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10 dude gifts…

10 Gifts for Dudes

10 Gifts for Dudes

Since the holidays are fast approaching (and Hanukkah is already in full force!), I'm doubling up on gift guides this week…this one is for the guys in your life! (And, if there are any other types of gifts you need help with, let me know. I can probably fit in one or two more guides before we get to Christmas)!

1. For that guy that likes a little something to wind-down with in the evening, Corksicle whisky wedge adds a cool twist.

2. Because a legit key chain is a sign of being a real grown-up, the Apolis key fob is cool and classic.

3. Happy feet make for a better day with these Richer Poorer socks.

4. He can look dapper and stay connected with this Jimmy Fallon for J.Crew iPhone case.

5. This Harry's shave set is both pretty and practical.

6. For that Instagram Husband of yours, get him these iPhone lenses by PhotoJojo to bump up his game 😉

7. Because every guy loves a  shirt that makes a statement. This Suburban Riot tee makes me laugh!

8. These Izola cuff links are a fun mix of classy and quirky.

9. He can mix and match and make his own Tinker watch. 

10. For the adventurer, this Izola backpack feels casual and timeless.


  1. Sorry Joy, but I have three dudes in my life (husband and two grown sons) and none of them would be caught dead sporting a backpack emblazoned with “get lost”. It’s anti-guy all the way. This is a backpack for girls with a heavy romantic leaning.

  2. That t-shirt is hilarious! I’ve been looking for the perfect smart phone lens. Unfortunately most of the 3in1 packs don’t include a telescopic lens–which I’m debating whether I need or not—The iPhone quality definitely sucks when you try to do any type of zooming in–but how often do I do that?
    I’ve heard that these are one of the best lenses out there and not just because their own site says so!


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