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i like your half bootie…



I've been a bootie fan for a while because it goes well with both jeans and skirts and perfectly fits the weather here in LA when the weather changes from cool to warm all in the same day. My newest love is a shoe that may seem impractical when you actually need real boots. But they are pretty amazing when the weather warms up and you want a shoe with coverage that isn't as full-on as a boot. I'm calling these the half bootie because they have cut-outs or peep toes and merge a sandal with a bootie for a fun style that I am totally digging right now. Here are a few of my favorites ranging from low to high (from $40 to $400)…

1. Kelsi Dagger shootie, 2. dv for Target booties, 3. Target cut-out bootie, 4. Loeffler Randall peep-toe bootie, 5. Loeffler Randall clo slides, 6. Jeffrey Campbell booties, 7. Bryr peep toe bootie, 8. Toms peep toe booties, 9. Aldo booties, 10. Bryr spanish toe clogs.


  1. Joy, what is the sock situation with these kinds of boots? Specifically #3, 6, and 8? They look like they’d be uncomfortable in a bare foot–am I wrong?

  2. Yes girl! I love love love the half bootie trend. I do have to be careful when picking them out since I am short already and they can often cut my legs even shorter, but part of my loves the style too much to care.
    I especially love #1, 8 and 9 from this collection.

  3. Hey Andrea!
    I don’t wear socks with them (but I also don’t wear socks very often) but if needed, I’d totally wear a very thin hot pink sock for #3 or #8 where it peeks through.


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