of course!
    Thanks all!! xx

  155. a lollacup for my toddler and some glass baby bottles for my bf who just became a mama! <3

  156. With a toddler and another baby on the way, I would definitely pick the glass baby bottles and the mealtime set!

  157. Everything is adorable. If I won I would choose the Mealtime set and the lollacups. 🙂

  158. I’m looking for some more cups now that I’m starting to wean. So, I’d get the cups and the mealtime set.

  159. I love the idea of the glass bottles. Soon to be a new mom and I hate the idea of using plastic. Thank’s for sharing!

  160. I’d love pretty much any of these. I’ll be having a baby soon so any of those items would work great at one point in his stage. I do have to admit though, the bottles and sippy cup are super cute. Thanks for doing the giveaway and donating to Children in need.

  161. I would love to get two seats of each color mealtime sets. I think that the condiment cup would definitely benefit my four year old, he tends to get a little carried away with his love for ketchup. And I think that lollacups would be perfect to transition my one year old off of bottles. I like that the handles are removable.

  162. New Mama here –
    The ORANGE LOLLACUP, glass bottles, and mealtime sets are all amaze! Thanks for the giveaway!

  163. If I got lucky and won I work purchase the meal set and the glass bottles you could never have enough bottles.

  164. Love all of Lollalands stuff! Definately need the glass bottles! Love the bright colors! I would also love to get a sippy cup and mealtime set! Great products! Having a little boy this would be great!

  165. I would get the lollacup in a variety of colors (the green one is my favorite) and a bunch of meal time sets!

  166. I love Lollaland, ever since I saw them on Shark Tank. My favorite is the lolla cup, I would buy a bunch for my nephews.

  167. I would definitely get those adorable sippy cups and the meal time set!

  168. the birdy sippy cups for sure, and probably some glass bottles for my brand new niece!

  169. Loved the Lolla cup for my first. I would use it to buy Lolla cups and meat time sets for my baby.

  170. Fell in love with this company after watching them on Shark Tank. Love that they have expanded their line. I would be so excited to win this giveaway and would choose sippy cups for my boys, the mealtime set for my little one who is just starting baby led weaning and I would gift some items to my bf and sister-in-law.

  171. Thanks for sharing this with us!!! I would love the glass bottles for baby number two and the sippy cup for my daughter. These products are adorable! Thank you. 🙂

  172. how awesome! i’d give my son a good green lollacup and the glass baby bottles. i’ve especially heard great things about the lollacup, so i’d probably gift one to my friend who turned me on to this blog!

  173. Love the lollacups since my baby girl is starting to transition from baby bottle to sippy cups. =)

  174. Spring mealtime set would be a great first birthday gift for my little girl!

  175. Definitely interested in straw cups since my daughter is just about to transition.

  176. I would definitely get some lollacups and the meal time set. They are all so awesome and penguins are my favorite.

  177. having my first baby in 2016 and this would be such a treat for baby and me! fingers crossed!! 🙂

  178. The glass bottles and wrap would be a wonderful kick start for my best friend and first time mama! How precious!

  179. The lolla cups for my 2 yr old and the small glass bottles for my new one (on the way in the Winter)!

  180. I am 9 months pregnant today and would LOVE the glass bottles for my baby girl! The Lolla cup would be great for my 2 year old as well – so cute and practical!

  181. Love the Lolla Cups, our daughter will too! and would have to get a few bottles too! We’re expecting twins!!

  182. Love the pink penguin cup and meal time set also!! Would be so great for my 2 year old!

  183. my son will be starting solids soon so i would be interested in the utensils, plates, and sippy cups!

  184. Lollacup for my toddler (so cute!) and glass baby bottles for the one in my belly!

  185. I have a 5 year old and a new baby on the way!!! I would definitely use half of my gift to get some of each item seeing as can use them all a great deal. I would then donate the
    other half to one of the three charities listed on the site. These are such cute products but more importantly it is also for a great cause!

  186. I love the lollacups and the glass baby bottles! These would be perfect for my 7 month old!

  187. I saw your sorry on the Shark Tank and like the idea of a weighted straw that helps the lil babes get at the liquid. I would choose a red Lollacup

  188. I love the mealtime set. I like the bright colors and different shapes…my 4 year old would love them!

  189. My three year olds favorite cup in our house is her red lollacup.. We’d love to be able to afford more!

  190. The lollacups are awesome- my son has 2 in constant rotation- with a little girl in the way, more cups will soon be necessary!

  191. We love our Lollacups!! We would definitely order more & would love to try the meal sets!!

  192. I would love to try the cup and meal set (too bad I didn’t know about their glass bottles; I would have loved to try them but my 9-month baby should be transitioning from bottle to cup).

  193. Lollacup, I’ve always wanted to try since shark tank! Fingers crossed!!!

  194. I’ve got a babe on the way in October so the glass bottles and Penguing Lollacup would top my list.

  195. I would buy bottles for my preemie baby who will come home in few months and meal time sets for my 17 month old.

  196. with my daughter starting solid foods, the mealtime set seems so appropriate and fun!

  197. I love the Lollacup, I have one for my 2 year old. Would love another for our little one on the way!

  198. Everything is so adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    It will be such a lovely present to my nephews and nieces- as the vary in age everything from the bottles to the meal time set will be awesome.

  199. If I WIN, it’ll be a Lollacup for all the nieces & nephews! :):):):):) They’d love ’em! Thanks, Joy, for always filling us in on the best products out there! XO

  200. I’m trying to get my daughter to use her sippy cup more so this would be perfect! Would love the straw cups and the meal time set.

  201. If we won I would pick the glass bottles for our new foster baby that should be coming soon. We have one bottle right now so I should probably get on that lol.

  202. I love the lollacups and the meal time sets! As a first time mom of a one month old boy, I’d love to try these products out!

  203. I would definitely get the OH JoY band-aids because my son can NEVER have too many fabulous band-aids. Unlike girls, he can’t wear head bands or flashy jewelry, what else are we to accessorize with?!? 🙂

  204. My daughter is 6 months and I would love to get a Lollacup for her! And my niece uses hers all the time, she could use a new one 🙂

  205. I would get one of everything for my little niece and nephew! My favorite is the blue lollacup

  206. The spring time mealtime set is darling and would get so much use in this household!

  207. I would get the glass baby bottle with the fun geometric red and yellow pattern. Very cute design.

  208. I have a 9 month old who we’re slowly transitioning to a sippy so I’d probably chose a lollacup or a meal time set!

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