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happy friday + a 24 hour escape from reality…

Oh Joy / photo by Jennifer Young and Geromino

Oh Joy / photo by Jennifer Young and Geromino

This weekend, I'm headed to Vegas with a couple friends to see BRITNEY SPEARS! Besides the fact that I am reliving my youth through pop music concerts, this will be the first time that I am leaving my kids overnight for…F-U-N. I've been away from them for a night or two when I've had to go out of town for work but never because I wanted to just do something for myself. I love my family more than anything, but every once in a while, a mama needs a break, too. So for a short and sweet 24 hours, I'll be with my girlfriends, having a really nice dinner, and then dancing up a storm to old school Britney beats.

What do you guys have planned for the weekend? I hope you have some R&R whether it's all weekend or in perfect small doses.

P.S. Oh, and if you haven't seen this Parent Fantasy Hotline video, you must. It's pretty funny to watch both from a parent and non-parent perspective.

{Photo by Jennifer Young + Geronimo}


  1. Oh nice! Vegas with gfs is always fun! Enjoy the concert. We have relatives coming over to see the little baby. The weather here in NY is going to be amazing, planning to take her to the park for a nice stroll! Happy Friday!

  2. My best friend and I just went to Vegas in November to see Britney – it was such an amazing show and we are dying to go back! You’re going to love it!!

  3. I love Vegas. One of my favourite cities along with Vancouver, BC. Have an excellent time!
    I’m going to be catching up on sleep this weekend and attempting to beat a developing cold.

  4. Have fun! It’s just a great, fun, and nostalgic concert. Just be prepared to be standing during most of the show since most people stand up, so they may obstruct your view if you sit. Another great nostalgic filled concert is a NKOTB concert.

  5. I only saw this post now (and it’s Monday) but I hope your weekend was lovely! I actually saw your Instagram video of Britney in Vegas and showed my husband (yes, heavily hinting at him that I wanted to see her, too). Oh, I also showed him the video of your precious daughters saying ‘cupcake’ (heavily hinting that I want to start our family already… don’t worry, he does too but we just love seeing baby videos. It cheers us up!)

  6. I hope you had a fabulous weekend getaway. I’m so happy for Britney because she looks better then ever and is at the top of her game. I would love to do a Vegas weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed for my anniversary coming up ?


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