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clustering tabletop centerpieces…

clustering tabletop centerpieces

clustering tabletop centerpieces

One of my favorite mantras when it comes to simple decor—whether for a temporary party or an everyday area in your home—is to "cluster it"! In many cases, things just look better in multiples. So today, we wanted to show you how you can create a table centerpiece using a few different types of things that you might already have at home…

clustering tabletop centerpieces

1. Found Objects whether that means vintage knick-knacks you have been collecting, leftover paper balls from your last party, or even your kid's toys, by grouping them together, they create a vignette that would look great on a table for a party or on the top of a mantle for everyday decor that you can easily change as you wish.

clustering tabletop centerpieces

2. House Plants – If you have lots of small plants around your home, gather them all together in a nice neat row, add some confetti, and you've got an easy centerpiece for a dinner party…made with some things you already had.

clustering tabletop centerpieces

3. Flowers in drinking glasses – Rather than having to buy a ton of vases, simply use drinking glasses to hold a group of your favorite blooms. Whether on a coffee table or a party buffet table, each glass only needs to hold a few flowers, but it adds immediate impact by clustering them all together.

No matter what you use, the idea is simply to take multiples of one thing and put them together to instantly style an area that needs a little extra love.

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester. Wallpaper by Justina Blakeney.} 


  1. Nice I love how you always manage such lively and colorful presentations! It’s so nice to see fun when the trend seems to be more Scandinavian… I love this boho style

  2. I am loving the palm wallpaper/wall adhesive featured as a backdrop! Can you provide a link or info for the source? As always…yours if the FIRST blog I visit every morning and you never disappoint. Cheers!

  3. I love the idea of using drinking glasses as vases – I often see drinking glasses on sale and I tell myself “No! How many more sets do you need?!” but it’s so much more justifiable to buy one or a couple at a time to use it as a centrepiece. Thanks for the tip!


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