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dressing the babe / wink this way…

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

I never thought I'd come back to a black and white phase, but here we are. I'm totally loving black and white again when used graphically and with a hit of color…

Oh Joy / Mama Style

A simple, graphic tee has been one of my go-to pieces lately. Tuck them into anything (jeans, skirts, shorts), and it instantly feels a bit more put together. And, those clogs?!? (You might remember them from this zebra photo).

Mama outfit / 1. Samantha Hahn wink tee, 2. Gap denim jogger pants, 3. Bryr clogs (custom color).

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Those new Freshly Picked sneakers are out-of-control cute, and I just want them in my size!

Babe outfit / 4. Ultra Violet Kids (past season – similar), 5. Camp Wolf shorts from Yolk, 6. Freshly Picked shoes, 7. Crew Cuts unicorn necklace.

Oh Joy / Baby Style

People still think Coco is a boy when they see her in public (since I don't dress her in pink very often), so I'm giving "hints" to people with a little pin or patterned headband here and there…

Littlest Babe outfit / 8. Riley & Co. tee, 9. Ultra Violet Kids (past season – similar), 10. Freshly Picked moccasins, 11. Bitte headband.

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh Joy / Mama and Me Style

Oh Joy / Kids Style

Oh, and we're finally at a place where Ruby truly loves her sister. It took us a while to get there, but it's the best to see their relationship starting to form.

{Mural outside of Coffee Commissary/Siren Studios in Hollywood. Photos by Casey Brodley, outfit styling by Joy Cho, flat styling by Ariel Fulmer. Coco is 10 months old and is starting to have opinions. Ruby is almost 4 and finally growing out of the terrible three's.}


  1. I could seriously look at these dressing the babe series all day. So cute and amazing. I’m pretty much broke again. Thanks joy. ?

  2. I love that unicorn necklace! I don’t know why it makes me so happy to see kids wearing jewelry–I guess it charms me that they made a deliberate decision to keep something impractical but pretty on their bodies all through playing and jumping around–when I was a kid I loved looking at jewelry and putting it in my pocket but couldn’t stand wearing it! I would lose rings in two seconds because I kept taking them off to marvel at them lol.
    who thinks Coco looks like a boy?! Honestly not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a boy when you’re a girl and vice versa


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