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three ways to fill a vase…

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

I have an obsession with vessels of all sorts…vases being one of my most beloved vessels. Vases are beautiful and decorative, but how often do we really have fresh flowers in our vases? For me, not as often as I think (or hope) I will. So today, we're sharing a few ways to keep those vases filled even when they aren't filled with fresh blooms…

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

1. Studio Helper - Place a vase desk-side and turn it into a decorative caddy for your office essentials.

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

2. Botanical Marie Antoinette – For a romantic addition your vase, add some faux palm fronds and/or feathers. They add a light and organic shape to an otherwise structured base.

3 ways to fill a vase (that doesn't include flowers!)

3. We Like to Party – Use leftover party supplies (like tissue paper pom-poms and honeycomb balls attached to skewers, sparkly drink stirrers, or noise makers) to create a happy display for an actual party…or for any corner of your home that could use a little festivity.

What other fun things would you fill a vase with?

{Photos by Casey Brodley, styling by Julia Wester, all background wallpaper by Chasing Paper, vase is Oh Joy for Target}


  1. I have a vintage chartreuse vaseline vase filled with malted milk easter eggs right now. Love the look and love being able to grab one whenever I feel like it.

  2. i have a few vases in my room that are beautiful but currently empty. i would love to keep fresh flowers in them but i honestly just don’t have the time/money to keep replacing them. your faux palm made me think- what are your thoughts on faux flowers? i don’t want my room to look tacky

  3. I love the tissue pom poms. Colorful candy like big lollipops & candy sticks would be fun too. Or, rock candy on sticks for a little glisten & sparkle action!

  4. Hey Tammy,
    Faux flowers used to be pretty bad but they have gotten SO much better lately. A lot of times you can’t even tell. I like faux flowers for smaller uses like this…more leafy pieces or succulents rather than a giant bouquet of faux flowers.
    If I didn’t tell you these were faux, you wouldn’t know, right? 😉

  5. Just got these cool vases for my daughter and she’s wondering if she can actually put water in them for fresh flowers, or possibly plant a tiny cactus in each. Are they meant for such uses also, or will it harm the vases. Thanks!


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