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displaying those holiday cards…

How to Display Holiday Cards

How to Display Holiday Cards

Right about now, you might be getting holiday cards arriving daily to your mailbox from friends and family. I love seeing how everyone's family has grown and changed over the past year. But by the time the end of the year comes, we usually have 30-50 cards that have arrived that we have no idea what to do with. I used to just put them on the fridge as one does. But once you get more than 12, then it tends to get crazy or I'd simply run out of magnets. This year, we came up with a simple solution, and all you need are some hangers and binder clips!

How to Display Holiday Cards

Simply use small or medium binder clips (we used these) and attach them to the bottom of a hanger of your choice. I got these black and white raffia wrapped ones a couple years ago in London, but you can duplicate that wrapped look by using yarn to wrap any old hanger and securing it with a knot when you've wrapped it all the way around.

How to Display Holiday Cards

The nice thing about this format is that you can cluster a few cards together and just add more as you get more. By having them in groups, you can put them all in one area of your home or scattered throughout different areas to show off those you love.

{Photos by Casey Brodley. Crafts and styling by Julia Wester.}


  1. this is so smart! we usually get around 10-12 cards so we perch them up on our christmas tree branches and they add as a festive decoration that changes with the new cards we get each year!


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