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oh joy answers / balancing work & family…

Oh Joy Answers

Oh Joy Answers

Since I'll be posting a review of the last 10 years of my business and blog soon, I thought it would be fun to address one thing that has changed everything for me from 2005 to now—my family. Becoming a parent has given me the greatest joy (and also the biggest stressor for me as a business woman). It's impacted me in so many ways—creatively, logistically, and even in the way that I connect with others.

We have a new batch of Oh Joy Answers videos, and here's a new one that addresses "How to Balance Work and Family" and "How to Prepare For a Baby" when you have a business. I share a little bit about how I handle the above questions in hopes it will help some of you too…

And, P.S. I've been doing weekly Periscopes (usually 10am PST on Fridays…I'm @ohjoy) to show you some behind-the-scenes of what we're working on, but I also answer live questions there, too. I've been finding that to be a great format for answering some simpler questions you guys have. But I'll still make videos for longer ones or for some of the more commons questions that come up!


  1. I love how you call it the juggle. That’s so much better than balance. I like to call it “Equilibrium” – meaning things might not always been balanced, but the activities/people who need more time will get them, when they need them.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for at least 8 years now. Just curious how you got the confidence to start and develop into something? I’ve been struggling for that long to even try something so it is tough to push myself. Now that I am a mom, I feel like I just HAVE to do it, even though I have a full time job. I would love to develop my ideas in the creative world and to start creative projects/business ventures, but lack the confidence to do so.


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