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put a cushion on it!

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

We love modern chairs around here. But have you ever noticed how hard they are and not-always-so-comfortable on your bum? So we decided to make an easy (and cute) update to all the chairs in our studio by making custom cushions to all of them. They also inject just the right amount of color and pattern to each piece. Here's how…

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

You'll need:

no sew fabric glue

foam cushion




-fabric of your choice

Here's how:

1. Use poster board or a thick piece of card stock to trace the seat shape of the chair. Cut out the piece based on the shape you drew. This will make a guide for you to trace and cut fabric, so the cushion fits the seat exactly. 

2. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric from the pattern you just created but make sure to leave 1/2 inch around the edge. This will leave room for the thickness of the cushion.

3. Using fabric glue, glue around the edge of one piece of fabric (pattern side up). Leaving a 3 inch opening at the back end of the cushion where the back of the seat will be (this will leave an opening for you to insert the cushion). Press the two pieces of fabric together then let dry for 30 minutes. 

4. Once dry, invert the fabric and insert the foam cushion.  

5. Finally, using a needle and thread, sew the opening shut and voila! 

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Vintage Chair

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Vintage Chair

We added a cushion to this vintage vanity seat for a modern and graphic update. Mix-and-match fabrics if you have a bunch of the same chairs (like in a dining room).

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

Easy DIY Cushion Covers for a Modern Chair

And, a colorful abstract cushion to this modern rocker. The best part is you can easily change the cushion and the covers as your mood or season changes!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, crafts by Julia Wester and Jessica Hong. Items in each room…Dining table: gold dining chair from Target, dining table by West Elm, vase by V.Bean.  Dressing room: Lorena Canals rug, vintage vanity stool. Sitting area: rocker from Target, Oh Joy for Target light.}


  1. i feel like it would also be a cute (and very convenient) touch to add little ties for the chairs so that they stay in place! such a cute diy. thanks joy 🙂

  2. everyone’s seen ‘happy days’ right??? well forgive the pun but, ‘sit on it’ hahahhaha i crack myself up.. well done.. i HATE not being comfrotable.

  3. I KNOW why are modern chairs so hard to sit on if they’re supposedly inspired by the tenet ‘form follows function” Yes they’re very pleasing to look at but they often aren’t very ergonomic at all.

  4. I totally agree… being able to change the seat cushions means being able to change the color for every season. Brilliant! And I can’t believe that chair is from Target – so beautiful and elegant! I love it. I’m looking for chairs for our dining table, so I’m going to take a look at Target now… I’ve been scouring the internet everywhere and haven’t found one that I really like.

  5. So, you already know how much I adore your DIY posts on this here blog, but this one is one that I really must try. I hate the chairs we have for our dining room set because they are so uncomfortable. This is actually a DIY that I think I can do at home and it will help the lack of style in our dining room. I especially love the black and white print on the gold chair in the pics above; really cute!


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