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a valentine for your boo…

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Since Ruby's school doesn't allow candy for Valentine's Day exchanges, I'm always thinking about other fun things we can make and give to her friends instead. And…since we always have a ton of Band-Aids lying around (and kids love Band-Aids), we came up with a couple fun Valentines inspired by everyone's favorite boo-boo cover/body sticker.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

If you feel like gifting a whole box of Band-Aids, here's a punny wrap we designed that you can download right here. Simply print them on regular paper, cut it out, and use it to wrap around a standard size box of Band-Aids.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Add your greeting to the back, and boom! A valentine that also comes in handy for adventures throughout the year.

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Oh Joy Boo Boo Valentine

Or, if you don't want to give out a whole box of Band-Aids, you can use them as a decorative element for your love bugs, instead. Oh Joy Band-Aids worked perfectly to create fun little patterned bug bodies for these Valentine's Day postcards. Download our template here, print them on card stock, then cut out. Finally, add a Band-Aid to make the body of the bug!

I'm Stuck on You – box template

Be My Love Bug – card template

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, graphics by Angie Stalker}


  1. How adorable is this idea. Love the lug-bug cards, they are super cute and i wouldn’t mind giving these to my loved ones 🙂 Very creative Joy and such a fun idea for the kids.

  2. My colleague and I are using your template and bandages for our Valentine card craft this year in our kindergarten classes.
    Thanks! 🙂


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