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should i eat donuts today?

Oh Joy / YES NO MAYBE SO donuts

Oh Joy / YES NO MAYBE SO donuts

Oh Joy / Yea Boy! Donuts

Oh Joy / SOS donuts!

If you needed an excuse to eat a donut, TODAY IS THE DAY because it's National Donut Day (which is the first Friday of every June and has been since 1938). We had a little (too much) fun playing around with these donuts we custom-made with California Donuts in celebration!

SO…who's eating a donut today? And happy Friday!

P.S. Check out my Instagram today to see more of our favorite donuts from around the city!

{Creative Direction by Joy Cho, photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester} 


  1. Those look so incredibly fun and delicious!
    My work always provides donuts on Fridays, but they aren’t anywhere as adorable as these are.


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