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10 edible gifts…

10 Edible Gifts to Give this Holiday

10 Edible Gifts to Give this Holiday

Every year, the holidays approach and I go back and forth on whether I'm going to create gift guides. Usually, I end up doing them but they are so late that I don't get to space them out as much as I want to. So I decided this year, I would start a little before Thanksgiving for those of you who want a little inspiration or nudge to get that gift-giving spirit started. Here are 10 of my favorite edible gifts (in a range of price points)!

1. Quin candy — for that kid who never left the candy store, these are all natural and actually so tasty, too.

2. Quinn popcorn — the best microwaved popcorn you'll ever have (the Vermont maple and sea salt is my favorite).

3. Molly Moon sprinkles — the prettiest, organic sprinkles you'll ever see.

4. A monthly food delivery of any kind from Zingerman's — cheese, bread, bacon, or even vinegar. This gift says, "I know you like (fill in the blank) so I'm gonna give you a lot of it."

5. Salt — for that person who likes salty over sweet, give them the best salts around like this Williams-Sonoma salt pot or a tasting set by Jacobsen Salt

6. Jeni's Ice Cream — because who wouldn't want a few pints of delicious ice cream showing up at their front door?

7. Croissants — Give the breakfast lover something they can never get enough of…buttery croissants from Williams-Sonoma.

8. Gordy's cherry pepper spread — for that person who loves everything spicy, they'll want to put this spread on everything.

9. Tea — small tins of tea from T2 means a tea lover can get their fix on-the-go.

10. Compartes chocolate — beautiful and unique, these make a great gift for co-workers, clients, teachers, and for when you need to buy a bunch of small gifts to give out to multiple people.


  1. I just read about Quinn popcorn and their kickstarter success. It’s so fun to see these parent-run companies turn into profitable ventures. The sprinkles are adorable!

  2. The popcorn (and everything) sounds delicious!
    Joy, do you have any suggestions for organic/healthier versions of Hershey kisses? I used to loveee Hershey kisses as a kid and as an adult I love the idea of single serving chocolates when you just want a little sweet something. And I dunno, there’s just something so sweet about them that even getting a gourmet chocolate BAR doesn’t quite compare!


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