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happy friday + my food network debut!

Cake Wars: Christmas on Food Network

Cake Wars: Christmas on Food Network

Cake Wars: Christmas on Food Network

Cake Wars: Christmas on Food Network

Cake Wars: Christmas on Food Network

Happy Friday! Earlier this spring, I auditioned to be a guest judge for Food Network and got to be a part of Cake Wars: Christmas which we filmed back in May. If you've seen Cake Wars, it's the same idea but with an extra mega dose of Christmas added in. They combine groups of food artists—bakers, sugar artists, and food sculptors—in teams to come up with these fantastical themed cakes. I am a die hard competition show lover, so I had a blast getting to see how these shows come together by judging on an episode (not to mention I got to eat A LOT of cake, too). I loved my co-judges Sherry Yard and Charles Phoenix and cutie host, Jonathan Bennett (remember him from Mean Girls?).

Stay tuned for my Food Network debut on Monday night for Episode 3 where I'll be guest judging at 9/8c and other times listed here!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! (And how is it almost Thanksgiving already?!?)

{Photos by Casey Brodley}


  1. No wayyy!! This is so cool Joy. You are all over the place. Amazing 🙂 Can’t wait to watch it. Must be such a fun experience!! Do the cakes actually taste delicious or most of them just look good?

  2. How fun! I will have to catch that episode! Do you watch Master Chef Junior? It’s my favorite competition show ever!

  3. This is so cool! Your blog has been a daily destination for me since you were planning your wedding. I’ve loved watching your career explode and your truly adorable family grow. Congratulations! Hard work and big talent pay off!

  4. I always get so happy seeing you do such big things because you truly deserve it! I’ve been following your blog for a few years and it’s been amazing being able to witness this crazy journey of yours! Keep inspiring <3

  5. It was wonderful meeting you and hearing your critique. I love seeing all the ideas on you blog. Thank you again from the Jack Frosters 🙂

  6. Adorable baby & puppy shots, Joy! Coco is getting so big! And nice work on the CAKE WARS edition, Saw that!! ;). U r definitely no Simon Cowell, & that’s a “good thing”! I would love it if you could pass on this link to my web store—my holiday greetings and gifting start up efforts! ;).
    Cyber Monday 20% off holiday collection code: CM2015 at checkout!
    Happy holidays!!!
    Christina Enciso

  7. I like watching the Halloween & Christmas Cake Wars, but I do
    not like the one judge Sherry Yard, because I feel Sherry is jealous of the contestants. I doubt she can make neat cake sculptures on Cake Wars. She enjoys insulting the contestants.


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