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confetti catchall…

Confetti Catchall DIY

Confetti Catchall DIY

I often need a little catchall or some sort of vessel to hold small knick-knacks (keys, paper clips, jewelry, etc.). Usually I'll use a small bowl or dish from my kitchen, but today we wanted to show you an easy way to make one yourself that can be used to hold those little things that just need some place to go!

Confetti Catchall DIY

You'll need:

– a simple, inexpensive ceramic tray

dimensional magic mod podge


gold glitter

Confetti Catchall DIY

Here's how:

1. Sprinkle confetti on the tray in your desired amount. 

2. Then sprinkle the glitter over the confetti.

3. Add dimensional magic mod podge over the entire tray covering the confetti and glitter completely. 

4. Let dry over night and voila!

Confetti Catchall DIY

This sort of tray or catchall is best for desk supplies or jewelry (any non-food items) and is super cute left out whether filled with objects or not. This also makes for a really inexpensive and easy-to-make gift!

P.S. For those of you in Los Angeles this weekend, I'll be a speaker at the Club Momme Spring Fest this Saturday!

{Photos by Casey Brodley, crafts and styling by Julia Wester}


  1. Did you only need one bottle of the modge podge? Did you just squeeze it all out on top? Do you need to use a brush to spread it?
    Thanks! Love the idea!

  2. I love this idea! Do you think you could do this on plastic (not ceramic) to make it a bit more kid-proof. Also, can you use non paper confetti – like the “metallic” flat confetti or plastic shaped confetti? Sorry, I’ve never used the modge podge product! THANKS…

  3. Hey Sandra,
    It probably could work but the dimensional mod podge is better because it seals it and gives it a more smooth surface.

  4. Oh wow! You’re right it does! I hadn’t seen that but clearly we are on the same page. Theirs looks great too!

  5. Laura,
    I wanted to let you know that I reached out to the creator of the project to apologize for the oversight. She was very kind and understanding about it and understands it happens some times.
    I know this bothered you personally and I can assure you will will do a better job to double and triple check in the future.
    Thanks again for your feedback,

  6. You are completely right about the research part. We had no idea. I apologize for this oversight and we’ll do a better job in the future.

  7. Do you have to use glue first and THEN pour on the mod podge?? How do you get the confetti to stay in place otherwise? And you don’t have to foam brush on the mod podge? I love this!! Thank you!!

  8. Hi Patty!
    You just pour the mod podge over it! The dimensional kind we used is different than the regular kind.
    Hope that helps!


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