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10 kids gifts…

10 Kids Gifts

10 Kids Gifts

Gifts for kids can be hard because every kid is different and if you don't know them super well (maybe it's your friends kid or your niece who lives on the other side of the country), it can be hard to figure out what "kids" like. So this list includes some of my favorites—mostly creative, imaginative play gifts plus a few fun wearables included for ages 2-6. I've found that if you're gonna give kids wearable gifts, they like accessories much more than getting actual clothing.

1. This Kid-O pattern stacker is a great gift for a toddler that's actually pretty cute when sitting out in your living room, too.

2. For a budding muscian, this Vilac guitar makes for a fun starter to the real thing.

3. Every kid loves pretend food, and this Djeco burger set will have them playing "restaurant" in no time.

4. Kids love books and here's a cute favorite called Friends. I also love anything by Herve Tullet.

5. For a sprinkling of pattern and an accessory that's easy to wear, Thief & Bandit headbands are a favorite.

6. My kids love their lovies and this Lovie Bunny from Bitte is super cute.

7. Who doesn't love a smiley face on their legs? These Hansel from Basel leggings are a quirky piece to give.

8. We're all about science experiments in our house, and this Electro Dough Kit from Tech Will Save Us combines something every kid uses to help spark the scientist in a little one.

9. Because drawing utensils never get old, these International Arrivals neon gel crayons are some of my favorites to give. The texture is smoother than then a regular crayon and they fit well in tiny hands.

10. For that very special kid in your life, you can custom make a pair of Zuzii shoes with this Choozii maker!


  1. I think I’ll need to add these blocks and the Bitte lovey to my list for my youngest daughter. I always suggested Kid-O products to parents when I was teaching little ones. These are fun recommendations! Thanks.

  2. love this list, joy! my 4 year old saw ruby playing the vilac guitar on one of your videos and she’s been eyeing it ever since 😉

  3. Thank you for sharing such a great and diffrent gift ideas for kids from diffrent age group.I am sure kids would love to recive theses shiny and trendy gifts. I would surely recommended this site to cheack before buying gift for your kids. You would definitely like these innovative gift ideas.


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